Akuyili and her Super PR-Consultants,

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Why should the Minister for Information and Communication, Prof Dora Akuyili, decide to employ the services of the former NTA bosses, namely Mr. Ben Bruce and Mr. Tony Iredia, to rescue.

The public may likely not be pleased with such because it looked orchestrated. In short, the duo should be the last to be consulted in this issue because of their remote involvements on the issue of N8billion refurbishment of the NTA equipment. As a matter of fact the two immediate past Directors General of NTA can easily be roped in as people wanting to cover their own past contributions to what has now become controversial. They stand involved.

It should be simpler for the NTA current management to rise up to the defense of the matter, throwing more light to the inquest rather than this Akuyili's PR try . For all that is necessary to be noted is that it has been proven that to purchase a new equipment would cost almost the same, if not less than, what is now the case.

Nigeria should not remain just where frauds are committed and the perpetrators go free, without properly accounted for. Let this matter be properly investigated as the NCC's License issue.

Mr. Effiong Israel, 79 Tayo Kehinde Street, Egbeda-Lagos.

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