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Witches, Fortune Tellers and the Rest Human Agents of Satan and Demons

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So far, we have confined our revelations of satanic kingdom to the invisible world of the supernatural. Satan and his disobedient spirits do not operate in the spiritual realm anymore, aftermath of their expulsion from the heavens and that was why Our Lord Jesus Christ said: “.I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven” (Luke 10:18). They operate in the super-natural which is distinct from the spirit realm as we shall see presently when we begin our series on how exactly the Kingdom of God Almighty operates in a fortnight. Now back to our current analysis. As God Almighty cannot carry out His mission on earth without human beings, Satan too cannot further any of his diabolic mission on earth without the cooperation of human agents. This is very important for us to understand how both the supernatural world (where Satan and his demons function) and the spirit realm (where God Almighty, Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and other angelic beings) operate. Over and over again, Jehovah God rued the unavailability of a human being-even just one righteous person-to stand in the gap for the nation of Israel so He could delay judgment but unfortunately there was none. As He said in Ezekiel 22: 30 "I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found none.”

We have reiterated it in this column umpteenth that, although God Almighty is Awesome and Sovereign in the affairs of human beings, His law which He established precludes Him from interfering in human affairs unless called to intervene through prayers, supplications and praise. Some Christians and most unbelievers do not understand this spiritual principle and so think God Almighty is unresponsive to human sufferings or rules the earth indirectly. This misconception was what led to the origin of humanism which we have much to say in a fortnight. Similarly, Satan and his fiendish accomplices cannot operate in the affairs of human beings if they are not called, summoned or contacted, either through sinful behaviors on the parts of human beings, proclamation of curses or personal ambitions on the parts of some human beings looking for power of whatever types: political, economic, intellectual, spiritual or physical. While God Almighty uses obedient human beings as pastors, teachers, apostles, evangelists and prophets on earth to further His Will (Ephesians 4: 11), Satan too has also succeeded in enticing some human beings with his so-called hidden and limited powers to become witches, sorcerers, fortune-tellers, psychics, necromancers etc. These are the agents of Satan just as apostles, pastors, prophets, evangelists, and teachers are agents of God Almighty on earth. While God Almighty is on the inside-the spirit realm of His children-through the Holy Spirit to use us for furthering His kingdom and agendas on the earth, these Satanic agents are also being used by their master, the Devil to thwart, abort, sabotage, delay or kibosh God's plans and agendas. This is why we are in cosmic mortal conflict and this earth is the arena of this warfare. Any Christian who has not vouchsafed this reality has no clues what Christianity is all about. We are at war, period. God Almighty is a man of war and He set the tone for this warfare at the beginning immediately after the fall of Adam and Eve thus: “And I will put enmity between you (serpent/Satan) and the woman (Eve) and between your offspring (Satan and his fallen angels) and hers (you and I-the whole human race); he (Jesus Christ on behalf of the whole human race) will crush your head (serpent/Satan), and you (serpent/Satan) will strike his heel."(Genesis 3: 15).

When Our Lord Jesus Christ came as God Almighty in the flesh, He brought the peace that reunited and reconciled all humans with God the Father aftermath of the disobedience of our First Parents, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. This peaceful reconciliation makes Jesus Christ the Peacemaker and when you join Him in spreading this message in diverse ways He wants you to do it here on earth, then “…Blessed are you the peacemaker for you shall be called son of God” (Mathew 5: 9). But God Almighty in His eternal wisdom and prescient omniscience knew that some human beings would not accept His message-by the way, Jesus Christ is God in the flesh so let's settle that right away-He had this say to them: “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn "'a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law - a man's enemies will be the members of his own household” (Mathew 10: 34-36). This last verse is intended for the battle those of us who have made peace with God Almighty through the Blood, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ would face from those who are fighting alongside Satan. In your family and in mine, these wars are fought daily.

