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Receive Your Healing (2)

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God will heal you! Yes, He said that He is the one that heals ALL our diseases. As you read this message, may the healing power of the Almighty touch you in Jesus' name! Now, we have known clearly that it is the will and in the plan of God that we live in good health. There is no controversy about that. You cannot effectively and joyfully fulfil God's programme for your life without being physically, mentally and spiritually sound. And that is exactly what 3 John 2 is saying. John is saying that he is praying that all should be well with us, as we enjoy good health and also be spiritually sound. All round prosperity! Yes, that is the complete gospel! A translation says, “I pray that you prosper, be in good health as your soul prospers.”

Yes, as Christians, God wants us to prosper in everything He leads us to do. He wants us to be like Him. He doesn't fail in His endeavours. He wants us to grow in our relationship with Him. And He wants us to be in good health, so we can be useful to Him, to others and to ourselves. Yes, good health is His perfect will for us. But, remember we said in the part one of this message that there are various factors that can bring ill health. We said it can be spiritual, environmental, physiological or psychological. Please, we cannot effectively treat all these here, but let me make brief comments on each of them before we move on.


A sickness is spiritual when it is caused by demonic powers, agents of Satan or by curses. God, man or Satan (and his agents) can issue curses that can result to sickness. And this kind can only be cured through spiritual means. E.g., through prayers and repentance. Then, there are some other sicknesses that are as a result of disobeying God's word, but have also caused bodily damage. To this, it requires repentance, prayer and medication. I always advocate that spiritual healers and medical practitioners should always work in harmony to achieve good health. There is nothing stopping somebody that is praying for divine healing from also receiving medication at the same time. It is only God that heals – prayer or medication. I just ministered to a very sick young lady who said she was poisoned. She continued to insist on prayer, but I was led to take her to a medical lab for tests, and it was discovered that she has a very strong infection – STD. And she was taken to the hospital. As I write, she is still taken her medication and recovering fast. Imagine if I had allowed her to be going from one place to another 'collecting' prayer with that swollen body. Sure, she would have been dead by now. The false prophets have already started exploiting (even financially) telling her that the problem is spiritual. And I also remember a promising young pastor's son that died from such some years ago. The parents refused to take him to the hospital to treat a wound he sustained from an accident, because their church dogma rejects medication. Sadly, thousands perish like this everyday. Please, where did the bible preach against medication??


We must keep our environment clean if we must stay healthy. You cannot live in a dirty or polluted environment and expect to be free from diseases and sickness. God even warned the Israelites to keep their surroundings clean. At a time, while still in the wilderness, He instructed them on how to evacuate their waste! Can you imagine that? God loves cleanliness. Yes, He heals all sicknesses, but He also wants you to be clean.


This is when the illness touches the emotional or the mental state of the individual. And several factors can lead to this – depression, drugs, demons, and damage to the brain. And even our thought life. When it's depression you need the encouragement and assurances of faith from the word of God. For drugs, you need repentance, prayer and abstinence. For demons, cast them out and live a holy life. And for brain damage, you need prayers and also the assistance of medical specialists in that field. Medication does not mean faithlessness. No. Then, for the word of God for this kind of situation, you'll need an anointed, knowledgeable and skilful minister of the gospel.


Old age, weakness or abuse of the body can cause illness. Old age comes with weakness of the organs of the body. Lack of rest or misuse of the body can also cause weariness and breakdown of the body system. Lack of body cleanliness can also attract germs, diseases and other contamination that can cause ill health. We won't forget to mention sin here. Sin and sinful habits are responsible for so many sicknesses today. Immorality, smoking, drunkenness, gluttony, etc, are proven to be the immediate and remote causes of the worst diseases we hear of today. Talk of HIV/aids, STDs, cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc. Disobedience to the word of God is still the main reason why man is pined away by sicknesses and diseases. So, the foundation of divine health is built on obeying and appropriating the word of God, cleanliness of environment, body and thoughts and eating right. Enough of this. Now, let's move into the message proper. We will be looking into various healing encounters in the scriptures to see how they can ignite our faith to receive ours. God still heals today. Yes, He does!

When King Abimelech of Gerar took Sarah; Abraham's wife, God immediately unleashed barrenness on the entire king's household, harassed him in the dream and also threatened him with imminent death. It was only when Abimelech accepted his sins, pleaded for mercy and had Abraham prayed for him that the curses were lifted. Divine curse! (This is in Genesis chapter twenty). Just above, under the subheading – Spiritual, we mentioned this. Some, of the sicknesses, diseases (mostly incurable), hardship we are go through today are as a result of what we did or did not do to totally follow God's instructions. I wish you have read my work on Breaking Generational Curses: Claiming Your Freedom. Sin against God or man will always have its consequences. Is what you are going through now not a consequent of what you have done in the past against man and God? You should know better. Now, begin with accepting your sins and then plead for forgiveness. It's only when you do this that God can forgive and heal you. This is His word!

Now, place your hand on the sick part of your body as I pray for you. Father, I pray that you have mercy. Please forgive and release your healing power on this reader now in the mighty name of Jesus! Many have been healed by just reading this message We will continue next week. Share your testimonies with us. God bless you!

Rev. Agbo is the author of the book Power of Midnight Prayer and a minister with the Assemblies of God Nigeria . Tel: 08037113283, E-mail:[email protected]

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