By Mazi Odera

Abia state Government has always being a tenant even in Abia ,the Government house ,Governor,s lodge are all rented from Emeka Omeruah RTD,So the Government of Abia ,under Gov Theodore Orji , having waking up from a heavy slumber ,which can be attributed to battle of wits between the dogfather and Governor,the dogfather used ESELU UGA vs NGIGE syphoning method and suck Abia state dry.

Meanwhile ,we must understand that it was concensus agreement between dogfather and son,so they took OUK 8 years plus Theo's 4 years and rode Abia state like hired Bicycle,but thank goodness that at last the state has heaved a big sigh of relief.

The Governor eithier by stroke of Luck or by sheer determination ,plotted ,hatched and got his independent from his dogfather ,that was after he wrestled the second tenure from the paws of oppressor.

We all are living witness on the appology of Abia state for 4 years of Theo Orji,we are not counting the DOOM DAYS of OUK ,when Gov Theo Orji said he is working,we all agreed that he is whistling in the wind and making noise for the sake of it.But they keep telling us and shouting that they have finally emancipate self ,it makes our team Ears to tingle ,how do we know that they are not playing us for another big sucker ?,,,,it was resolved for the love of alaigbo and Umuahia position in South east of today and Biafra of the days to check out the facts and lies in Abia state.


We witnessed that Umuahia the state capital has no evidence of CAPITAL environment since democracy revisited from 1999,just few months ago ,the Government started building a GOVERNOR,S LODGE,GOVERNMENT HOUSE ,SECRETARIAT ,,,we will bring you the pictures on segments..

Many critics said he is a lier that nothing is working in Abia state,conflicting report charged the air waves and the Team of Oderaigbo "FACT FINDING TEAM" went to Abia state to make a fact finding ,not to hear story or read some ajambene and promotional magazines run by the state.

We believe in SHOW ME bu gosim,so we went ,we saw and we shot them up digitally ,so my people ,i here with start the mission with NEW GOVERNMENT GUEST HOUSE ,where the state provide accomodation for powerful dignataries including the Vice President of Liberia who was on visit during the FFM.

We show you the pictures ,it is up to you to pass judgement ,to us picture speaks and we show you what the picture says,,,