I had my first experience with witchcraft in my father's house in Owo, Ondo State, western Nigeria and that was why our Lord Jesus Christ said above that the enemies of a man/woman shall be members of his/her household. My late father's aunt is a witch of the highest order. It is hard for many of my siblings to believe because many of them are spiritually-blind. When a woman sired nearly ten children and sacrificed all of them to Satan, it's not a matter of monotonous life reverses and misfortunes. She has left two of her children so they can procreate for her to sacrifice her grandchildren. When I told an elder cousin of mine as far back as the 1980s way back in Africa that this particular aunt of ours was a witch, this cousin disputed it and would have none of it. Then she heard with her ears from the mouth of this witch- aunt unnoticed as she was fighting for her life during her last childbirth and that was a rude awakening which confirmed what I had told her. Before I left Nigeria, this witch- aunt embedded into her only son and was able to locate my office in Lagos and soon, the visit triggered a concatenation of events which space would not permit me to recount here. (The details are contained in my forthcoming book this summer titled: The Kingdom of Satan Exposed: Activities of Principalities and Demon Worship In Our World Today).

WHO ARE WITCHES AND WIZARDS? What exactly is witchcraft?

It is the supernatural manipulation of the human spirit and soul together at the same time for operational uses in the supernatural realm. It is the ability of special demons assigned to that task by Satan to empower some human beings to consciously use their human spirits and souls to carry out tasks and activities in the supernatural world-not the spirit realm. King Solomon dabbled into the occult, witchcraft and astral projections in the waning years of his life and described how demons carry out this manipulation. In Ecclesiastes 12: 6-7 “Remember him (Lord God) - before the silver cord is severed, or the golden bowl is broken; before the pitcher is shattered at the spring, or the wheel broken at the well, and the dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.” Solomon was talking about death here but what exactly is this silver cord? How is this silver cord severed and which part of the human being? What is the golden bowl he was referring to above? If the Holy Spirit can open your spiritual eyes to understand what we are talking about here, all the tricks of Satan through witches, witchcraft, astral projection, necromancy etc. will be known for what they are: manipulation, trickery and sheer fraud.

The Amplified Bible translated that “silver cord” as “the silver cord of life is snapped apart.” The Green's Literal Translation wrote thus “before the silver cord is loosed.” The New Century Version used a word that we are all familiar with; “the silver chain.” In all the Bible translations, the Strong Concordance which used the Greek word; “lbx” for cord simply means “a rope that brings together.” Earlier in this column, we noted that what distinguishes human beings from other creation of God is our tripartite composition: man the spirit, man the soul and man the body. It is this silver cord or rope that fuses the three dimensions together and it is located at the back of the human neck. What happened at the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden was that we lost our spiritual body (1 Corinthians 15:44) which made it impossible for us to apprehend events in the soul and spirit consciously as we do in the physical body. What Satan and his demons do to humans who want to become witches and wizards and warlocks is connect their spirits with the souls and spiritual bodies of such people while leaving their physical bodies behind (Revelation 18:13). This enables such human beings to be able to apprehend events in the soul and spirit in the supernatural realm consciously. While the rest human beings can only grasp events and activities in the spirit and souls as dreams, visions and trances, human beings that are so empowered by these Satanic demons apprehend events and activities in the spirit and souls like natural eyes consciously and with all their senses intact and active realistically. That was how Adam and Eve operated before they fell. God Almighty put a stop to this for obvious reasons; the dilution of the supernatural and spirit realms with the natural physical world will create chaos in the world. But because Satan and his followers are sinful souls, disobedient and lawless creatures, they are sticking it to God's face that they can do whatever they like in disregard to God's law and commandment. These lawless fallen angels are also using human beings in furtherance of their disobedience. Unfortunately, these demons do not disclose or teach witches and wizards how to exercise these powers. I didn't know this until the Holy Spirit started revealing these secrets to me. You see, Satan and his demons don't tell their followers: witches, wizards, fortune tellers, warlocks, necromancers, mediums, sorcerers etc. how a particular power is used. They just give out the powers to use once you satisfy their requirements and this is the tricky part. Satan and his demons ask for human blood and they deceive their followers too that the more blood you bring; human blood of course, the more powers you possess. This is why that my paternal aunt who I referenced above sacrificed all of her children, except two and more of her grandchildren to exercise more powers. In their covens, you are made a priest and priestess based on the number of human sacrifices you are able to offer to Satan. More revelations and disclosures are contained in my forthcoming book this summer titled: The Kingdom of Satan Exposed: Activities of Principalities and Demon Worship In Our World Today). CAN WITCHES AND WIZARDS TAKE HUMAN LIVES?

