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Persecuting the defender of truth,
Prosecuting for upholding the flag of justice,
In an era when only truth and justice can save the land,
Upholding justice become red zone,
Precarious like inserting hand in to the hole of scorpion,

“Say the truth even if it is bitter” says Quran,
It runs in your blood,
It is what you stand for,
You are addicted to upholding justice,
As a judge only truth flows from your mouth,
Justice must be done even if the world will end,
Even when heaven will fall,
Upholding justice can never end the world,
It is a joy for God seeing man raising the flag of justice,
It is a joy for common man to come in contact with justice,
Plant become greener when justice is upheld,
Birds sing with joy when truth is told,

The hazardous role you have chosen,
You did for the advancement of humanity,
And the consequence deposits on you,
The enemies of truth and justice hunt you day and knight,
Much mendacity were fabricated,
Just because you stand for the truth and justice,

Noble men are not comfortable with the truth,
The powerful men hate justice,
Reflection of words of Karl Marx,
They want to keep the common man under their flat feet,

It is the final stage of heroism,
They may humiliate you,
Today may be jagged,
It is a prize as Hero of Justice,
Victory is closer,
The fiesta is tomorrow,
When justice and truth shall celebrate you,
And your foes and friends will celebrate,
Like the past defenders of justice in the world.
HONOURABLE JUSTICE AYO ISA SALAM remains the symbol of justice