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I have warned about the lazy thinking that someone will be able to push through the tenets of the Nigerian revolution outside the people themselves starting from their attitude about unfolding events but it appears that so many are still being bamboozled by promises from those who are sinking. My friend told me the other day: 'Look, they have promised to hand over to Vice President Goodluck Jonathan and they will soon bring a letter to the National Assembly' and I laughed at his innocence and naiveté. It is also prevalent among the so called educated elite in Nigeria that comforting feeling that the junta has any power to hand over to anyone. Instead each time they succeed in making you focus on them they gain power from you and all the others which they will employ to lengthen the process of their fall. In any case I don't know why people believe that handing over to Goodluck Jonathan will further the Revolution when we all go to sleep and think that our placards will do the job.

Everyone on the contrary must be up and doing not to be taken for a ride by way of wrong expectations from a bad system. You can see their tactics. They want to regain your confidence .The Anambra charade is a glaring example to make you lose steam and relax. Even the very elect were deceived by their tactics. You and I know there was no election in Anambra State that day, at least not for human beings who thronged the venues waiting patiently to be disappointed by lack of voting materials. How do you think they make their money aside from creating such desirable confusions where accountability can easily be swept under the carpet? If you are an electoral commissioner and you know that there is a court injunction against holding the election which will eventually nullify the results, and you have N2billion sitting in an account you control, would you allow the contractor to go and print enough materials for the election? Or would you rather not hide under the confusion to order him to supply a portion with the invoice of the whole? After all who will know for sure that these materials were not stolen in transit by politicians? Ah, then blame it on politicians who have each earlier approached you with money to help them rig the elections anyway. How do you satisfy all the riggers at the same time? Do you satisfy the constitution when the President cares no less; how do you obey the courts when you too know how to get a court injunction like that one? In any case, were there not foreign and local observers who can attest to the peaceful nature of the elections and swear that we counted the votes correctly? 'Although the foreign observers have new things to learn from us about democracy, especially the peace, order and large turn out that we present to them in those areas we help them to visit'.

So while we wasted our energy in trying to attain the obvious, returning the APGA's only Governor back to power is akin to the Chief Justice of the Federation being sworn in by his predecessor, the opposition has managed to wriggle out of a time warp on them and so they gained another week to play you around. In addition they have your benefit of doubt, and I can already hear some people relax and murmur to themselves maybe this offshore Presidency has it benefits, why rush out of it? It was this situation I warned about in my articles to the effect that Nigerians should not be goaded to give back their trust to this junta for just one minute because it will only prolong your misery index.

The way out is and always will be for all discerning people of Nigeria not to allow temptation not to talk of falling in it. Remove undue focus on what they do or not do since we know that they exist illegally and we have been shown the legal way. All we need to do is to establish an alternative process to our own liberation. Do not be deceived that you need the help of your opponent to get out of your predicament. The junta is here to enslave you and not to liberate you. As soon as they know you are in earnest about seeking liberation they will promise and fulfill all your desires as long as it keeps you a little longer in their prison. Consider all we have achieved so far did not emerge from Governors forum meeting, or from the division in the Federal Executive council or from the tokenism called Anambra State Election which they will nullify at will tomorrow. Everything we achieved came from you .Why then must you wait for them before setting up a shadow cabinet to provide the direction Nigeria needs now? It is only when they see that you have an alternative, only then will this arrogant usurper group comprising only 30% of the Nigerian populace will stop thinking they are the majority and will beg to be admitted into the new dispensation.

Mr Nworisara participated in the Presidential Primaries of the Social Democratic Party [SDP] in 1992

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