Help!!! They are killing the little men

My addiction to Nigeria has brought me so much grieves and I have bled my heart out. If you don't mind, I would love to share with you a drop from my ocean of grieves, and maybe, just maybe, you will join me in saving the little men.

And you have got to be really empathic because the little men I am talking about are millions of souls, deprived souls, humans with so certain a fate of an uncertain future. And the killers of these little men have been dancing on their graves, erasing the memory of their existences all in an effort to get a little reprieve for their fouled souls, in preparation for the killing of the next batch of little men. Let's save the little men.

You the little man, upon whose head the coconut harvested from your backyard is broken, who cannot live to taste of the of the cake made from the nut, and the only sympathy you get from those who broke the nut on your head or use your fang to extract the nuts from the raging fire is a mere drop of the ointment, just to sedate you while the pain rages on. You the little men have been giving me the most bizarre shocks – how pains sound and feel like pleasure to you. Will you join hands with true patriots and let's save you, your beloved nation and her citizens? Let's save the little men.

Let me start by sharing my grieve history from the not too long ago tragedy, which seems to have disappeared under the piles of your collective amnesia. Yes, the incidence of that black day in June last year – 2012. That incidence that added to a portfolio of horror in Nigeria's aviation history! I am bringing it back to your memory despite the grim it portends, kindly bear with me, little men. And I have got to remind you, because in your wisdoms, majority of you have always sauntered in your pleasurable neighborhoods and homes, ignoring the festering despair consuming those you consider the far lesser little citizens of your supposedly giant nation. You see, when any part of the body begins to rot, the parts still strong and standing should not ignore the warning that maggots feasting on a toes down below may soon invade the cheeks far up. Just a matter of time!

And I have got to poke your memory a-little little man, because that tragedy happened following several billions of aviation interventions, shared among those you know so well. And the supposed planes they were meant to buy, to shore-up their dangling aviation business are no where to be found on the Nigerian space or airport. So that you fellas – my little men, who pride yourselves as big boys and big girls, the who-is-who of Nigeria, can continue to fly in those 'flying-coffins'. Will you save yourselves – little men?

And if you think you have graduated from the league of the hoi polloi, those who still queue in the unbearable airports to fly in those coffins, well, I have got bad news for you. The rots and the failings visible everywhere cannot guarantee you safety in the Nigerian space. Just like the leagues of those driving Ferraris and Range Rovers are not spared from the death traps your dealers in powers call roads. And you know what? God save you the day your flying birds developed a problems that cannot be solved with the lack of a standard aviation maintenance hangar in Nigeria. Do not say you were not warned.

And if that is not enough for you, let the melody from the dismantling of the aero planes in the airport graveyard of Lagos MM prod your memory. You must have listened to the news report in your exquisite apartments, as covered by CNN and Al- jazeera. Need I remind you, those planes they were hacking to bits and pieces were flying just yesteryears. Ask Albarka and the rest of the folks whose planes have been dismantled! And if you think you will continue to have access to the unfair and immoral largesse that bought you your flying toys, think again, we have binders full of rich men of yesterday. Only a Nigeria that works for all and guarantees an effective and quality system in all strata will ensure disaster does not become another Nigerian brand. Will you save yourselves little men?

You know, the memory of the grieves I have endured because of Nigeria, as occasioned by the dealers in deaths and despairs you little men continue to call leaders, are many. I am already sounding too grim and I feel like sparing you the retelling of the many horrors that have become the disgusting personae of the giant of Africa. Prod your memory, and you will be left awake days-on-end recollecting the myriads of souls that perished as the fuels tankers fell on your roads, many women and children consumed by the inferno from such accidents, those colleagues of yours who paid with their dear lives at the UN House as the mis-governance of Nigeria birth new arrays of agonies. The little men who paid with their precious lives because Power Holding continues to hold power, and they died from inhaling poisonous gases from their China made generators, while your dealers cannot fathom that ensuring Nigerians use gas for their generators will save lives, develop the economy and create needed jobs, while you wait for true leaders to emerge and solve the perpetual energy problem. Will you save yourselves little men?

The grieve get so bizarrely disgusting, how pain has become pleasure for you, little men. It gets ever repulsing, the bland and uninspiring head boy chairing the coven of dealers, dealing in deaths and despairs in Aso Rock has just made a certificate forger a member of the governing board of one of your citadels of knowledge, many of which for long have become citadels of despair. Now the dealers are not just killing you on the roads, in the hospitals, they are killing and cementing your future to perpetual pain and poverty. Will you save yourselves little men?

Every election rounds in a democracy provides an opportunity to reject the nonperformers. If you, little men go blindly again to the polls come 2015 or even any election for whatever political position before then, to vote in the dealers of death and despair, those who pride themselves in distributing more patronage, those who fake you encouraging you to continue to chant power to the people, while they know full well where power lies, I shall stop agonizing for you. For if you don't know, I am addicted to you, I am addicted to Nigeria and I can't help it. Will you save yourselves little men?

Let's save the little men!
God Bless the little men!!
Long live the little men!!!
Taofeek Ramat

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