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Suicide Bombers and the Reward of Paradise (1)

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Like their father, sons of Satan have continued to kill, destroy and steal the life and joy of innocent Nigerians. The latest is the recent bombing of buses heading to the southern part of the country in a park at Sabon Gari, Kano State . It has been tears, blood and sorrow for families and friends of the victims, mostly from the eastern part of Nigeria . I also wept as I read the story. Sure, so many questions went through my mind. But I will not share them here for now. Don't ask me if it is about Nigeria . Sometime last year, a suicide bomber that exploded on his way to his target in Damaturu, Yobe State of Nigeria was reported to be shouting that he was doing the 'work of God' and that he would not stop. But that was just before he died after the impact of the explosion threw him into a ditch.

I also remember that televised little girl that was laden with explosives and smuggled into Israel sometime ago, but before the bomb could go off, she started pleading that people should help her dismantle the bombs because she didn't want to die. It was indeed very emotional watching her live on television. Definitely, she was sent on that mission against her will. Yes, so many like her who are fortunate to find any way of escape do so, but may never return to their people, otherwise they would be killed for abandoning the 'work of God'. Work of God indeed!

Later, two other suicide bombers operating on a motorcycle were shattered as their bombs on their way to carried out attacks on the ever busy Ali Akilu Road in Kaduna . Thank God that the planned attack was divinely stopped, otherwise, hundreds of families would have been thrown into mourning that Tuesday afternoon. There have been scores of such suicide bomb attacks in the northern part of country in recent times and thousands have been killed. Now, the questions are: What motivates a person to detonate explosives to kill him/herself and others? How do the terror groups get finances and their couriers? Who trains them? What religious and psychological manipulations do they receive before their missions? Are there also diabolical aspects of the mission? Why do they always have charms, amulets and Spiritists with them?

And strangely at the above-mentioned Kaduna incident, after the explosion killed the would-be bombers, suddenly a strange swarm of bees appeared at the scene and dispersed the crown that gathered to witness the incident. It was televised. True! Are they truly working for God? The 'God' of sorcerers and murderers? And most importantly, for our discussion here, is their any reward of paradise, many wives or eternal prize awaiting them after death??

Suicide bombings as we are now witnessing in Nigeria and many other parts of the world are basically carried out by Jihadists; those who forcefully want to impose their religious beliefs on others. They dubiously do this under the guise of fight for their religion or brethren which they often claim are under threat. But it has been proved that these efforts are never propelled by religious but by political, social and economic motives. Or how else do you explain the attacks on national, financial, media, humanitarian and even same religion institutions. But we can't go into all of those here. We'll just try to comment on the religious and psychological aspects of this satanic enterprise.

The suicide bombers (and all Jihadists) are always thoroughly brainwashed before they embark on these evil missions. They are made to believe that they and their religion are hated. And this brainwashing takes a time of constant, well-planned and coordinated series of indoctrination. This is part of the reason why they are often kept in a camp for a period of time or they have sat under the teachings of other pro-jihadists who masquerade as clerics. There, they would systematically be fed with lies and hate messages about their targets until they believe and make up their minds for the mission; which they are always deceived into believing that they are doing the work and will of God, and that they will be rewarded with paradise, wives, gifts and so many other false, dubious and satanic promises.

But not for the high-level of deception and other diabolical involvement surrounding these missions, one would have expected the would-be bombers to always ask their sponsors how murdering an innocent person would earn an eternal reward when the Almighty, our cultures and even human instincts have warned us against such. Secondly, if truly there are eternal rewards, why do these terror masters always exempt themselves and their relatives from going on such missions? Look at the case of Osama Bin Laden, as he was sponsoring and coordinating these missions all over the world, he carefully gathered his wives and children into a cosy palatial home in Pakistan, which worth millions of dollars. And we learnt he sternly warned his children not to take his path.

Then, in Nigeria, some of the members of the Boko Haram Islamic sect currently terrorising the country have told us how the leadership of the group would always exempt their tribesmen and relations, but would assign and prepare others for suicide missions. They also gave the account of how these leaders would appropriate the widows of the bombers, the stolen exotic cars and money to themselves.

The truth is that there is no paradise or eternal blessing awaiting a suicide bomber or any other murderer for that matter. That promise is definitely from the Devil; the master of deception. But unfortunately, the unrepentant murderers would have found out but too late that they died in vain. Sadly, from the excruciating painful death through the piercing shrapnel of explosives to hell fire; where there will be suffering, weeping and gnashing of teeth forever. Till next week, God bless!

Rev. Agbo is the author of the book Power of Midnight Prayer and a minister with the Assemblies of God Nigeria . E-mail: [email protected] Tel: 08037113283

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