Grandmother Orders Grandson To Kill Grandfather, Both Go Shopping


Heartless grandma Janet Strickland allegedly enlisted her teenage grandson in a heinous plot to kill her hus¬band - the kid's 72-year-old grandpa!

William Strickland, 19, agreed to the sick scheme, and then pumped six slugs into his grandfather's back as he waited to catch a bus for his dialysis treatment, say prosecutors.

Later, the two used the dead man's money to go on a shopping spree - buying a flashy car, furniture, tattoos, a cell phone and more, the authorities add.

'There's a special place in hell for people like this,' said a source. 'Stone cold hearted isn't the word for it. This is pure evil.'

The vile story apparently began when grandma Strickland, 64, told her grandson that she was 'sick' of his grand¬father, also named William.

'She stated that she wished he was not here and she wanted him gone,' said Assistant Cook Coun¬ty (Ill.) State's Attorney Jacqueline Kwilos.

On Feb. 28, Strickland told her grandson that she wanted the shooting done two days later. The creeps had talked about hiring someone to kill the elder Strick¬land. But the teen told his grandma that he would do it, said Kwilos.

The grisly grandma, who suffers from lung disease, later admitted that she knew her husband was heading to his death when she watched him leave for his dialysis appointment on March 2, say the police.

She also said she knew her grandson had stolen his grandfather's hand¬gun, according to authorities. Callously, she watched him grab a bag stuffed with money as her husband lay dead on the street, the au¬thorities add.
Police recovered 25 bullet shell casings at the scene.

'It's the ultimate betrayal,' said the source. 'Grandma and grand¬son kill the grandpa for his money. How low can you go?'

Bad-boy Strickland has admitted he is a member of the Black P. Stones street gang, according to court docu¬ments. In a sickening twist, he has the words 'Legacy,' 'Loyalty' and 'Respect' tattooed on his arms.

Cops say Janet Strickland was a beneficiary of her husband's assets, in¬cluding his bank account. Now she and her grandson await trial for murder.

Neighbors of the elderly couple remain shocked at the bizarre killing.

'He loved her,' said next door neighbor Theolene Shears, 84, of the elder Strick¬land. 'He always praised her, the things she did. She was a good cook and house¬keeper and kept him well-fed. He seemed very happy with her and she with him.'

Grandpa William, a re¬tired steelworker, had even tried to get his grandson a job after the boy's mother sent him to live with the couple.

'He was a fam¬ily man,' added neighbor Denine Cross. 'He loved his grandson. I would have never imagined this. I've got headaches just from thinking about it.'