Maxwell Nwadike and Sun

Occasionally I read the sun. More often than not, their favorite pastime is Abia bashing, ending up unsuccessfully in trying to blight the person of His Excellency Sir T A Orji. To my surprise, Adesina, a columnist in the Sun newspapers, a man whom I expected to be impartial joined the fray sometime, claiming to be an Igbo watcher. He equally claimed to be part of a negotiation team that shored up T.A. Orji and saved him from the court.

From experience and available records, the Sun Newspapers has reported more evil than good on Abia. During the evil days of kidnapping; the sun was the most up to date on bizarre issues. In truth, they created bad news when it did not exist. Even at present, the ugliest news and the most negative report could be read from one Chuks Onuoha. We know the reason for that, as the saying goes; 'he who pays the piper dictates the tune.' Kalu is the owner of the Sun Newspaper. Since he was denied ferocious control and the ruling of Abia by proxy, hell has been let loose and nobody can console the former governor. For his personal gains, he has unleashed multiple assault men and weapons of mass media destruction on Abia government and Abia people. These assault men like Nwadike who jumbled on Saturday, June 29, page 63, cannot see anything good in Abia. The stopping of kidnapping and dare-devil armed robbery which made news in the world was no news to the Sun newspapers. Getting good news from the Sun in favour of Abia may be easier squeezing water from stone. It may be akin to the analogy of Christ on a rich man getting into the kingdom of God. According to Christ, it is easier for the head of a cow to pass through the eye of a needle.

Maxwell likes allegories and used the one about the king without clothes; let me give him one in return.

One young shepherd found his job uninteresting and devised a means to amuse himself. He was aware that he was grazing in a communal setting and so was sure of solidarity. One day he mounted a higher ground and shouted wolf, wolf. This distress call attracted the villagers who promptly came to his rescue with clubs, guns, arrows and cudgels. He laughed himself hoarse and told the villagers that it was a joke. This happened a second time and the villagers responded with more zeal only to be told that it was yet another joke by this young shepherd.

The third time, there were real wolves and his loud and desperate shouts for help were ignored and the wolves had their fill on his flock. 'Crying wolf' is an expression till this day and that is what Maxwell is doing. Maxwell should tell us where the governor or his aides lied or claimed a non existent project. If he cannot substantiate any of his claims, as they say in weddings, Max should shut up forever. Before now, Aba used to be their bait but with the recent completion of some strategic roads like Nwala, Nwagba, Azikiwe, Milverton, Ngwa Road, Opobo Junction to Isam, Geometrics and others, they have now shifted base.

Achievements made in Abia are known and heralded worldwide. Many have come and testified. Reliable authorities have authenticated. The Inspector general of the police described Abia as a case study for surviving kidnapping. Is he a sycophant?

Mr Labaran Maku toured Abia with a powerful group including the current NUJ President, Mallam Mohamed Garba and RATTAWO Chairman Yemi Gbamgbose who have toured the whole Radio Stations in Nigeria and beyond. Mr Maku while in Abia laid foundation stones for projects and even had consultations with the so-called opposition and publicly relayed his findings to the governor.

The Speaker of the Fed House of Reps in Nigeria, Alhaji Tambuwal, in a short visit commissioned two completed projects. Mr Ben Odoemenam, the country rep for IFAD with an entourage numbering over twenty was impressed with what he saw of their projects in Abia and extended same for two more years because the Governor had met his end of the bargain. Many journalists have been writing about what they saw, are all these liars and aides? Awards have been streaming from all corners and even from faraway Ghana.

Who is Maxwell? What are his antecedents? What are his interests except blindly rooting for OUK? It is a fact that the cockroach no matter his battery of lawyers can hardly get justice from a jury of fowls. Kalu and his paid detractors should leave Abia Alone. A man who won election and was mandated to rule Abia for eight years and later failed the senatorial seat should think deeply about his political career. The inordinate interest of Kalu can never be greater than that of the collective will and aspirations of Abia people. The truth is that this unwarranted assault on the present governor has no basis. The governor has less than 2 years to go and not going for reelection so why are they so worried? Election time is not too far for Kalu and his dimwits, let Kalu sponsor a candidate and test his unpopularity.

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