But do witches and wizards have powers to kill other human beings as being speculated and believed? Yes and No. Yes, if you are not a born-again Christian. All what Satan and his demons do is to make the person to sin beyond scale (Daniel 5: 25 & 26) and when God removes the spirit of that person which is called death, the demons would go to the witch and wizards to congratulate them for working for Satan; steal, kill and destroy . The Satanist is given the impression that it is the power that they-the demons-gave to him/her that caused the death of that person whereas it is the dead person's sin. Because it is all based on trickery and swindling, and the fact Satanists thrive on fear, some people dread witches and wizards. I remember a warning I gave to one of my paternal uncles in Lagos, Nigeria in the '80s when he began to schmooze with this aunt of ours who is a witch. I warned this uncle, a prominent optometrist in Lagos that he should beware of this aunt but because he is not a born-again Christian, he dismissed my advice. Exactly eighteen months after he began to open his doors to the witch, his second son, a UK-trained medical doctor died in mysterious circumstances. As I breezed into his office at Ilupeju Area of Lagos, he looked at me weeping; “Cousin, you warned me,” referring to my earlier warning to him to beware of this witch-aunt.

Satan, the demons and witches do not have the power to take the life of any human being. As a matter of fact, every human being has a minimum of nine months to live before physically departing from the earth. We are in the month of April, 2013, all those who will die in December 2013 and January 2014 have gone now but only their souls and physical bodies are still here, similarly, all children that will be born into the world in December 2013 and January 2014 are already alive here on earth right now (Genesis 17: 21; Judges 13: 24; Luke 1: 26 & 36; 2 Peter 1: 13-15). (We will explore more on these issues of life and death when we begin our series on the kingdom of God and how He operates in a fortnight in this column).

The Lord God Almighty commanded us to stone witches and wizards to death and terminate their lives (Leviticus 20: 2;20: 27; Deuteronomy 13: 1-10) not because God is mean or these destructive agents of Satan cannot be redeemed but because of the enormous human sacrifices demanded by Satan for them to operate. This is why the spirit of witchcraft is difficult to remove from a family. This paternal aunt I referenced above got the demonic spirit from her aunt while she was dying and she has been using it since birth. Now in her late 80s, she will be told by Satan to give the spirit to another relative, probably one of her two surviving children or any of her remaining grandchildren and then Satan will destroy her. The demons have fed her with all kinds of life about her immortality and deceived her about eternal life and once she dies, she will be sorely surprised of her fate in hell fire. Satan hides the obvious fact of the eternal destruction from his human agents until they are sucked in and die. Then they will see the reality on the other spiritual divide but it will be too late. Unlike astral projection which takes heavy toll on those who engage on it, witchcraft requires human blood continuously and you can't get human blood without killing because blood is life (Genesis 9: 4-6). How is it possible for witches and wizards to kill their children and other relatives, if they do not have the power to take human lives? Their children are theirs and God Almighty, as we have explained in this column in the past, respects authority (Exodus 20: 5 & 12). People who are not born-again Christians do not have the right to expect God Almighty to protect them against evil since they do not respect and obey God's law, period! If you want to live your life the way you want and do not want to submit to God who created you, then you must be stupid to expect the same God to have your back when you are in trouble. Hear God: “Because I have called and you refused, have stretched out my hand and no one heeded, and because you have ignored all my counsel and would have none of my reproof I also will laugh at your calamity. I will mock when panic strikes you, when panic strikes you like a storm, and your calamity comes like a whirlwind, when distress and anguish come upon you. Then they will call upon me, but I will not answer; they will seek me diligently, but will not find me. Because they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of the LORD, would have none of my counsel, and despised all my reproof, therefore they shall eat the fruit of their way and be sated with their own devices. For waywardness kills the simple, and the complacency of fools destroys them; but those who listen to me will be secure and will live at ease, without dread of disaster." (Proverbs 1: 24-33). Human beings used as collateral damages during intense spiritual warfare are to be pitied indeed. These are the sacrificial lambs of witches and wizards.

