Hayatou Unfit To Head CAF

By Daily Guide
Issa Hayatou
Issa Hayatou

Togolese national team coach, Hubert Velud, has expressed shock and anger at Confederation of African Football (CAF)'s decision to ban the West African country for four years and also fine her $50,000 for pulling out of the African Cup of Nations due to "government interference" following the machine gun attack that left three of their delegation killed and others injured.

Velud told the media: "It's a scandal. This decision shocked us. I wonder on what logical basis such a decision was taken. Everyone knows that the morale of the players hit rock bottom after seeing death in Cabinda. It was impossible for them to play a football match," he explained.

When asked whether he was frustrated with CAF, Velud went a step further: "No not with CAF, with Issa Hayatou because I realised that he's an opportunist who serves his personal interests in the name of football. I'm more frustrated than you can imagine.

"Issa Hayatou should have taken into consideration the sentiments of the Togolese people before such a decision was taken. Hayatou proved that he's not capable of running CAF, he should review himself. I also realised that even if he's a Camerounian, he's not part of the African continent to which he does great harm."