The Imperativeness of Sovereign National Conference in the "Federal Republic" of Nigeria.


That the greater majority of Nigerians especially from the middle-belt and the south can freely yearn for the Major Gideon Orkar coup just 20 years after Major Orkar and his comrades were brutally murdered by the state clearly calls for a 'Sovereign National

Conference' of all nationals that make up Nigeria. The late sage Chief Obafemi Awolowo

was quoted to have said that Nigeria is just a mere geographical expression carved out by the British to serve their purpose at that time. I couldn't agree less.

While we thank the Nationally Assembly for their belated action in transferring executive powers to Dr Goodluck Jonathan which he rightly deserves in the first place, but the intricate and the machinations of power mongers who always claim they are born to rule the rest of us as is exemplified in their persistence genocide on the accommodative indigenes of Jos and their Machiavellian manoeuvre to deny Dr Jonathan power has strengthened our call for the sovereign national conference. In the 21st century where even the power mongers use the Obama election to lay claim to power everywhere in Nigeria especially in Plateau state. They are equally quick to reel out unsubstantiated statistics of non-Hausa Muslim persons who rose to the position of authority in Hausa states. It is on record anyway that Alhaji Yahaya Abdulkarim former governor of Sokoto state had refuted the fact that he is said to come from Yoruba lineage originally. Can those who cock up those unsubstantiated names please publish the names of Christians in any Hausa states whether natives or indigenous Hausas not to mention settlers who rose to the position of authority? Great Scholars like Dr Emma Shehu who is a scion of Zamfara state is a persona-non grata in Zamfara because he is a Christian.

People like Samaila Mohammed sits comfortably in the House of Representative representing Jos North/Bassa in the National Assembly yet he hates Plateau state with a passion. We are aware of a former minister who has Kano state as state of origin on all his certificates from primary and secondary schools yet took Plateau state ministerial slot. All injustices must be addressed across the board. Let all the Igbos in Sabon Gari Kano who make up over half of the population aspires to elective offices in Kano without the fear of being attacked. Just as Senator Grace Bent a Yoruba wife represents Adamawa state in the Senate that is equity and justice. All the injustices perpetrated by the Babangida and the Sani Abacha military despotism must be addressed squarely and urgently. Those who think that the status quo will continue where they are used to oppressing the other tribes in the North and Middle-belt are living in dream land. Any form of injustice and oppression cannot be tolerated any longer.

A situation whereby states that do not contribute anything to the federation have bloated local governments created for them by IBB to steal niger-delta petro-dollars is not acceptable any more. The National Assembly must address these local governments' issues and let us have the sovereign national conference. State of emergency must be declared in Bauchi and Borno states first before thinking of Plateau state

The vibrant civil society groups must once again heed our clarion call to demonstrate in the big cities of Abuja, Lagos, Kaduna, Ibadan, Jos and Enugu for the National Assembly to call for the Sovereign national conference without delay.Here was a group of cabal who were ready to wait till eternity for Nigeria to be without a leader simply because they did not want power to slip out of their hands for one day.These are the same group of people who contribute nothing to the artificial federation but religious crises and beggars.

In the title of this article, I decided to put the words "Federal Republic" in quotation marks because they do not in the real sense of the words apply to Nigeria for now.Nigerian political scientists must prove me otherwise. A federation is supposed to be a union by treaty or agreement which certainly does not apply to the present Nigeria federation. Republic also comes from the Latin phrase 'res republica' which literally means a public matter or a matter for the public in general, which I equally believe does not apply to Nigeria of today.

Because of these concerns and the general discontented in the Nigerian society, there is no need to claim that there is unity, peace and progress in this land. Greater percentage of the citizenry have lost faith in this geographical expression where some sections of the society pay more allegiance to Middle Eastern countries and North African countries than Nigeria. Where some sections of the country will get up at their whims and caprices and slaughter fellow Nigerians as have been witnessed in Jos, Kaduna, Kano, Zango Kataf, Zaria, Bauchi, Maiduguri, Tafawa Balewa, Abuja, Gombe amongst others under the flimsy excuse of religion, yet the aggressors will turn around and cry loud to be the victims because they have the foreign to dish out propaganda. The sovereign national conference is the only solution.

A situation whereby the culprits who mastermind and execute the religious crises in Jos killing innocent Nigerians and even foreigners are taken to Abuja and are commended and release to unleash another mayhem on Jos again deserve the sovereign national conference.

That 26 armed mercenaries were caught in broad day in Jos immediately after the 2008 religious crisis and were armed with automatic sophisticated military weapons and military uniforms are no more news. What is news now is that they were taken to Abuja and were promptly released and lo and behold they came back to Jos not only to attack the city of Jos, they lie siege on Jos city and Bukuru and committed genocide on the city. A Lawyer from Aba Abia state and two Pastors from Hong Adamawa states who were not indigenes were murdered in cold blood.

As I am writing this article this evening another set of about 138 of armed mercenaries said to have been imported from Niger Republic to execute the most recent mayhem on the peace loving indigenes of Jos have been taken to Abuja again as usual. Well your guess is as good as mine as to when the next Jos crises will occur.

The stories we are hearing now is that they want to cripple Jos city economy completely and scarce away prospective investors before moving back home finally.Nigerians must now rise up and defend their rights. Nobody should be a second class citizen anymore. It is either we are all equal before the law or we all part ways for good.There are some nation states like Swaziland, Tonga, Gambia and many others that have between 500,000 to one million people as their population and yet they are independent sovereign countries.

We must all determine our type of federalism now.Procrastination is a sin. Bauchi state has set the ball rolling by evicting Plateau state indigenes from Bauchi.

Time is ripe for the "Sovereign National Conference." If you agree with me on the above statement please send this article to three Nigerians today.

Ndiameeh Babrik [email protected]