Seeking Saudi Arabia s Intervention. His Royal Highness, King Abdullah,

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The King, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .
Thru Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia .
30 Charles Street , WIJ 5DZ
Tel: +442079173000 +442079173000
Email: [email protected]
20th February, 2010.
Seeking Saudi Arabia s Intervention. His Royal Highness, King Abdullah,

Dearest King (Abdullah), the government and the good people of Saudi Arabia ,

Please permit me to make a special appeal for your intervention towards solving a lingering

political and constitutional crisis in Nigeria . You might be wondering why Nigerians need

your intervention. The good people of Nigeria need your intervention because our President

(YarAdua) was admitted to a hospital ( King Faisai Hospital ) in your country since November

23rd 2009. Since our President left Nigeria , he has only spoken once (thru an interview to

the British Broadcasting Corporation, but less than a minute) to Nigerians. His medical trip to

your country has generated a lot of controversies and political tension.

My appeal/letter is a citizen led diplomacy intended to; (a) coincide with the planned visit to

your kingdom of another delegation (six members) from the Executive Council of the

Federation, (b) to request your support so that, this delegation can see President YarAdua.

As you might be aware, previous delegations from Nigerian government were not allowed to

see him. Firstly a delegation from the Nigeria s Lower House of Parliament (House of

Representatives) led by Shehu Baba Agaie was not allowed to see him. Secondly, a

delegation led by the leader of our Presidents political party (Peoples Democratic Party)

Chief Ogbulafor failed to see him. (c) Bring to your attention that Nigerian people will

gratefully appreciate if you could help them know the true health status of their President.

The state of health of every individual should be a private affair, but not when it concerns a

president of a country like Nigeria which is nearly 150 million in population. Our country is a

complex political entity. When late Yasser Arafat (The Leader of Palestine Liberation

Organisation) was taken to a French hospital before his death, the entire world was kept

informed of his situation. Also when former Israeli Prime Minster (Ariel Sharon) was taken to

hospital, the world was kept informed. Our Presidents ill health cannot be an exception. We

deserve to know, more so since his absence is over heating our political system.

I am sure your ambassador to Nigeria would have furnished you with the nature and details

of the controversies, political and constitutional crisis that our Presidents medical trip to your

kingdom has caused to Nigeria and Nigerians. It has almost polarized our nation and it is not

in the best interest of Nigeria s image internationally. Whatever affects Nigeria will affect the

entire sub region. Besides, we now live in a global village, what happens in one part affects

the rest of it.
Your assistance to the above request will surely go a long way towards solving the problems,

which resulted from our Presidents medical trip to your Kingdom. I will be asking fellow

Nigerians to register their concerns on the above subject through the enclosed email/web

address ([email protected] or or they should forward their

letters/concerns to any Saudi Arabia s embassy nearest to them.

Thanking You in Anticipation of Your Co-operation,
Sincerely Yours,
Chinedu Vincent Akuta.
An activist and leader of Support Option A4 Group Leicester-UK

[email protected]