Group warns trouble makers over plans to destabilise Reps'


The Nigeria Youth Awareness Initiatives yesterday issued a stern warning to those trying to

cause disaffection in the House of Representatives, saying the Nigeria Youth would not

hesitate to march on the National Assembly if the move is not checked.

The group said the latest plot as published by a national daily on its front page was a

selfish distraction, adding that the National Assembly and in particular the Bankole led

leadership of the House deserves the support of all Nigerians at this critical moment of our

The group in a statement signed by its national coordinator, Mr. Femi Akindele Lawson,

questioned why some members would want to create confusion in the House just because

of alleged inducement and other pecuniary gains.
“We will stop at nothing to ensure that the current peaceful atmosphere endangered by

the National Assembly resolution to move the country forward after a prolonged logjam

over President Umaru Yar'Adua health is sustained”, Lawson said.

We recalled that similar attempts at raising spurious allegations in the past to destabilize

the leadership of the House of Representatives failed as they were self motivated by a

minor clique working for certain interest outside the chambers.

The group expressed support for the Acting President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to continue

to work towards ensuring peace and stability of all arms of the government at this critical

time in our history adding that the acting president should not allow any selfish individual

or cabal to misadvise him into divisive action that may disrupt the peace of the nation.