I had surgery in France, says Sanusi

By The Rainbow

Central  Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi spoke yesterday on his health, thereby clearing the air about the state of his health.

There have been reports insinuating that the CBN boss was gravely ill.

Sanusi said he had his appendix removed in Paris, France during his annual vacation.

He said: 'I didn't leave this country to get medical attention. I went on my annual vacation to Paris and then I had a crisis; the doctors call it peritonitis of the appendix, which basically is an infection that spreads in and destroys your organs and you die.'

Sanusi said he was fortunate to have a friend in a part of the world with good hospitals and surgeons and 'so the crisis came on April 30 and I had to go in for surgery on the 1st of May when an appendectomy was done and my appendix was taken out. The germs were drained out I had to have strong antibiotic treatment for a week in the hospital'.

The CBN boss said he spent another week outside the hospital but that he had been 'medically cured'. 'I no longer have an appendix. The surgery has healed and I need a few weeks to get my energy levels back to normal, but I'm very fine I don't know if you are happy about that,' he said.