Rivers AC: Eze’s Mouth-Diarrhea

By Rubby Obinna

My recent article titled ODILI'S INFLUENCE, AMAECHI'S FEAR published in many quarters has brought to the public ridicule of one Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, who, being uncouth with his modus-operandi in the issuance of press releases (as the Publicity Secretary of the Rivers Action Congress) within the Rivers Action Congress conclave and to holding unto the pocket of the rapacious Tonye Princewill as a leech, described my article as “uninformed”. But who is Eze, by the way?

Eze is a man repatriated from his residence in Yola, Adamawa State, to Rivers State, due to his unprincipled manner in the way he was going about the business of politics in Adamawa. Any doubting Thomas may ask Mr. Boni Haruna.

Being fetish, I have learnt that Eze has cocked Princewill in a bottle and chant fetish things in the room given to him by Princewill, and Princewill has 'no' as answer in anything Eze says within the Princewill's residence at No. 4 Eleme St. Old GRA, Port Harcourt, Rivers State and in the Rivers State Action Congress where he was sacked as the party's Publicity Secretary, according to a report, by a communiqué of the enlarged exco of the party on the 20th November 2009 before he went on his knees and was recalled by the state AC chairman, Mr. Suage Badey who never knew that Princewill is deceiving him with pleas to recall Eze and one Norisha Pepple back into the party, while Princewill schemes for ways to relief Suage of his position. That is Princewill for you! A man who can do anything for money and kick people to chew mud because of money, while he portrays himself as a good man on the newspapers with donations and gifts to journalists, but goodness is farfetched from him.

Mr. Badey is even seen by observers as being too amiable to have listened to Princewill for Eze's recall owing to the fact that Princewill pleaded that Eze would not be involved in any further anti-party activities. But who told you? Has Eze not started his press-releases again without the knowledge of the leadership of Badey? One may say, that is politics. But All Rivers AC members should be wary of this man called Eze, he is treacherous, deceitful and doesn't care about the state of the party in Rivers State but how much Princewill is going to make from the Amaechi-led government of Rivers State.

According to Hon. Osima Ginah, Commissioner for Urban Development, Rivers State: “This Eze can do anything to remain relevant, I was surprised the way he bursted into cry in our recent meeting in Lagos State to attract, not only Princewill's pity, but ours”. This statement followed, according to a report, a narration being made by Eze in Lagos where Rivers AC members were; to express his deep 'fake' emotion, Eze bursted into tears, to the amazement of not only Ginah but to all present.

Eze has been able to make the best of Princewill's friends the latter's enemy today. Within the expansive compound where Princewill domiciles, Eze has downsized virtually everybody in the house with his fetish means, and when anybody tries to revolt, Princewill who doesn't know that he was in Eze's bottle would say, “Eze is our elder and we owe him respect”.

I think Eze is not making the best of history in Rivers AC because even in the national body of the party, he is a wanted man by security operatives. How come about that a party's Publicity Secretary did not attend the National Convention of the party in the 12th December, 2009 meeting, even his partner-in-crime, Princewill, was nowhere to be found.

Eze might be sugermouthed, but we know that his days are up in Rivers State. It is time he went back to his timid Umuobuna, Ohazara LGA of Ebonyi State and stop creating more enmity for the unrepentant Princewill.

I think it is time the EFCC beamed its light on Mr. Princewill and Eze and find out how Princewill has been collaborating with Governor Chibuike Amaechi to loot the state treasury, all in the name of Unity Government and contract.

All members of Rivers AC, it is my wish that you people know this man called Eze in your midst: he is evil, fetish and scandalous but covers all of these and more heinous acts of his in making sure he holds power in the Princewill's empire while feigning Christianity. Do I discuss here his irritating text messages he copies to even the late Gani to be relevant? Let him desist from evil, or continue, but I know that very soon, Amaechi, Osima Ginah, Davies Ibiamu Ikanya and Princewill will understand what I am talking about this man called Eze in their midst. But my fear is that, it might be late at that time. Thank you.

Mrs. Rubby Obinna, is of Niger Delta Democrats. Email: [email protected]