APC: Sen. Annie Okonkwo’s appointment is a welcome development for change- Asugha

By The Nigerian Voice
Hon Lisa Asugha with Sen. Annie Okonkwo
Hon Lisa Asugha with Sen. Annie Okonkwo

The recent appointment of Senator Annie Okonkwo as the Deputy National Chairman (South-East) of the newly merged party, All Progressives Congress (APC) has been described as the best slot for Ndi-Igbo by the Special Assistant to the Imo state governor on Lagos/Southwest Liaison, Hon. Lisa Asugha.

This statement was made known by the Liaison Officer in her office in Lagos while briefing newsmen on the contending issues facing the Igbo race.

Asugha hinted that in the past, Igbo people had faced so much neglect at the Federal level, which she said does not encourage national development of the region.

However, she stated that the step taking by the newly merged party, APC through the appointment of Senator Annie Okonkwo shows that time has come for the much anticipated freedom of Ndi-Igbo, which according to her is the best thing that could happen for the people.

“This is not the case of where you belong, rather the case of change. To state it clear, the party went as far as appointing the right choice, in the person of Senator Annie Okonkwo. His appointment was never influenced, but borne out of choice that is people oriented. And now, we can better say that our people have a voice for national unity and representation. Senator Annie with his past record would offer us a better representation,” she avowed.

Also, she emphasized that, “right now, we are concerned with the party that will restore the confidence of our people. We are concerned with the party that will assure us of the welfare and interest of our people. We are concerned with the party that will provide security, both on provision of tangible job. And that party for every Nigerian is APC!”

Furthermore, Asugha said that All Progressives Congress (APC) is a party built under trust, equity and fairness, adding that members are giving equal opportunity to contribute ideas that would move the nation forward. Meanwhile, she is also optimistic that the ambition for an Igbo president would however be actualized under APC.