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Police: we are closing in on Asadu's killers

By The Citizen

The police authorities yesterday said they were closing in on the killers of Kwara State former Police Commissioner Chinweike Asadu, who was killed by gunmen in his Enugu home last month.

Deputy Force Pulic Relations Officer Frank Mba said the police have made tremendous breakthrough in the investigation on the killing.

He explained that because of the sensitive nature of the case, the police were keeping the progress on its investigation close to their chests.

According to him, some of the gang members, who allegedly killed Asadu, are still at large.

Mba said publicising the progress of the investigation might make them to remain on the run.

He said: 'We are deliberately keeping the investigation under wraps in order not to jeopardise what we are doing or open up so that other suspects, who participated in the murder, who we are closing in on, would not find out the slightest clue and run away.

'Those who killed Chinweike have murdered sleep and they will not sleep again. We are closing in on them and, very soon, we will tell the whole world what happened.'

The spokesman said the police were worried about the indreasing number of unprovoked attacks and killing of police officers in in the country, including the recent killing of some police officers in Bayelsa State.

According to him, the police management team is designing a new operational order that will reduce the spate of attacks on police officers and other security personnel in the country.

Mba added: 'The challenges are not unsurmountable and we will cross over it. We believe that it is unfair for people to see police officers on official assignments as ready targets to be brutally murdered.

'Even with the killings, the Nigeria Police Force will not be forced into abdicating its primary duty of providing security for Nigerians. We will soon be on top of the situation.'