Shame on the Nigerian state Governors

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Sir, The State governors have been playing hide-and-seek game with the nation's precarious situation until almost everybody, including international communities and Well-meaning Nigerians forced them to rethink. Now they have compulsorily gone to pledge their support, belatedly though, for Jonathan who has now been made the acting President.

Many see the governors' action as an afterthought and would not rely on it. The governors have also been self-seeking in the matter, before this time. And even at that, not all of them that went in support of Jonathan made it willingly. They also did the artificial support because they wanted a substantive or acting president who could allow them draw the $6.5billion of the outstanding 'loot' in the excess crude oil. President Jonathan is not a fool and he knows therefore one advises him to be weary of those hawks.

Even with the knowledge that their positions were at risks should the military incursion occur, the governors still held out till now that they realized that superior arguments are increased by the day just like Prof Dora Akunyili and other Ministers in the Yar'Adua's government. Though a word of advice for Akunyili: She should not continue with the rebranding as she was propagating before. Her present stand concerning the ailing President and Nigeria is the real rebranding.

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