2015: PDP'll Win More States, APC Leaders Day Dreaming, Says Metuh

Source: thewillnigeria.com
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SAN FRANCISCO, June 02, (THEWILL) – The ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Sunday declared that it will win more states in the 2015 general elections, saying leaders of the opposition All Progressive Congress (APC) are only living under an illusion .

Taking stock of the unfolding political events including the merger arrangements by opposition parties, PDP submitted that these were positive signs and concrete indications that the party will still win the Presidency and more states by 2015.

The party also dispelled fears that divergence of views and opinions among its members are capable of weakening it ahead of 2015. Instead, it said such are a reflection of its democratic stance where all members have opportunity to air their views and to freely canvass their opinions unlike what obtains in the opposition parties where opinions and views of members are muzzled by political godfathers.

Dismissing as “shadow chasing and day dreaming”, boasts by the leaders of the opposition coalition, APC, that they will take over government in 2015, PDP said power lies only with the people and not on the hands of few desperate individuals.

Maintaining that the opposition alliance will soon be in disarray, PDP said most of those in the ranks of the opposition will be betrayed and victimised by the godfathers who see the coalition as their personal estates.

All these were contained in a statement issued by PDP National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, on Sunday.

He said the PDP welcomes the opposition to the electoral contest in 2015 but noted that they were already doomed to fail as Nigerians have since realised that they are merely “strange bed fellows” who have nothing to offer but united by bitterness, frustration, and religious and tribal sentiments.

According to Metuh, “We welcome the opposition to the contest. However, they are already

doomed to failure because Nigerians have since realised their undemocratic tendencies and desperation for power for selfish reasons.

Nigerians know that they are merely strange bed fellows who are united by bitterness, frustration and religious and tribal sentiments and not for the national interest.

“They have continued to betray their lust and inner disposition by their utterances in seeking to “seize power” which has remained their only agenda. They fail to understand that in a democracy, power is not to be seized. It is conferred by the people and this is the reason the people have continued to identify with the PDP.

“The PDP believes in the people. No individual, group or tribe owns the PDP. It belongs to all Nigerians. The PDP is a big family, united in freedom. In a family there are bound to be divergence of opinions and views and this occurs where people are free. What outsiders see as internal disagreements is actually a reflection of the democratic stance of the PDP. The PDP is the only party where people are absolutely free to express their views and freely canvass their opinions unlike in the opposition parties where the views and opinions of members are muzzled by their godfathers.

“Nigerians already know what to expect from the opposition and that is why they have rejected them. Nobody would want to support a party that breeds bitterness, anger and frustration. The world has noted Nigerians are a happy people. Nigerians are guided by the spirit of brotherliness, oneness and love for one another. So nobody wants a party that continues to sow the seeds of discord, frustration and anger among the people.”

Maintaining that the merger of the opposition parties is a positive factor for it, the PDP said it has shown that the parties are essentially weak and will not be able to grapple with the huge responsibility of managing a big party.

“We challenge the opposition also to be bold enough to hold primaries when the time comes. Many of those singing praises of the alliance will be betrayed and victimised by the godfathers and it will dawn on them that they have been deceived,” the statement said.

The PDP observed that as the only national party, strictly committed to the wellbeing of all Nigerians, it has the capacity to listen to all members, reconcile all the differences and carry all along as entrenched in its constitution and manifesto.

Restating that it remains the party to beat because of its democratic stance, the PDP, noted that it has formidable structures in all the wards, local government and states of the federation and called on its members to close ranks and remain united.

“This is why the PDP will continue to win elections. The PDP is the only party that has formidable structures in all the wards, Local Government and states of the federation. We have the platform and a level playground to accommodate the views of everyone. People are free to express their views. As a family, we galvanise the views for the common good, united by our commitment to serve the people,” PDP said in the statement.