Murder for Ritual! As Traders Kill friend for money

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Recent scenario in Benin City, Edo State has engulfed many sympathizers with shock, pandemonium, and wagging of teeth, following the bizarre tale of three young businessmen, Henry Nwoke, Uche Ajujo and Chinedu Okonkwo who cruelly used their friend, (28 year old), Eze Nwoke for money rituals. investigations have it that the friends recently finished learning a trade in electronics business in Benin City and they felt they needed spiritual blessings to help them grow once they start. They thereafter went to Oshogbo, capital of Osun State. It was learnt that Uche was the first among them who went to Oshogbo under the pretence that he is a businessman who deals in antiquities. He was said to have met one Saheed Okeola, at a bar and after serious of discussions, he told Saheed that he was looking for a medicine man who would help with charms for his business to grow.

Consequently Saheed took Uche to one Joseph Ojo, a hunter and native doctor in Oshogbo. Uche later invited Henry who indicated interest in making money rituals with any part of human body. He was said to have agreed to offer private part, hair or fingers. After the payment of N50,000, Mr Ojo told Henry that he was to spend five days with him to conclude with other ritual rites for money to appear, and for those five days, he would sleep from morning till 4:30 p.m everyday. It was after Uche left according to the native doctor, that Henry later brought Eze Nwoke for the money making ritual to be made from the payment earlier made by Henry. It was learnt that Eze Nwoke could have been used for the money ritual because he could not be traced, hence the arrest of his three friends by the Police at State C.I.D in Benin City.

No doubt, there have been several reported cases of individuals who were kidnapped, killed, or had their bodies mutilated by ritualists in Nigeria. This bizarre incidences have become rampant when general elections are drawing near, and also when there is introduction of new naira notes to the country. Other reasons responsible for this is unemployment and desperation as well as uncontrollable covetous act of Nigerian youths who are desperate for sudden wealth for self aggrandizement to meeting their economic demands.

Retrospective checks by have it that the most notorious of them is the one associated with one Chief Vincent Duru, popularly known as Otokoto. The police in the southern Nigerian some years back in the city of Owerri arrested a man, Innocent Ekeanyanwu, with the head of a young boy, Ikechukwu Okonkwo. In the course of the investigation, the police discovered the buried torso of Ikechukwu on the premises of Otokoto Hotel, owned by Chief Duru, and uncovered a syndicate that specialized in ritual killing and the sale and procurement of human parts. The horrifying discoveries sparked off violent protests in the city of Owerri which led to the burning and looting of properties belonging to suspected killers.

Otokoto and his ritualist syndicate were arguably arrested and put on trial, and in February 2003, they were sentenced to death by hanging. Apart from the Otokoto incident, there have been other instances of ritual murder and mutilation in other parts of the country. For instance, in Calabar, two men plucked out the eyes of a young lady, Adlyne Eze, for money-making ritual. And in Ifo, Ogun state, a businessman inflicted the same harm on his younger sister. In Ibadan, the police in December arrested a taxi driver, Abbas, who used his fourteen-month-old baby for rituals. Abbas killed his child in order to secure a human head, which was one of the materials listed for him by a local witchdoctor for a money-making ritual.

And in another act of ritual horror in Onitsha, Anambra State, two young men, Tobechukwu Okorie and Peter Obasi, seized a boy, Monday Emenike, and cut off his sexual organ with the intention of delivering it to a man, who allegedly offered to pay 1.5 million naira ($11,000) for it. In Kaduna, Danladi Damina was arrested after he exhumed the corpse of a 9-year-old boy, plucked out his eyes and cut off his lips, intending to use them for charms. Recently a woman was caught in a bush in Warri, Delta State, decapitating a four-year-old boy for ritual purposes.

Further checks have it that Police are only interested in making the ordinary citizens to be used as guinea pigs, and object of ridicule in ritual killing cases, while they cover the rich and the highly influential in the society who are neck deep in ritual killings, having provided what it worth to silence them. Sometime in 2009 wrote about one Senator Ogunwale in Osun State but to date, the Osun State Police Command are yet to place a face on those responsible for the death of the female hunchback, Taibat Oseni (22) who was gruesomely murdered in Senator Ogunwale's uncompleted building. Moreover, some have queried the source of wealth of the Osun politician, Sen. Ogunwale, especially the first money he made, and with the claims that he just dominated the business world in a jiffy. Yet the man at the centre of the storm who is now a staunch member of Action Congress (AC) his preparing himself for a gubernatorial poll in Osun State despite this unresolved murder/conspiracy charges hanging on his head.

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