Finally, FCT phases out mini-vans

By The Rainbow

A new transport policy initiated by the Federal Capital Territory Authority (FCTA) restricting the movement of commercial vehicles in the commercial city has taken off amidst complains by residents.

With the commencement of the policy, commercial buses known as Araba, have now been phased out of the city center and restricted to satellite towns.

While many residents of the FCT lament the ensuing hardships and scarcity of mass transit buses, FCT Transport Secretary, Jonathan Ivoke, said over 300 high capacity buses were made available.

He promised that loopholes would be plugged and appealed to the commercial bus drivers to continue on the feeder roads or sign up for some new initiatives in the pipeline.

Commercial bus drivers and operators of mini-buses staged a peaceful protest at the National Assembly last week seeking a reverse of the new policy.

They said the move could render thousands jobless but the policy is now in place, regardless of the protests.