Roadside Bomb kills four Civillians, injures Four in Kismayo

By Hussein Abdulahi Salah

A powerful roadside bomb has hit a Kenyan contingent of African Union forces in the war-torn of horn of Africa country who were on a patrol on Wednesday in the beachside town of Kismayo in southern Somalia.

Eyewitnesses say that three civilians has been killed and four others were wounded in the explosion but residents could not confirm any casualty on the side of Kenyan troops, who were the target of the attack.

“A roadside Bomb tore through a convoy carrying Kenyan soldiers at Via Afmadow neighborhood in Kismayo, the capital of Lower Jubba region on Thursday. Three local civilians died among with mother of senior reporter Ali Hassan Abdulle and 4 others have been injured. The victims of the blast were taken to the nearby hospital,” a witness said.

The Mother of the Senior Reporter is named Amina Abdi Adan as she was died by that landmine,she was the mother of five children who are orphans. Mr Abdulle was flee from Somalia to Abroad and he lives one of the european countries. Mr Abdulle was editor of Somalian website known as and other local newspapers in Somalia.

Meanwhile sources, who spoke to media, told that there was not any casualty on Amisom forces from that roadside bomb attack and he stressed that security operations were underway in the town to find the perpetrators of the attack.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack.

Kismayo, a coastal city located 500 Km south of Mogadishu was one of the major basins of Al shabab militants before they were forced out of the town by Somali national forces backed by African Union troops last year.

Hussein Abdulahi Salah.