Over 19, 000 farmers from wheat, rice fields sacked by Boko Haram in Borno

By The Citizen

The Managing Director of Chad Basin Development Authority (CBDA), Dr. Garba Abubakar Iliya, has alerted Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno State on the sacking of 19, 000 farmers from their wheat and rice fields by the armed Boko Haram insurgents; while harvesting 5, 000 hectres of wheat under the South Chad Irrigation Scheme (SCIP) of the Authority, leaving 3, 500 hectres of not harvested wheat destroyed and infested by straying animals and thieves.

Farmers' insecurity in the Lake Chad Basin Areas and farmlands under the irrigation scheme may also prevent the affected farmers from preparing their land for this planting season.

Dr Iliya raised the alarm at the weekend at CBDA grains silos in Marte, while briefing the governor on farming and irrigation activities of the Authority and farmers insecurity posed by Boko Haram recent attacks and killings in Northern Borno.

He said, until the security of farmers was guaranteed by Military Combat Force C led by Lt. Col Gabriel Olufemi, the affected farmers would not return to their wheat and rice fields.

Responding, Governor Shettima assured the farmers of security both at their residences and farmlands, adding that with the presence of members of the Military Combat Force C, the target of state government was to cultivate 10,000 hectres of wheat  by the affected farmers.