80% of African offenders in China are Nigerians – Nigerian Ambassador to China

By The Citizen

The Nigerian Ambassador to China,  Aminu Wali, has raised alarm over the number of Nigerians (400) in prison in China for various crimes mainly drugs related and has called on security agencies at the nation’s international airports to up their game and stop such individuals from leaving the shores of Nigeria.

Fielding questions from newsmen ahead of President Goodluck Jonathan states visit to the People’s Republic of China beginning  today, Wali described trafficking in drugs as a big issue that has engaged the Nigerian embassy in China, calling for reorientation and the assistance of security agents in educating young Nigerians in laws of other countries.

He said, “We are here to make sure that we understand the laws of this country and we try to educate Nigerians to understand the laws of the host country and if they go foul of the law we try as much as possible to see that they are being humanely treated. But we certainly have big issue with drug related crimes committed by Nigerians in China and when you look at the whole of Africa you find out that about 80 percent of all the offences and crimes committed by Africans in China about 80 percent is committed by Nigerians.  That is why I think we are having running battle to try and control the situation but we need assistance from back home; from the security agencies manning our exits and entry points in Nigeria to be more alert and vigilant to make sure these type of individuals do not escape and pass through our routes to come into, not only to China but any other country in the world because drug trafficking as it were, drug is the biggest problem that we have as far as Nigerians are concerned.

“Right now we have over 400 Nigerians in various jails in China and 80 percent of them are drug related offences so you can see what we have”.

On the gains of President Jonathan’s visit to China,  Wali said, direct foreign investments is expected to flow into Nigeria in the short and long term as a result  of the number of bilateral agreements and memorandum of understandings that will be endorsed by both countries, adding it will also push forward Nigeria’s dream of being amongst the 20 most developed economies by 2020.

“The benefits are enormous. First of all to strengthen the relationship between Nigeria and China by our President meeting the President of China, Xi Jinping. That would open a lot of doors for bilateral agreements both immediate and future ones. To the Chinese, this is a win-win situation.

“On our part, we have the vision 202020 and when you look at the goals we set for ourselves to be among the top 20 economies by 2020,  it is not an easy thing to do considering the financial implication. The  only alternative is to look around to see; one to try as much as possible to attract foreign direct investments into Nigeria that will fuel our economy to move as fast as we want it to move to reach that goal that we have set for ourselves. Secondly to look for loans to fund those critical areas of our economy so that we can also facilitate our match towards that goal of 202020.

“The President’s visit will make the Chinese investors to see what opportunities there are in Nigeria, how receptive our government is towards direct investments in the country. So once that is done in the next year or two we would begin to see the result of the visit of Mr. President to China. This is because the Chinese believe in whatever a leader of a country comes to say to them. This is
what we do every day but of course when the President comes and says this is it, they will know that what we have been telling them is exactly what is going to happen when they go to Nigeria.  So it is more like the President completing the job that we have started, now he is putting the final stamp on it. He is saying what my people have been telling you is true and I am here to confirm that when you come to Nigeria, this is what you will get. So come and invest in Nigeria, open up new factories,  open up new opportunities,  create more jobs let our economy start moving especially in these areas like power, rail, air and other areas. The Chinese entrepreneurs are interested to come and be partners in Nigeria’s development and the President’s visit will certainly open all those doors and educate the Chinese more and bring the attention of the Chinese investors towards Nigeria the more”, he said.