GRANDSLAM in Anambra as Gov. Obi Doles out 1 Billion Naira to Churches for Rehabilitation of Primary Schools

By Mazi Odera

Encouraged by the fact that the partnership with the Churches in Anambra State is working, with the Churches delivering quality value for money given to them, Gov. Obi will this afternoon, a few hours hence, disburse close to 1 Billion Naira to Churches in the State for the rehabilitation of primary schools returned to them by the State Government recently.

Catholic Church will be represented by the Archbishop of Onitsha, Most Rev. Dr. Valerie Okeke; While Anglican Church will be represented by Most Rev. Dr. Christian Efobi.

The money will be shared pro rata, in proportion to the number of schools owned by each Church.

Already, the partnership has yielded many fruits. Buildings that Government would have done with 100 Million Naira were completed with half of the money by the Churches. Besides, they deliver more quality projects. The reason is simple: Giving money directly to organizations reduces so many tool gates on the road.

Obi had given Billions for the rehabilitation of secondary schools. Today's money is for primary schools.

As usual, those who feel that direct money to Churches, which reduces contracts getting to them will start crying and making all sort of statements against the move.

What do we say to this wonderful man…?

Our crew is already in Awka for the historic event