SURE-P Funds: PDP Accuses ACN Of Frittering Own Share

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SAN FRANCISCO, April 01, (THEWILL) – The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Monday, reacted sharply to the allegations made by the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Sunday, that the ruling party had turned the Subsidy Re-Investment Programme (SURE-P) funds into a war chest for its 2015 campaign.

Challenging the opposition ACN leaders to show Nigerians what programmes they have in their states for their own shares of the saved fuel subsidy funds, PDP faulted the opposition party for trying to politicise the SURE-P initiative of the PDP-led Federal Government, accusing the opposition states of frittering away their own shares of the funds instead of using such for the benefit of the people.

In a statement issued, Monday, by the PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, in reaction to media reports by the ACN that the SURE-P fund was being shared to PDP members, the ruling party noted that the reports were part of a grand plot by the opposition to unnecessarily stir up animosity among the people and ensure that they do not benefit from government programmes.

PDP said the leaders of the ACN, "who are used to syphoning public funds” are clearly frustrated that the PDP SURE-P initiative is yielding results and that Nigerians across the board are benefitting from it. PDP also assured that it would not be distracted by the antics of the opposition but will remain committed to the welfare of all Nigerians at all times.

“The attention of the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has been drawn to malicious and baseless media reports by the opposition Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) that the Subsidy Re-Investment Programme (SURE-P) fund is being shared to PDP members.

“To say the least, we found it nauseating that the opposition would want to play politics with everything, including a programme meant for the benefit of all Nigerians. We are aware that this is part of a grand plot by the ACN to stir up animosity among peace loving Nigerians and prevent them from benefitting from the programme.

“The SURE-P initiative is a programme of the PDP-led Federal Government for the benefit all Nigerians. PDP members are Nigerians and we will be happy if they were truly patronized instead of the money going to the pocket of an individual as obtainable in the camp of the ACN where funds meant for the people are diverted to the pocket of a godfather.

“We challenge the opposition to come out and tell Nigerians what programmes they have in their respective states for their own shares of the saved fuel subsidy fund. It is clear that by every indication they have none, as the funds would have since been diverted to the pocket of their godfather.

“The leaders of the opposition parties are used to frittering away funds meant for the people. They are not happy that Nigerians are benefitting from the SURE-P and are hell bent on using any means to discredit the programme and deny the people the benefits,” PDP said in the statement.