I Am A Sinner And God Will Forgive Me —Foluke Daramola

Source: AJIBADE ALABI - Nigeriafilms.com

Foluke Daramola is a well-known face in the Nigerian movie industry, as she came into the limelight in the late 90s with her appearance in Palace, a soap opera back then. She spoke with AJIBADE ALABI on many issues, especially her marriage to her new husband and on the feud with her friend, Princess Bukola Fasuyi. Excerpts:

There is this general belief that you are arrogant?

There is this Yoruba proverb that says, “ori o kin ri ara e” (the head cannot see itself). I see you like my brother doing your job and I am doing mine, if you don't interview me, there are one thousand and one people you can interview. And when it comes to pride, I am not fantastic but I am very close to God, I pray, I talk to God and I believe I am a sinner and God will forgive me. But the Bible says he that brings himself down, God will raise him up and that he that raises himself up God will bring him down

Are you separated or divorced?

I'm naturally divorced because it is over four years since I left him. But the paper work is not yet done. I don't want complications really, complications in the sense that I don't want my children involved in that mess and moreover, I'm not getting married tomorrow or any time soon.

Let talk on your marriage to Kayode. How did you feel?

Of course, I felt good. I am happy in my marriage

But people said you snatched somebody's husband?

I did not snatch anybody's husband. I never asked her to pack out of her husband's house. Moreover, I did not meet her at home when I married Kayode.

But, when you were dating him, you knew he was married?

I knew.

But you still went ahead to marry him?

That is between him and me.