Airtel launches first 3.75 G service in Burkina Faso

By The Citizen

Bharti Airtel ('Airtel'), a telecommunications services provider took a significant step towards building the largest 3G network across Africa by announcing the launch of its 3G mobile platform in Burkina Faso. The launch of the 3.75G follows the award of a 3G license to Airtel by the Burkina Faso Government. The granting of the license is an important milestone since it will contribute to the development of the country and it will facilitate Internet access for all Burkinabé.

Hervé-Njapoum Olivier, the Managing Director of Airtel Burkina Faso, said: “We are grateful towards the political and administrative authorities of Burkina Faso for the granting of the license through the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Post. We share the same vision on strengthening the country’s telecommunications platform. Airtel's 3.75G network will enhance the social, cultural and commercial participation of the people of Burkina Faso and it will connect them with the global community. ”

He added: “Our 3G platform will allow subscribers to combine the enormous potential of the Internet with the convenience of cellular phones and other mobile devices. It will unleash the potential of our youth by providing quick access to the Internet for learning, sharing, social networks, creation and access to educational and musical content. For Small and Medium Enterprises, it will allow the entrepreneur to adopt a highly mobile way of working with a very fast access to emails and the Internet. For the larger companies, they can increase their productivity with high-speed Internet.”