JK PartyWorld Organises Entrepreneurship Training For Youths

By Deola Odunowo

JK PartyWorld, a fast raising catering and events management outfit, in a bid to empower Nigerian youths and equip them with the necessary tools to succeed in the ever changing 21st century business environment, recently introduced an entrepreneurship focused training to raise future leaders.

The enormous unemployment challenges faced is concentrated among the youths for whom lack of experience is all too compounded by lack of skills. This results in a growing cohort of young people with limited access to the former sector employment and lack any means to tackle the situation. With this rather appalling situation, there is therefore the need to engage the youths to avoid unhealthy alternatives for this group of people.

“Be your own Boss”, the theme of the training is targeted at people based in Lagos and its environs. It seeks to fill the vacuum and cushion the effects of lack of gainful employment in a saturated labour market, coupled with the non-availability of the required skills, and years of experience on career path that has continued to dash the dreams of a better tomorrow. The training sessions includes catering services plus finger foods, entrepreneurial abilities and a

step by step approach to events planning for undergraduates, young school leavers and business lovers.

According to Mrs. Adejoke Odunowo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), JK PartyWorld, “every individual with special reference to the female gender, requires continuous self development and attitudinal change to generate extra finances thereby reducing the burdens on their families”. The expectations from the teeming unemployed population remains a significant treat and adequate emphasis should be laid on tailored trainings towards building entrepreneurial capacity in the society, she said.

Odunowo, who made reference to the recent growth in the entertainment industry, said it has provided a leap for the Nigerian economy in both international status and foreign earnings. The company believes that opportunities still abound in the growing industry with various

available platforms where young talented individuals can plug into the global trend of young entrepreneurs. A typical example is in a Country like China, where the growth of billionaires has continued to surge higher by the day because of a national drive for export which is a function of entrepreneurship.

She stressed that participants can launch their own small company immediately after the training where they would acquire basic skills and an insight into the larger business world, learn new strategies to grow and retain old client base among other things.

To be a part of this comprehensive skill acquisition programme, interested participants can like the company fan page on www.facebook/jkpartyworld which also gives the individual an opportunity to get tips with unlimited access to a growing population of entrepreneurs online.