Anambra 2010: Are PDP stalwarts deaf and sightless


Sir, Certain developments should have sent strong signal to the PDP National and Anambra State Caretaker Committee officers of the definitive no-win position for Soludo's candidacy. PDP does not have any Party executive in Anambra because it disbanded the existed and has not been able to secure the instrument of office for its appointed Caretaker Committee. In other words, PDP does not have good a sustainable structure in the State.

In essence, Chief Chris Uba's structure is still intact and controlling the State PDP and this does not recognize Soludo as their candidate. PDP in Anambra remain dismembered. The inconclusive PDP primary saw many of Solutod's opponents out from the party and are contesting under other parties' platforms: Nicholas Ukachukwu for HDP, Mrs. Ekwunife for PPA, and Andy Uba for LP. PDP controls the House of Assembly; more than 60% of the House members are in sympathy with Dr.

Andy Uba. Senator Annie Okonkwo (supporter of PPA's candidate Ekwunife) had stated categorically that Soludo will never be governor of Anambra State. Furthermore, Godswill Akpabio has offered APGA's Obi a slogan “Anambra under PDP was comatose before my arrival” which he (Obi) now uses effectively. Both Akwa Ibom governor and PDP BoT member, Don Etiebet, had urged the re-election of Obi, even at a time the PDP National Headquarters had brought out Soludo as its 'undisputed' candidate. Anambra needs a non-controversial governor.

With all the above, it will be a wise decision if PDP avoids further expenditure on the unviable “Soludo for Anambra Governor”. Soludo as then CBN governor is now seen by many as 'compromiser-in-chief' with the former corrupt bank chief executives who have destroyed our banking industry, nay Nigerian economy, through their fraudulent conversion of public funds. Can't PDP see that Soludo's win would set Anambra on fire? PDP should soft-pedal and rely on one of its stock-in-trades of “whoever wins must be made to come to its fold” as in Imo, Bauchi and Zamafara States.

Benedicata Apia

199 Ezikwo Road
Abakaliki, Ebonyi State

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