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The recent 2nd edition of Urhobo Music/ Movie Association of Nigeria (UMMAN) Awards 2013 being bestowed on two illustrious and renowned Isoko Country Club members, Engr. Solomon Okpithe, Deputy Governor and Engr. Johnny Lawrence Onozefe, Governor of the club through the intellectual recommendation of one of the maiden recipients of the award, Otunba Engr. Isaac Emiyede, Chairman South- South United Forum(SSUF), foremost politician in the South West region of the ACN was a great occasion to be distinguishably honored at all levels of media promotion. Though the Ofori media award was not only given to these two great Isoko Country Club members only but also others that have greatly contributed to their chosen professions. The Urhobo Music /Movie award is not meant for only Urhobo people alone but also cut across all ethnic groups in Nigeria which purpose to promote and project intellectual integrity, language, culture and overriding political and economic marginalization of the South South region in Nigeria.

The reason of setting up a distinguished media outfit of Urhobo music and movie is to uphold and promote South- South music and movie to the next level due to high and continuous marginalization of large ethnic groups, despite that 55 percent of crude oil and gas comes from this region yet the federal government still not interested in consolidating the resources of the region for the betterment of the people.Urhobo or Isoko music is totally relegated to the background due to inability for their own sons and daughters to promote the culture and language. Music or movie is all about projecting the positive image of the South- South region. A well- reserved ovation must be totally given to those that put this creative event together for the growth of South- South region.

Engr. Solomon Okpithe's citation drew the attention of the amidst crowd which indicated that he deserved to be honored without qualms. He is a man who has greatly affected his constituency in all ramifications. He has creatively affected his community leadership and youth development. He is a helper of destinies in Nigeria.Engr. Solomon Okpithe is a man with humble heart who wants others to benefit from his kind gesture. Though he has received several meritorious awards from different recognized media organizations over the years in Nigeria. Engr. Okpithe is one of the highly respected Isoko men who do not blow his own trumpet in the public but his leadership style speaks volume of his intellectual competency with sound educational background and comradeship activism and one of the founding fathers of Trade Union Congress (TUC) and others in Nigeria. The Urhobo Music and Movie Association of Nigeria never did a mistake for given Engr. Solomon Okpithe this meritorious award. He is great oil and gas expert in Nigeria.Engr. Solomon's presence equally brought the colorfulness of the event to a certain stage which indicated that he meritoriously deserved the honor and nothing else.

Engr. Johnny Lawrence Onozefe, the Governor of Isoko Country Club and the founder was unavoidably absent from the Ofori media award but his award was received on his behalf by his Deputy Governor, Engr. Solomon Okpithe. Engr Onozefe is a man with sound educational background and shakers and movers of the oil and gas sector but he loves to be silent in the public. He vividly knows the onions of his core profession in the oil and gas sector without hesitation. He is such a humble man without career discrepancy who has greatly affected his constituency in terms of creative and intellectual leadership. Come to Isoko Country Club, one of the sought after clubs in Nigeria where only people with creditability and integrity are admitted where he has creatively and intellectually demonstrated quality leadership in recent past years of the formation of the club. It is a club that belongs to egghead personalities not rogues of the 21st century. The club has a Christian background and displays exemplary leadership style with praying mechanism in all levels. I can vividly say Isoko Country club is one of the best clubs in Nigeria. It is not just a club that admits all Dick and Harry as members but one that studies the social background of a new recommended member from one of the active club members.Engr. Johnny Onozefe productively deserved to be honored. Award is meant to promote quality image of persons that have greatly affected their local consistencies. Many Nigerians see award as means to mint money from award recipients and nothing else. Award is for image making in all ramifications. The likes of Lucky Okri, World class Master of Ceremonies (MC) and comedian, Omas Pery, coordinator of the event and others must be commended for their doggedness in setting up media outfit to promote Urhobo music and movie in Nigeria. Other distinguished Nigerians that received the 2nd edition of the Ofori media awards are High Chief Dr Raymond Dokpesi of AIT, Chief Austin Akpor' Otor. Hon. Evelyn Ojokoro, Mrs' Rume Odokpo, Comrade Rasaq Olokoba, Lady Judith Ojevwe Nachukwu, Rev Richard Okoro, Crest Entertainment, Raising Entertainment, Dr Ambassador Hajiya Asabe Shehu Yar' Adua, ASP Salami Kabiru, SP Ochuko Imeke and CSP Akita Austines.The Urhobo Progressive Union (UPU) Lagos state chapter and other Urhobo personalities must be commended for their handsome support of the noble vision. It is a selling vision for South- South region to build a formidable structure in the music and movie industry. The era of music and movie marginalization is over in Nigeria while sons and daughters of the region must wake up from their slumber and give their 100 percent support of this noble vision of Ofori media outfit. Once again Ofori media and Otunba Engr, Isaac Emiyede must be commended for nominating these two illustrious engineers of Isoko region for the 2013 awards.


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