I met a wizard in Nigeria in the course of my more than 30- year journalism career in Nigeria. He said he was the president of the White Witches Association of Nigeria and lives in Ketu, Lagos. I was the first journalist to give him coverage and publicity in 1985 in the defunct National Concord newspapers owned by the late Chief MKO Abiola. His name is Alhaji Abdul-Jabar Balogun, a.k.a Oko Oso and Oko Aje (literally the overseer and controller of all witches and wizards). In the course of series of interviews I had with him, I asked him to explain to me how witches operate off-record. He did but I didn't believe some of his stories but later I met another man who went to India with Abdul-Jabbar Balogun and set up a church in Nigeria; one Pastor Dagunro at Ifako-Agege and I saw certain satanic commonalities between the two. I have details of these commonalities in my book: The Kingdom of Satan Exposed: Activities of Principalities and Demon Worship In Our World Today but suffice to add here that all witches and wizards are the same. There is nothing like white, black, and red, yellow, green or whatever witches. There is a whole bunch of white people who are witches in a town known as Cassadaga Village in Volusia County, Florida and all their activities are the same with the black witches in Nigeria, Africa. So witches are the same all over the world: Satanic agents working consciously and actively with the forces of darkness to perpetuate evil, carnage and misery among human beings on earth. Their eternal doom is the same as their master and lord, Satan and the demons using them.

Astral projection is another form of witchcraft, which involves human beings so trained by Satan and his vile demons to surmount the physical limitations of space and time. Every human being has the burden of the physical body which gives Satan and his fallen spirits an advantage to use the air (Ephesians 2:2). While it takes human beings hours to travel from one place to the other, Satanists can make it in few seconds because they do not have physical or material flesh like humans. Seeing the joy some humans derive from such powers, demons make ridiculous demands from lawless and sinful human beings who want to be given these powers, contrary to God's law. Both witches and astral projectors pay heavily with their eyesight in the physical because of their constant intercourse with the supernatural realm. They lose hairs and some become blind while still alive. They age rapidly beyond normal and like their witches and wizards ilk, they too will also end up in hell fire with their Disobedient-in-chief, Satan.

Tonga men and women are fortune tellers. They come in many stripes and have different nomenclatures across cultures. The Yoruba-speaking people of West Africa call them “Babalawo,” The Ibos call them “Dibias” and among them are Mullahs that use sand for divination in many Islamic countries. The Masai of East Africa use the animal intestine to read the future and many more as detailed in my forthcoming book: The Kingdom of Satan Exposed: Activities of Principalities and Demon Worship In Our World Today. In spite of the different names and cultures; their modus operandi remains basically the same: find out what the future holds for people. God Almighty is the only One who knows the future, all others, including Satan are guessers. Divination and fortune telling are spiritual treasonable offenses before the Lord God Almighty. “Do not practice divination or sorcery,” (Leviticus 19: 26) “Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practice divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD, and because of these detestable practices the LORD your God will drive out those nations before you. You must be blameless before the LORD your God” (Deuteronomy 18: 10-13). When you go to any of these Satanic agents, they tell you all that has happened to you in the past and once they gained your confidence, they can now manipulate you by setting boundaries for your life. Once you begin to live according to their regimens like a patient put on a daily pills and tabs, you will be amazed how things will begin to happen as they have predicted. You gave them your will and so they can manipulate your life through Satanic powers. Everything they do is manipulation. If you have visited any of these satanic media in the past, Satan has the legal right to send his demons into your life. After your conversion, you must confess those sins and ask the Blood of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to cleanse you from those demonic infestations. It doesn't matter how long you have committed these sins. As a born-again Christian, you do not need any person to tell you about your future, not even a pastor. Any born- again Christian who goes from one pastor to the other asking to be prayed for and inquiring into his/her future has serious issues. The Holy Bible says, our future is good, fine and bright because Jesus Christ, our Redeemer is our future, Hallelujah! God Almighty says: the future belongs to Him and only He and He can declare what the future holds (Isaiah 41: 21-24). Consequently, anyone who goes about looking to find out about the future is stealing from God. That is what Apostle Paul meant by spiritual theft in Romans 2: 22. Similarly, by inquiring into your future, you are telling God you do not believe and have faith in me. If you want to know about your future, go in prayerful obedience to God Almighty and He will show you your future. Satan and his demons including their human agents are liars and thieves. They have no clue about your future. Their own future is hell fire so how will they be happy to tell you good things about your future? Just think about it!

