By Eddie Onuzuruike

I feel so reluctant writing rejoinders to the uninspiring, delirous and blackmailing submissions of Odimegwu Onwumere. Calling them articles will be a great misnomer as his twisted pieces will hardly measure up in any way with acceptable norms of writing. They are so much characterized with confused verbs, non existent expressions and banal logics. To reveal his debased intent, none of his claims are evident even when juxtaposed with the most minimal of scales. It is unfortunate that a journalistic goon and unrepentant school dropout will continue to insult a popularly elected, and an incumbent governor such as Sir T.A. Orji. One thing is certain; the flagrant conflagrations ignited by onwumere will one day consume him.

For those who do not know him and his antics, Onwumere is a proven blackmailer and vagrant of no fixed address. He claims Rivers State and at times Aba. It is on record that he was nabbed in UBA Port-Harcourt where he went to pick up a blackmail payoff unaware that his victim had alerted the security officials of the bank. According to Patrikobi an online publication, he is an ex-convict having served time for libel. Last year he was questioned for molesting minors having laid a good foundation for his criminal act as he pretended to run an N.G.O. Is such a character worth our precoius time, costly mental perspiration and prized appropriation? Check out http//juristlaws.blogspot.com/2012/08/ 'Odimegwu Onwumere nabbed.'

From his recent publication in Mordern Ghana, an online publication, he imagined and wants people to believe that Abia State Government House is no more comfortable for His Excellency Sir T.A. Orji and so he embarks on trips abroad. He cited the last Canadian trip as an example. The world knows that the trip of the Governor and entourage was a national affair involving other state Governors and presidential aides. It was titled the 'Nigeria-Canada Investment Summit,' so why single the governor of Abia for oprobium if odimegwu is well intended? Other trips by the Governor are known and have achieved monumental results. His Excellency was at John Hopkins University, United States of America, where he delivered a thought-provoking lecture, hinting on Governance in Nigeria while urging Nigerians in diaspora to come home, invest, contribute their quota to home growth and partner with Government in many fields. Can there be a more patriotic service to state and nation than this?

As an accountable personality who exercises the mandate of the people, he takes time to brief Abians of his missions whenever he comes back from journeys, and I ask: is there anything wrong with that? As stated above, these trips are followed with results. Shanid Agro International is in Ohambele Ukwa East, rehabilitating the Abia Palm Estate. Shoprite, the South African Superstore chain is in Umuahia, Abia Rubber Company in Abam Arochukwu Local Government Area, enjoys a PPP contract with a foreign firm facilitated by Abia Government. There are many verifiable examples.

In March 2013, Engineer Joe Etto, the president of World Igbo Congress in America, a reputable cultural group of Igbo extraction and lobby group visited Abia and publicly acknowledged in an interview in the THISDAY newspaper of April that Abia is on the right course. Daily Post online of March 25th posited same. So what else do we need? The corrugated opinions of Odimegwu, his likes and paymasters put together fall on T.A. Orji and Abians like blunt darts of serious regret.

Probably his delirious ear is yet to hear about the meeting of opposition parties in Abia compromising: ANPP, CPC, DPP, APGA, ACN. All respectively represented by the following- Chief Cassidy Agbai- Chairman, Kalu kalu, Ikonne Okechukwu, Chief Ozo Abata and Chief Egwunatu Egbulefu who jointly and emphatically agreed to support good governance in the South East no matter the party.

In one month interval, the Executive Chamber of Abia State was abuzz with quality and valuable visits from Hon Boon Intiratana, the commercial counselor of the Royal Thai Embassy in quest of Agric Tourism and agro processing. Ambassador Hoang Ngoc Ho, Vietnamese Ambassador to Nigeria talked about trade cooperation in agricultural, manufacturing, construction, pharmacy and textile. Jeffrey Hawkins, U S. consular General in Lagos with a powerful entourage numbering over five Americans with the deputy, Mrs Dehab, mooted ideas not too far from the former. Could these incorruptible officers of sworn integrity and gazetted probity have left their hallowed embassies for a jamboree in Abia?

Locally the Governor has been awarded pass marks from Federal Government personalities. Who did not hear of the good Governance tour that couldn't finish visiting the projects sites because of its numerosity? The Minister of Information, Mr. Labaran Maku, NUJ Chairman Mallam M. Garba, RATTAWO President, Hon Yemi Gbamgbose, Mallam Lamido Sanusi who crowned the governor as the best on youth empowerment during his Ochendo annual lecture series on APRIL 24, 2013. Are all these oracles aides of Ochendo who sing his praises?

Just last week, Hon. Ozo Mgbachi – the house committee chairman on works visited Abia with his committee members on their oversight functions verifying Federal Government projects especially those done by the state for which the state is owed huge amounts. After their tour they extolled the efforts of His Excellency in over all infrastructure and added a new appellation- Ochendo Global. Are these sychophants too?

Monday, 20TH May 2013, Alhaji Aminu Tanbuwal, speaker of the Federal House of Reps made a short visit and commissioned two completed projects, the ASEPA House which was started not too long ago and the Industrial Market at Azueke Ndume. Are these phoney people?

Abia has recovered from many diseases inflicted by bad leadership of the past. I may not delve into the Legacy Projects dotting the landscape of Abia like the new workers secretariat spawning the first elevator in Abia which Odimegwu knows too well but for his selfish interests of desperately blackmailing for his irregular meals has refused to acknowledge lest he annoys his paymasters. Not to worry about that, the sun is shining and the wonderful works of T.A. Orji- Ochendo are wondrous in the eyes of men and God.

Shame on Onwumere!
God bless Abia. May we have more Ochendos
Eddie Onuzuruike.

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