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By NBF News
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By William Jimoh
Kenneth, a Car Dealer
I don't have any insurance policy and this has nothing to do with my understanding of the programme because I know there are various policies available, but to me, insurance cannot protect me against any risk, it is God who protects.

Godwin Kiroma, a Domestic Gas Seller
We have it before but it has expired and that is due to the fact that I am just a manager here. But as soon as the owner of this place arrives from abroad, we will renew it. But for all the vehicles we are using in moving our products, they are all insured.

The reason why many people are no longer using insurance is because they felt cheated or because they have used it for a year and when they discovered that there was no problem in the whole of one year they then decided not to renew. Their thinking that it is only God that protects them, thus they see no need in spending their money on something that they cannot get immediate value for if they even get it at all.

Mr. okonko, Company Security Officer.
We all know that insurance works in many other countries but here in Nigeria, there are a lot of evil manipulations that surfaces. When we talk about insurance and to worsen the case, we don't have a strong legal policy and backing that will rescue one that has been cheated.

David, Oil Deport Security Man
Insurance is very good and everybody love good things but in the Nigeria context, the story is not the same. Because as you see me here, I am working based on contract and though the nature of the work is very risky, and because of the style with which we are brought here we cannot even challenge our employee to get it for us. How much are we being paid that we will still be using our own money for insurance?

Okoro, Tanker driver
I am a tanker driver by profession and every tanker that is loaded here just as in any other oil depots in Nigeria, the owners tell the drivers that if your vehicle is involved in any accident, they will pay you or probably your family certain amount of money. But all these are lies.

You may not know this until a person close to you is involved in an accident or dies. Nobody will give them one kobo and then you will discover that there is nothing like insurance in the real sense. It is only talk that we know how to talk because when it comes to acting, we are nowhere to be found and the government is not helping too, they let this companies take advantage of Nigerians without paying for such action.