Astrologers think they can sell the dummy to some human beings that the moon, stars, sun and the elemental forces do indeed control human lives. This is another fat lie from the pit of hell. Moon, stars and the sun were created to distinguish between seasons and time, period (Genesis 1: 14-18). Necromancers are those who lie that they can raise up dead spirits and communicate with them. Again, another big lie from Satan and his demons because every soul that dies is gone and doesn't know what is happening here on earth anymore. Hebrews 9: 27 says: “Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment” thus, demons that have been following a dead person and are familiar with the dead person while alive can imitate the deceased to give the impression that the dead person is speaking from the grave. These sets of demons are called masquerading demons or familiar spirits, who can mimic a dead person in speaking and divulge intimate information about his/her life while on earth. The same with psychics and those who read horoscopes and Ouija Board; they can only tell their clients what has happened and what is happening now and with your cooperation they can manipulate your life towards some desirable goals just as witches and sorcerers are capable of doing.

Next Week: We will wrap up with the kingdom of Satan series and begin with the Awesome Kingdom of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Who is God Almighty? How can Jesus Christ be God and then His Son at the same time? How were angels created? How exactly does heaven look like? We will begin the series next week if space will permit us as we look at hell and how the place exactly looks like as revealed by the Holy Spirit.

ISSUE OF THE WEEK: The prophets of old said it as they were directed in Israel by God Almighty. Nathan told King David pointblank to his face he had sinned for committing adultery with Bathsheba and killing Uriah, her husband who was in the Israeli Armed Forces. Elijah chastised King Ahab for marrying Jezebel, the princess of Ethbaal of Sidon who the Lord had warned Israel to desist from because of the demons those surrounding nations worshipped as gods and goddesses. John the Baptist told Herod to his face he shouldn't have married Herodias his late brother's wife. Among some of the woes afflicting Nigeria as a nation is the destructive and sinful habit of Nigerian leaders sleeping with strange women and the commission of adultery at the highest level of power. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo elevated it to national past-time first as a military dictator (1976-October 1, 1979) and again when he was brought back to power between 1999 and 2007. He slept with virtually all the women who served in his administration as ministers, except two. In spite of his rumored conversion, his sex escapades were eyesores yet none of the men of God in Nigeria rebuked him. Now his hand-picked successor, Goodluck Jonathan is doing the same and none of the so-called men of God in Nigeria can tell Jonathan to his face to stop this sinful act as president. He has a wife, known as First Lady Patience Jonathan but he as president is having sex with Ms. Diezani Allison-Madueke, the minister of petroleum resources and the minister of aviation, Ms. Stella Oduah-Ogiemwonyi and not a single so-called prophet and men of God in Nigeria is telling President Jonathan to stop this immoral act.

