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I waited all week for the first enemy of progress and coupist who will sue Jonathan or the National Assembly for passing Tuesday's resolution. Seems he has arrived. Strange fellow.

Anybody who tries any lawyerly trick against our newfound peace should be hauled in for treason, tried and jailed in a jiffy. I'm also waiting for the judge who will trade our democracy for his law books. Wait with me, till next week.

Re: The Minister's daughter
Funke, your script on THE MINISTER'S DAUGHTER was terrific. If only a handful of us can do something positive for this country like you are doing with your pen and Dora is doing with every office she finds herself in, then, the dream, NIGERIA will be realised. Well done. If you and Dora are Nigerians, then I want to be a Nigerian. — 08055574181

The minister's daughter is Professor Dora, the only minister who was at home when God shared SHAME. The only minister who got tired of telling lies that sound like a broken record. The only minister who is bold enough to say money no be everything. Imagine. — 08055636688

Dora reminds me of Usman Dan Fodio's word that 'conscience is an open wound, only truth can heal it'. I thank God for the conscience that ruled her, the courage that clothed her and the truth that guided her in the drafting and submitting her memo to the Federal Executive Council meeting. — 07056763691

What are all the spineless ministers currently telling their kids, the much-acclaimed leaders of tomorrow and future of a country they are currently toying with? God will surely judge them all. How do Nigerian leaders intend to spend Valentine showing love to a nation they don't love? — Grace, UNBEN

That topic, 'minister's daughter' captures the minds of our ministers. They love awuf which does not let them think straight. Thank God Dora got it right again! If the military had taken over (God forbid) many of these ministers will serve under them! Please, Funke publish all your write-ups into a book for the next generation.

— Lasisi Sikiru. Yola.
Wonder and miracles is happening in the creeks. It could have been easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle in the 60s that to hear what we are seeing in the N'D today. Step by step, the rejected sons are becoming the talk of the town, like the rejected stone that became the. The children who used to be labourers in the oil company are becoming commissioners, so moved on govern from governor to vice president to acting president? Dual carriageway once not meant for the creeks are now to link creeks via Port-Harcourt to Lagos. When God says yes, nobody can say no.

I'm impressed with your article: 'The minister's daughter''. I just wish all minister read it for the love of justice because it is simply wisdomatic. — Cola, 08094386527

Funke, your write-up 'The minister's daughter' of February 7 was funny but food for thought, especially for the so-call ministers. God will judge them. — 08058036303

Without a doubt, Professor Akunyili is the queen Esther of our time. If it pleases God to make her president of Nigeria, Nigeria will not be the same again. — 07025787820

Funke, your article, 'The minister's daughter is the truth, nothing but the truth. No wonder stubborn Nasiru El rufai called them all a bunch of cowards, liars and irresponsible men without balls. Their ineffectiveness has been exposed by God-sent Dora who, now has the balls. God will bless her. — Innocent, Kaduna.

You have brought to the fore the sterling quality of courage of Dora Akunyili. Just as Chief Enahoro, her name will be written in gold for her courage in the midst of cowards and self-seeking men and women in the FEC. — Teju awodiji

I am one of the loyal readers of The Sunday Sun back-page column. Sincerely, you have epitomised your satirical prowess in many of your written articles. Since our dear president became sick and inaccessible to most Nigerians, you have never failed to exhibit through this column, how the truth should be, and how it must be seen to stand out. — 08051758234

Sister Funke, I applaud you. Dora's act is so sensible. If we do not learn from history then we learn nothing. Keep the lamp burning. — 08035981760

Your article, The minister's daughter, has confirmed that one day a woman will be president in Nigeria with people like you and Akunyili who wants to rebrand Nigeria. See how she re-branded Aondoakaa. — Nicholas, Festac town.Lagos.

Thumbs up for you. We appreciate your Sunday column. I buy Sunday Sun just for your back page. God bless you real good and have a blessed day. — 08045887084

Hi Funke, I enjoy reading your article always. God will continue to watch over you and your household as you dwell on the side of truth. Remain blessed. — 08033235529

Solomon Lar apologises..
See, Solomon Lar apologised for imposing Obj on Nigerians. Obj must not absolve himself. He should apologise for imposing Yar'Adua on us. — Eddie Mbanefo, Lagos.

Whatever the outcome, Yar'Adua is fully responsible for his actions and inaction. He allowed himself to be pushed. Maybe it is the lure of office? — 07041859260

Nigerians' reaction to Mr. President does not show love. I was so shocked and disappointed, a whole president! If our president is dead, can he be buried abroad? Na wao! We are talking about a valuable life and they are busy talking about constitution. Was the constitution not written by mortal men?

— 08038927554
Re:Goodbye Nigeria
I salute the timely warning you presented to the nation. History will remember you when we assemble to account for our actions or inactions and review Mr. President's absence from duty without the approval of Nigerians. It is only in a failed democracy that a president abandons 150 million people, yet our operators see nothing wrong. God help Nigeria. — 08039304399

My sister, thank this foolish leaders. I love the way they are inviting these khaki boys to fill the vacant space. 99% of them climbed the back of these boys to be where they are today. The sweet thing is that each time they strike, wealth and power shift base. Our politicians should continue if they like. He who is down fears no fall. — 07089270480

If Yar'Adua is missing as old as he is, it means nobody in Nigeria is safe. Despite his ADC, security aides and the many back-ups he has, I do not want to contemplate whose turn it would be. Nigeria, after his exit to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment has been in the dark, although there is not much difference even when he was in the country. I think the best thing we could do is place advert for his seat. We need people, I mean responsible citizens of this country to apply for the position of the President of Nigeria. We have no leader yet, except we are deceiving ourselves. — Banjo Oladayo, Lagos.

Re: and Baba Umoru spoke:
Hmm, funke, you have done us proud. I salute your courage and sincerity. You see, when these evils: lie, tribalism, self-centeredness, etc are perpetrated by the executive, legislature and judiciary, it is more destructive. The youth have no one to look up to. Hence, we may not hope for any kind of change in the near future. Let us continue to pray for Nigeria. God bless you. — (-0707288649)

Yar'Adua personally knew his health could not stand the rigours of the presidency. Now he is hostage to a cabal only there to scavenge. He is left to battle for his dear life in a foreign land. Vultures around him say he is fit as a fiddle and he can rule forever. Didn't someone say you should be careful when vultures gather? Their presence always signifies a bad omen. — 07041859260

If yesterday returns
Thanks for reminding them. Gluttons and insensitive people they all are. But I can assure you that these flies will prefer to enter the grave with the corpse. Stop warning them. Let the big men become small, pitiful boys. — 08034750540

Without mincing words, I declare that God shall punish PDP and its evil men holding us to ransom. Can you imagine someone like Farouk Lawan whom we all thought to be Mr Intergrity supporting the charade we have witnessed. Must we die praying for the President? — Jide Odi, Lagos, 07034882483

Congratulations Funke, Nigeria has hung her first 2010 award. Rewarder: Global International Monitoring Team. Headquater: U.S.Title: Member International Suicide Bombing State. Award benefit: Nigerian passengers to wait at airport for seven hours before departure time. Hmm, good achievement. Up Naija.

— 08089003794
Re: Happiness is…
In addition to all you have listed, happiness is a refund of all taxes paid by medium and low income earners since2007 and tax exemption in the next five years.

— Hadji Otolowo.

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