Princinpal Secretary to President Yar`adua in self imposed exile.

Source: can disclose that President Yar`adua`s foot soldiers appears to be crumbling like a pack of cards. The unprecedented pressure mounted by Nigerians on aides of the ailing President to comply with the Nigerian constitution and hand over power to Goodluck Jonathan is beginning to take its toll on the President's aides. Unsure of what of what lays ahead, some of his principal aides learnt are scrambling for the nearest exit. Chief amongst them is David Edevbie, principal secretary to the president, who has gone into a self imposed exile in the kingdom of Dubai. understands that David Edevbie left Nigeria unannounced out of fear of being probed for his role in the 2010 budget purportedly signed by President Yar`adua, in the event of a power shift. Now, David Edevbie no longer answers his phone calls or return phone call. Even his Godfather James Ibori, who helped him get the plum job is not spared in this cold treatment said a source.

Recall that on Tuesday 22nd December 2009, the principal secretary to president, David Edevbie received instruction to come to Jeddah immediately with the 2010 budget. Sources told that David arrived Jeddah the weekend of December 26th 2009, he was shown to his hotel room, and was told to handover the 2010 budget to his chaperone.

Later a signed copy of the budget was returned to David Edevbie and asked to return to Nigeria. Since his return, David has refused to answer questions about who signed the 2010 budget. It could not have been President Yar`adua. However, David Edevbie and Yar`dua insiders has imposed on one hundred and fifty million Nigerians an unauthorised budget with the seal of an unconscious President.