Is The Killer DPO, Mrs. Carol Afegbai a Ritualist?


More revelation keeps coming out as fact finders are not letting the innocent killing of University of Benin student rest until justice is served.

Findings revealed that there was a similar incident three years ago where a student of the same University of Benin identified as Churchill was murdered and his eyes were plucked out and his tongued removed which indicated that the murder was carried out by ritualists.

The said victim was a student of the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy, Univerisity of Benin. He was murdered on the 30th December, 2010. He left home for a vigil at Christ Foundation Church, off Ewah Road, Benin City but never came back alive.

The DPO that was in charge of the case was the current student killer, Ogida DPO, Mrs. Carol Onyeka Afegbai who was then at the Esigie Police Station

She confirmed the story and added that the late Churchill body was sent to the hospital for autopsy. Mr.s Afegbai later confirmed the arrest of Pastor Ojo because the deceased was said to have attended his church before his death.

After three years, the same DPO, Mrs. Carol Onyeka Afegbai alleged that she killed two armed robbers in her dream, and on the 27th of May, at about 11.30pm, she led a team that shot an innocent student of the same University of Benin, a 22 years old boy who was presently on his industrial training in a Pharmaceutical company.

She shot him three times on the chest and alleged that he was shot on the leg twice, she added that late Ibrahim was a criminal who she shot on a self defence, claimed that she didn't know who he was but an armed robber with a Russian made cut to size. According to her, his accomplice escaped and she didn't take him to the hospital for the fear of being over power by his gangs, then buried him without informing his family.

After exhuming the body of the deceased, it was discovered that she filled a form with Ibrahim full names, the phone she displayed to be Ibrahim's phone was completely different from his phone , she added that a large sum of money was found on the deceased but forgot to remove his wallet and the amount found was N1, 060 after being exhumed. The denominations are: 1-N1000 2-N20 3-N20 4-N10 5-N10.

She buried him with a t-shirt and face down.
What has struck the mind of Nigerians is the connection between the DPO's dream and the death of Churchill. According to concerned invididuals, who would dream killing two armed robbers and make sure her dream come true by killing an innocent student?