Source: nigeriafilms.com

Austine Eruotor is the Delta State born dude who has quite spent some years abroad before relocating home finally to float the Toyin Ikeja, Lagos based hospitality haven called White House. The event/conference Centre, though, is run by some experts; the administration is nothing to write home about not to mention the illicit sex affair between the chairman and the female staff.

According to close inside source, Mr. Austine Eruotor, was allegedly said to have been having canal knowledge of his female staff to the extent that he has become an tiger that a lot of them dread to save their job . One of the waitresses who have passed through the 'tutelage' of Austine is a girl called Ruth Osidebe. Ruth, according to information, was one-time working for White House as a waitress, her stay in the fun centre was said to have been a fruitful one as a lot of customers who patronize them all appreciate her articulate disposition and sexy physique.

While these customers were savouring the aura of Ruth in kind and cash, Mr. Austine, the boss of White House too was having an illicit affair with the girl. Their love nest, where they often meet to display their lovey-dovey is at a fun spot in Oregun called King Size. “It's a known fact to everybody that Oga was sleeping with Ruth and many of the waitresses now. In fact anyone who does not hearken to his call should either consider herself sacked or have her salary cut.

It's not even about the sex scandal that is the problem but the source of Oga's wealth. No staff can claim to have used his or her salary to achieve something great, though, the welfare of the whole staff is nothing to write home about.” An inside source disclosed.

Meanwhile, the full story of the waitresses he has slept with and other scandals that are rocking the hospitality home that has made a lot of their customers look the other way shall be made available to you next week.

Story by Malik Alomaja