Democracy celebration time for political leaders to close rank- Moro

By The Citizen

The Minister of Interior, Mr. Abba Moro has called on political leaders in the country to close ranks to tackle the challenges facing the country warning that failure to do so could spell doom for Nigeria.

“The consequences are grave if as political leaders we fail to rise up to halt the growing acrimonies in our land. We must as a matter of urgency put aside our selfish interests and parochial views to do what is right to keep Nigeria one,” Mr. Moro said.

While urging Nigerians to ignore calls by politicians and opposition leaders attempting to demonise President Goodluck Jonathan and harped on things that have been left undone in the country,” the interior minister said that despite Nigeria’s economic and security challenges, “looking back, Nigeria indeed has a lot to celebrate”.

He maintained that “this year’s democracy day celebration should not be another day for the opposition parties and those who do not have the interests of Nigeria at heart to begin to demonise the President or other political office holders, rather it should serve as a day when political leaders must reflect on how Nigeria can attain its greatness through positive and collective action”.

Emphasising the significance of May 29 further in the political history of Nigeria, the minister said ”this year’s democracy day celebration should not be a day when politicians moved by selfish interests and cheap political gains begin to make political statements that will divide instead of uniting us as a people” noting that the period ”is clearly the time when all stakeholders in the Nigeria project must have to come together to jointly fashion out how Nigeria can make progress in our collective march towards achieving a vibrant and sustainable democracy for our fatherland”.

Though Mr. Moro admitted that Nigeria has challenges like every other country of the world, he however insisted that this period is a time to reflect on the challenges “that face us as a nation and a people. It is a period when we have to collectively appraise our democratic progress in the areas of economic, social, political and security of our fatherland”.He said Nigeria like other countries of the world was passing through difficult times but however noted that what sets nations apart “is the resolve of its people irrespective of class, race and religion to collectively rise up to tackle such challenges; be it economic, security, religion or political.