I Didn’t Fight Ebube, Empress Over Timaya | I Have Dated Some Of My Fans — Anita Joseph

Source: Kemi Ashefon - Nigeriafilms.com


My name is Anita Joseph. I am an actress, a musician and a model. I am from Anambra State.

Journey into acting

I started acting in 2005. I was at the University of Calabar and saw a friend who was acting. I told her I wanted to act and she promised taking me to the National Theatre whenever I came to Lagos. She did when I came to Lagos and I had my audition with Emeka Rollas. Then, I did my first movie, 'Good Samaritan' with Obi Maduaga. That one-scene role was not too short and it kick-started my acting career.

Life of an actress

It is a queer life because there is no privacy. Everything you do and say is made public. Any man you date is published on the pages of magazines/newspapers. It is a life that lacks privacy. Though interesting, there are times you don't want to have your pictures splashed everywhere. I sing, I am a model and I'm sexy. So many people say lots of negative things about me. I am not bothered. I have grown a thick skin. It only makes me stronger because I didn't do those things.