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Manhunt in Equatorial Guinea: many Malians are languishing in the prisons of Malabo

By Kassim TRAORÉ from Malabo

Equatorial Guinea is one country like no other in Central Africa. It is true that many nationals of African countries are, but the Malians are the most numerous. Many of our compatriots are in key sectors of the country, they have even monopolies of certain products and products of first necessity. As for young Malians, they are in trade, that is, the informal sector.

Prisoners Malians in Equatorial Guinea
A field which succeeded them much. But since a certain time, the African nationals in Equatorial Guinea are at the mercy of the national police of that country. This is what makes that many young Malians are currently in jails in Equatorial Guinea. The bulk of the lot is located in Malabo. Nationals of African hunting follows one international arrest warrant of the sons of president of Equatorial - Guinean, which is at the same time, the 2nd vice-president of the country, where the anger of the authorities against foreigners, mainly Malians. It's hard to be foreign in Equatorial Guinea. This is visible from the airport. Dogs and sophisticated monitoring devices are visible. In the city of Malabo, is something else, it is true that security reigns, but the hunt for foreigners has intensified. Each person arrested without papers is conducted directly in prison. Here we speak not of negotiation. It is true that the Malians are not the only target.

Why such a manhunt?
We have to recognize that Malabo prisons are stuffed from our compatriots. Some are released once their certificate of residence is regulated, but the majority remains in prison. Give them to eat to pay. Some have no parent, they benefit from the solidarity of other Malian. Many of African nationals, the Manhunt against Africans, is due to the international arrest warrant against one of the sons of president Nguema.

Who returned to the country once was appointed 2nd vice President by his father, and it was the latter who has ridden the cabal against foreigners. He wanted chartering a special plane to drive all foreigners, but the diplomatic representations of African countries discouraged him. According to our sources, hundreds of foreigners were paid their regularization in the Bank, but are struggling to have their sesame.

Very surprised by this information, he was forced to abandon the repatriations. It is since then that no foreigner has been document. And there was the implementation of the new provisions.

Authorities in Equatorial Guinea have multiplied actions against foreigners, the Malians being the most numerous, are the first victims of the new provisions.

We have to recognize that some Malians have paid all the money it takes to be in a regular situation, but they have been put in prison, that is why our present compatriots calling to Bamako authorities to think about them because if nothing is done more of them will be repatriated, including those who have legal documents.