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This is a man that God made to see it all in Nigeria:

1) Enlisted in the Army in late fifties, and so, witnessed the Independence.

2) Was friendly, as did every other person, with Patrick Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu, the enigma of Nigerian Revolution.

3) Saw the Northernisation of Nigerian Military and Machinery of governance.

4) Partook in the Biafran War from September 1969 when he took, over from Benjamin, Adekunle, the 3rd Marine Commando.

5) Partook in the Gowon Administration.
6) Was 2nd in command to Murtala Mohammed in 1976.
7) Became Head of State, February 13, 1976 to October 1, 1979.

8) Was imprisoned by Sanni Abacha, condemned to death and wasted in prison.

9) Was miraculously released.
10) Made Head of State again May 29, 1999.
Only very few people on earth, living and dead, have the kind of grace God gave to Obasanjo. Yet, Obasanjo is a disgrace to his generation, to his Country. Obasanjo was there when France liaised with Britain and America to cede Bakassi to Cameroon. Instead of Obasanjo diplomatically stamping his feet on ground to diffuse tension, he was overwhelmed by 3rd-termism which he never had.

Today, Obasanjo is blaming Nigeria's problem on leadership. Which leadership? Who is the leadership?

Obasanjo knows that the problem of Nigeria is exertive influence of Hausa – Fulani occupation of Nigeria's political and military space. He knows this very well. Instead of using his power to destabilize skewed patronage of Nigeria, he allowed it and played ball, and today, Nigeria is 100% on the throes of violence from the same Hausa – Fulani boko haram. Instead of balancing the military, creating states equally, revoking the licenses of oil wells and oil bloc of disgruntled elements like blood – sucking Theophilus Danjuma, he allowed them have their way at the expense of the hoi polloi Nigerians.

Today Obasanjo is blaming Nigeria's woos on leadership. Which leadership? Instead of fashioning out an end to Jos crisis, he pretended that all was uhuru and left Jos. Today Plateau is a bloody field. Instead of changing the Constitution to rid it off islamism and sharia smuggled in by Babangida and Abdulsaham, he pretended nothing serious was happening and said it would die a natural death. Today, boko haram and islamism and suicide bombing by Hausa – Fulani have caged Nigeria.

Jesus says “unto whom much is given, much is expected” Did Obasanjo justify the much Divinity, Posterity and fate bestowed on him? At 76, Obasanjo is an old cargo and spent force, not because 76 is too old, no. Infact, 76 years is not old, but middle aged. Old age starts at 80. Even at 80, one is still very strong. At 90, one is certainly fleshly weak, not at 80, not to talk of 76. Obasanjo is a failure in life. He has nothing again to offer. He has failed Nigeria and Nigerians. He is the problem of Nigeria.

He brought a weakling called Yar' Adua to succeed him and deputized him with another tragedy of the strength and mannerism of a millipede. Today Goodluck Jonathan has ruled Nigeria for more than five years, but has nothing to show for it, but corruption galore.

Let us pray that God will give us another Patrick Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu (PCK) to lead us to the land of positive Revolution and positive change, while we wait: Obasanjo's death, Babangida's demise and Abdulsalami's liquidation.

Jesus is still alive. Amen.
This piece is submitted by Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah, President of ROMKEEP: Rights of Man Keep, a, Human Rights Activist Group with motto. “Dismantling the structures of injustice whenever man is found”. You can Google his other write ups.

Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah
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