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The Angelic Doctor (of the Catholic Church), St Thomas of Aquinas once defined truth as the equation of thought and things (adequatio intellectus et rei), a conformity that exists between thought (- a family name for the genres of reflections, speeches, ideations, ratiocinations, eulogies, promises, opinions, perspectives, imaginations, visions, dreams, desires, wishes, etc) and thing (- meaning reality, practical evidences, perceptible testimonies and verifiable claims). This equation, conformity or correspondence is only one, clearly visible even in the dark (as Lefvre would portray truth on canvass) and salvific. It is like the saving snake of Moses (simulated in the Rod of Asclepius), upon which whosoever is beaten by the snake (of falsity) and looks upon it survives.

Right from the beginning of the 2011 gubernatorial electioneering activities in Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha has stood miles away from: Truth (sincerity, no pretences and exaggerations, faithfulness to words and pacts, etc), competence, calmness, and adores use and dump mentality, embezzlement, selfishness, pride, vainglory and hypocrisy. Recent events happening in the Government House today (- in the Executive and Legislative Arms, in APGA Party, the Civil Service Commission, Ministries, Commissions and Parastatals, as well as the Citizenry, are complete evidences of Okorocha's miles away from Home, from critical and burning issues in the State, from the actual sitz in leben of the common man Imolite, from the collective and bourgeoisie interests of the APGA Party, from actual welfare and development of Imo State, and from rescuing Imo.

It is now obvious to Imolites that Rochas Okorocha in all instances and circumstances, is very far away from the realities in the State, is miles away: from his campaign promises, from being a man of his words (pacts, proposals, agreements), from being what he presented himself to the public, from attaining his stipulated goals, from rescuing Imo State as he claimed, notably in education, accessibility, quality education, custodian of Imo properties, infrastructural development, security, health, traditional rulership, etc.

Education: During his gubernatorial campaigns, Okorocha said he was condescending to be Governor and promised absolute free education: School fees, clothes, writing materials, desks, daily stipends, etc, in the primary and secondary schools, and scholarship in the tertiary institutions of the State- Absolute free education. Measuring the distance between his words and their realizations, is there free education in Imo State now? How many schools received and are still receiving the widely announced school uniform? How many Imolites received and are still receiving the daily stipends? How as the tertiary institutions' scholarship operated to the satisfaction of the stipulated ideals? Ogun State has been on free education since 1957, pays for the SSCE (WAEC) for the entire students in her schools irrespective of student's provenance or indignity. Akwa Ibom State and Ebonyi State amongst many other States have added WAEC (SSCE) free registration as indices to her free education programme. Can Rochas Okorocha's grand boast of being the Master of Free Education do it? He promised and claimed absolute free education for all, what of Imo citizens in non government schools in the state or Federal (schools) institutions in the State or outside the State.

Quality Education: The best element in educational administration that is of lasting benefit to the human community and is of the common good of the society at large, coming from the NO1 citizen of a Sate, is not tuition free education but an ensured strategies for quality education. The quality of education in Imo State has long fallen before Okorocha came to the seat but has got worsened by him. It has certainly fallen in all ramifications of educational evaluation. Teachers abandon their classes once or twice a week to the Local Government Council Head Quarters of the area or to Owerri, to answer Okorocha's summons and daily stipends at the Heroes Square; with the children in the schools learning nothing.

The schools' population have all multiplied some by 3-8%, with only 2-7% teachers' increment to share the work loads. How does the so called Master of free education, Governor Okorocha think that a teacher employed as CRS subject teacher, who teaches all and so before the population boom (CRS & Government) in the SSS classes (and English) at the Junior levels, can cover up the syllabus? Now that each of the classes have A,B.C,D How does the empty free education Master think the poor teacher can teach 24 class-subjects in the SSS level and 12 in the JSS? Doing Imo the well he promised them, Okorocha first sacked the teachers in Ohakim 10,000 Jobs, multiplied teaching loads, gives them monkey-suits, calls the weekly for parades and ensures all our children in Government schools return empty heads back home. There are no teachers in Imo Schools mostly in the rural schools, averagely enough to manage teaching and learning activities, not to talk of sufficiency as it was in the past three years backward. No teachers, no counterpart funding because Okorocha has spent the money meant for SUPEB. Teachers roam on the streets because of hunger.

Accessibility: During his Paradisso campaign and even after the gubernatorial elections, Okorocha being the show man he is, turned into jest-shows: Eating Akara with the masses, promising open doors to all in the Government House. Today, how miles away he is from the executive proximity and open invitation to all? During the campaigns he gave all his phone numbers and swore to answer even the least alert on his line. Today, do those phone numbers exist again? Does Rochas call his initial acquaintances and cronies or even try to know their way-about; to say the worst of accomplishing his agreements with them? He accused Chief Ikedi Ohakim then on building gate to the Government House, which impeded free movements of people. Today, where is the gate built by Ohakim (that was of a little height)? Today, instead of a mere lower gate, a wall of Jericho is built by Okorocha at the Government House. During the campaign, he promised the Keke operators in the State that he will be giving them #5000 daily for the number of days they followed him. Since then, how many of them did he pay? Has he ever paid any of them the money? How many of them does he care about their way-about?

Imo Properties: Okorocha is miles away from being the custodian of Imo properties. He has totally stripped Imo State of all her accessories: The Imo transport Company (ITC), Adapalm, Nsu Textiles, General Hospitals, Concorde Hotel (and their annexes), Oguta Wonderlake and Resort, etc. He sold all and either bought them by himself or by a company he is a shareholder of). Oguta Wonderlake and Resort, with the Imo Concorde Hotel were merged by Okorocha and got sold off instantly. This is an advanced prodigality. The renowned Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, says of prodigality (asotia) as the excess status in giving and receiving. The prodigal man goes on spending and not too far enough in getting, not precisely because of incontinent or squandering. 'Prodigal' for him, 'means a person who has one definite vice, *that of wasting his substance; because a prodigal man is one who is ruined by himself, and the wasting of a man's property is considered to be a sort of self-destruction of his livelihood, what remains for him to sell if is possible for him are the Oil Company bases in Ohaji/Egbema, Oguta Local Government Areas.

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