By Marxist Kola

The Inspector General of police,
Nigerian Police Force Headquarters,
Force Head Quarters,
Shehu Shagari Way,
Louise Edet House,
Central ,Abuja

Dear Sir,


This is to inform the Inspector General of Nigerian police, the current malicious murder of Momudu Ibrahim, a 400 level student of the University Of Benin, Department of science Laboratory Technology, with Matric number (LSC0807159). The boy was murdered maliciously and animalistically by CSP Carol Onyekachi Afegbai, the Divisional Police officer (DPO) of Ogida Police Station in Edo State and the commissioner of police in Edo State alleged that the young man was an Armed robber, relying on the mendacious information that was given the She devil DPO. The Commissioner of police continued by saying that the young student was a Bus driver and that a Cut to size Gun was found on the young man after he was shot just about 100 meters from his family's house where he resided before Jezebel Afegbai killed him. It must be noted that the DPO who is the first daughter of the devil said that she had a nightmare on Sunday 26th of May where she personally killed 2 armed robbers. she subsequently led a team out on Monday the 27th of May looking for 2 imaginary armed robbers to kill, saying that her dreams always come true.

she also submitted that the young man was on a Bike with another man when they were stopped and rounded up, and while they were questioning and searching him they found a gun on him and then she personally shot Ibrahim twice on both legs and proceeded to take him to the Police station which was approximately 400 meters from the scene, on the way to the station Ibrahim Momodu died. (just few minutes after he was shot on his legs.)

Ibrahim who belonged to the talakawa's family was the only son of his parents that was given birth to after 14 years of waiting for God to bless the womb of his mother. He lived with his parents at No.1 Egbeobauwaye street, off Siluko Road, behind Edo Omo park, Benin City. The 22 years old student was murdered by the satanic female DPO on Monday, the 27th of May, 2013 two days to democracy day at about 10 to 11 pm very close to his house for walking at night when there is no state of emergency in Edo state. How long shall a woman killed the talakawa , while we stand aside and look?

Section 33(1) OF the 1999 constitution as amended deposited that Every Person has a right to life and that no one shall be deprived intentionally of his life, save in execution of court in respect of a criminal offense of which he has been found guilty in Nigeria. Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees the Right to life, liberty and personal security. Section 4 of the The police Act submitted that the police is to protect life and property. The Jezebel monster in police apron is a killer who should be arrested and prosecuted with immediate effect.

The world including Nigeria knows Mohammed Bouazizi for something else: as poor and desperate young man, harassed by a female police, who set himself ablaze in his town in central Tunisia, inspiring a revolution that brought down the country's dictator, an act still reverberating through the Arab world and other countries.

Sir, our pivotal questions are:
Was Ibrahim Momodu an armed robber? Atleast the killer should be able to tell us where he robbed.

Did the DPO investigate the matter?
was Ibrahim a bus driver?
What is the plate number of his bus as reported by EBS crime watch?

Which court of competent jurisdiction sentenced him to death?

My dogged IGP, It would interest you to discover that CSP Carol Afegbai is the richest DPO in Nigeria because of her ill gotten wealth.

we hereby demand as follow:
1.The Commissioner of Police should tender an unreserved apology to the people of Edo state for telling lies regarding the gruesome murder of a student.

2.That the Commissioner Of Police should lead a delegation to the family of deceased to commiserate with them.

3. That the monstrous DPO should be dismissed and be tried for murder like other police officers who have been tried for killing innocent persons

4. That the she devil should be investigated properly as the source of her wealth.

5. The police should be trained properly not to kill innocent citizens.

6. Is there a state of emergency in Edo state where freedom of movement is restricted?

Thanks for your understanding.
still waiting for update reply.
Yours Faithfully,
Talakawa's Forum