By Dickson Dick

i have said it time without number that for our state to grow to the level of most states, the youths must strive to aim higher both in reasoning and in action. in this state , most of our youths are so much adept into the 'Pull Him Down Syndrome' that it has now gained occupational status. if not how can one possibly comprehend or fathom that in this era where the government is striving day and night to better the lives of our youths by evidently heavily investing in their future, some crop of wicked,ungreatfull, ignorant youths who manisfestly are mentally impervious to learning and civilized societal standards take to the street as to them, government is run on populist demands.

To the best of my knowledge, any government that fails to invest in protecting the future generation has already failed. to this end this government has first and foremost invested heavily on the educational sector of our state by sending so many of our youths abroad and national universities to acquire knowledge. This is not to underscore the fact that in Bayelsa, government, by payment of bursary to students of bayelsa extraction shoulders the tertiary education burden of ALL bayelsa students worldwide. this logically means that in Bayelsa state, the government pays all students of tertiary institutions from first year till finish, meaning ALL students are fended for by the government. ironically wen they finish school, the same government is in this case being attemptedly compelled to 'employ' them.

this government aside securing the educational future has put on ground a compulsory savings policy to further secure their future from disaster both natural and man-made so that our youths would not suffer. to add to this, over 150 youths were appointed into youth development committees, set up for youths in all LGAs to foster common fronts for youth aside the appointment of SSAs on youth to the governor in all LGAs. as if this is not enough, just yesterday over

500 youths were sent to Songhai for skills acquisition training. all these is exclusive to the loans schemes and the further program mes for skills acquisition being put in place by this government to engage youths in the state. this is a government where almost all its programmes are youth oriented; in infrastructure alone all the construction activities embarked upon by the government require the manpower requirements of youths most of whom actively partake in the supply of construction materials to site, others are engaged in various form by the construction companies. But because some people are unrepentantly addicted to the old order of free money or "share the money" syndrome, they don't want to work. Rather they sit at home and expect government to feed them, buy them cars, fuel the ir cars if bought and repair their cars in accidented, pay their house rents, marry wives for them, pay their children school fees and generally take responsibility for their own lives for them. Every other person is to be blamed for their lives except them.

In the transportation sector government procured taxis and buses to ease the transportation difficulties in the state and we all know that the beneficiaries of these vehicles are the youths not to talk of the Drivers Training Institute constructed by the state government whose beneficiaries steam mostly from the youth folk. In addition to the marine fleets of commercial and security boats to be manned by qualified youths and the soon to be constructed car parks/motor parks which of course will generate employment for youths as these would be manned by youths. in the security sector for example, amongst other world class security investments, the operation Doo-Akpo vehicles are manned by youths who work with the security agencies and earn a living in addition to other security related services youths offer. In the ministry of Science and Tech, Employment Generation and Manpower Development, amongst other giant strides, the man-know-man syndrome in the allocation of slots meant for the states has been fazed out as this ministry strives to insure that slots of Bayelsan Youths in Federal establishments are protected for the benefit of our youths vis-a-vis the manpower database for which eligible youths subscribe by filling forms last year to constitute a manpower database for the ministry. This is further complimented by the ongoing state policy on verification and reverification in the state civil service to ensure that eligible youths are effectively reabsorbed into the civil service. Furthermore this government has given the youths a common identity with the adoption of our coat of arms and state flag amongst other things. The ministry of sports is not exempted as it strives to rehabilitate and resuscitate sport facilities raging from the construction of a sport academy to formulation of policies and programmes for youths in sports. These youth friendly manifestations are replete in all sectors of this government.

in all these, because of the "pull him down" syndrome which has eaten deep into the fabric of our common existence as a people from time immemorial, has made most people very vulnerable to destructive denigrating forces. This explains the reason why most people take pride in pulling their own brothers, sisters/government down with great pride and reckless abandon. This is also why some people have made it their business to plan the downfall of their brothers. This set of people wake up everyday, carry paper and pen to write down the perceived flaws of their government, plough their resources into instigating ignorant and vulnerable youths which in most cases are "uneducated" graduates. This set of people have made it their business to benefit from instability at the common detriment of our state and future. Their days are numbered and by the grace of God more and more youths are getting enlightened.

My dear Bayelsa youths, we are the future of this State and that future belongs to us. The government is only managing it for our common good. All these roads, seaports, flyovers, agricultural projects, savings policies, tax, security measures, educational investments, legislative interventions, health assurance schemes, skills acquisition programmes etc. are all for our own good. but these shamefull and diabolical forces of evil who have held sway over time unhindered manifesting themselves as cabals in various institutions of state are always on the march to recruit new minds (youths) to join their league of evil against the good. Don't let them use you!! as you are too big for their evil dreams. This government is a government of youths and they know that and that is why they instigate youths to protest on their funding against your own government. The achievement of this government in one year alone beats their imagination beyond measure without loan or mortgaging the state and our common future.

There is nowhere in the world where it is a right for citizens to be employed by their government. Every right thinking government only creates an enabling environment for employment generation which in most cases manifest almost always in the private sector of which this government is striving daily to achieve via the construction of a seaport at Agge, airport and free trade zone to attract trade etc. in this regard.

As "graduates" after spending 5 to 6 years at the universities, we must not allow the world to laugh at the quality of the education and training obtained in this part of the world and especially in Bayelsa.

God in Heaven who has put good and bad side by side knows that at the end man, will find nothing after Him, has long ago by Himself ordained this restoration government.

Bayelsa must grow whether they like it or not!!

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