What do Nigerian prophets and pastors tell Nigerian leaders face-to-face when they have the opportunity to meet them one-on-one? The Bible says; “Thou shall not commit adultery, period! If Jonathan is really a Christian, why is he sleeping with Diezani and Stella? This cannot happen here in the United States, yet Nigeria wants to be like the United States of America. Are Nigerians surprised why the nation is so discombobulated and corruption is omnibus? Why is morality such at a great discount in Nigeria, even at the highest level of government and everyone is pretending things are okay? Why is Jonathan received at the Holy Ghost Convention at the Redeemed Christian Church with fanfare anytime he shows up when majority of Nigerians know this man is an adulterer of the highest order? Why can a prophet or pastor in Nigeria call this man out so that the wrath of God will not descend on Nigerians and consume the nation as a whole? Hear what God Almighty said about the destruction of a nation via the sins of their kings and leaders: “…all the leaders of the priests and the people became more and more unfaithful, following all the detestable practices of the nations and defiling the temple of the LORD, which he had consecrated in Jerusalem” (2 Chronicles 36: 14). The Israelites did not listen to Jeremiah's warning and Nehemiah lamented the woes that befell Israel because; “Our kings, our leaders, our priests and our fathers did not follow your law; they did not pay attention to your commands or the warnings you gave them” (Nehemiah 9: 34). While Nehemiah lamented the idolatry of the leaders of Israel, Ezra on the other hand, pointedly lamented the sexual sinful behaviors of the leaders that contributed to the fall of Israel thus: “They have taken some of their daughters as wives for themselves and their sons, and have mingled the holy race with the peoples around them. And the leaders and officials have led the way in this unfaithfulness (Ezra 9: 2). The other day, Gbenga Obasanjo, the eldest child of former President Obasanjo accused his father openly of sleeping with Moji, his wife while Moji herself has been molested by her own father, Chief Otubanjo who is former chancellor of Olabisi Onabanjo University. Ms. Allison-Madueke is married but she keeps her ministerial job because she is a paramour to Jonathan. Similarly, Jonathan is a swain to Stella Oduah, who removed her married name, Ogienwonyi immediately she was made minister. These are the despicable characters ruining Nigeria. Not a single newspaper or magazine in Nigeria talks about these immoral behaviors of Nigerian leaders. But God Almighty condemns both the leaders and priests/pastors who know of all these sins in Nigeria but keep mum because of filthy lucre; “The LORD enters into judgment against the elders and leaders of his people: "It is you who have ruined my vineyard; the plunder from the poor is in your houses” (Isaiah 3: 14). Is Jonathan desperate for a second term at all costs that he's ready to sacrifice Patience his wife of nearly thirty years? Doesn't Patience know or her family members know that the extra-marital affairs of her husband, Mr. Gooduck Jonathan is responsible for her perennial sickness? What do the so-called men and women of God: pastors and prophets/prophetesses tell Jonathan or Patience when they prophesy to them?

In Box Letters/Mail Bag: These are soul searching weekly articles, brother ride on as the Lord leads. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! God bless---Mark (Jimmy) Clement, Mansfield, TX USA

Thanks Brother Clement. We will continue to make these Holy Spirit-directed revelations and insights known to all and sundry and please, remember us in your prayers.

Could you kindly tell me how to obtain copies of your forthcoming books titled: "The Kingdom of Satan Exposed: Activities of Principalities and Demon Worship In Our World Today" and "Tales from Canaan Land: African stories of Witchcraft, Voodoo etc." I live in the northern part of England and have read all your featured articles in the "". Keep up the good work and May the Lord bless and protect you always against the enemies of Righteousness. ---Matthew Ashade, North London, UK.

The two books should be in the market first as EBooks in the summer of this year and I will let you know as soon as they are ready from our publishers. The print edition should be available shortly thereafter before the year 2013 runs out. Thanks for your enquiries.

I wish all our readers blissful Easter Celebrations and the Prosperity that comes from the heavenly in the Mighty Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

*Dr Fayemiwo is author, publisher & CEO, Alternative Lifestyle Communication, DBA and an adjunct lecturer in African History & Media Studies at the City Colleges of Chicago in Illinois, USA.

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