Acting President Jonathan’s hasty decision

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Editor, The installation of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as the acting President of Nigerian nation remains appreciated by most Nigerians, including yours sincerely. Nevertheless, there are some antagonists who are saying that the Senate made an uncoordinated decision; the house could have arrived at the same decision by avoiding the loopholes now being pointed out by some respected and responsible Nigerians.

Suffice it to say that the Senate waited to be reminded by a Letter to the Editor, which many must have read published in the media recently entitled 'Re: Yar'Adua's Unfulfilled Promises' credited to one Dr. Akin Jamiu of Akilo Road, Ogba-Lagos in which he wrote in part thus: “My appeal now to the Senate is that since it has heard the voice of President Yar'Adua over the BBC, its members should take it that he has communicated to them, nay Nigerians; they should waste no time in doing what the constitution expects of them, so that Nigeria moves forward”. Why the Senate had to wait for persons like Dr. Akin Jamiu to remind it of a ready reference before actualizing the needed action goes to show that its members are not up to their responsibilities as the elected representatives of the people.

Nevertheless, my main point of writing this piece is not on the Senate but on the hasty way the acting President conducted his minor cabinet reshuffle. He acted so fast; as if the former Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Michael Aondoakaa is the only official that has committed urgent sin against him and the nation. He should be informed that he has more deadly enemies; in his cabinet; in some former state governors; and in some serving governors. He needs to shine his eyes and take urgent action against any subversion.

Alhaji Mutum Bello,

1 Bello Close,

Bukuru, Jos.

[email protected]