By Apga Uk

APGA UK read with dismay the press release credited to Mr Mike Udah the Chief Press Secretary to Gov Peter Obi where he referred to the APGA National Chairman, Chief Sir Victor Umeh, Members of APGA UK, APGA youths and other APGA Organisations as the rehash of balderdash. Such unguided Statement is unprecedented and unacceptable in modern democracy and it is a typical example of cheap political sycophancy that has been the bane of Gov Obi's Administration. The Country will not move forward if the likes of Mike Udah are allowed to hold public offices and continue feeding the general public with untrue stories about public figures.

Gov Obi's Administration has made it clear that they are not working for the interest of APGA and therefore APGA UK do not expect a political sycophant like Mike Udah to say anything different from Obi or else he will lose his job. He can only keep his job by playing the sycophancy role which has kept our dear Anambra State in this worst state that we are now today. Mike Udah should understand the difference between constructive criticism and destructive criticism before attacking APGA Members. Chief Sir Victor Umeh suffered with APGA members to build Gov Obi's political empire and it is very ridiculous that someone like Mike Udah will claim otherwise and thereby making mockery of himself because the evidence on record on how Gov Obi came to power is a public knowledge.

Governor Obi by virtue of APGA Constitution is not allowed to convene a Party Meeting because an arranged judgment was delivered against the National Chairman of his party. What effort has Gov Obi made in appealing the decision of the Enugu Chief Judge against the APGA National Chairman, instead he rushed to Abuja to convene a kangaroo illegal Caucus Meeting to install his faction including appointing an expelled member, Maxi Okwu an Acting Chairman. When Obi was the only Governor in APGA, he never made any good impact to transform our great party into a National Party the way Bola Tinubu did in the South West with ACN. Any constructive criticism against Obi's administration will be labelled as such a group or the individual as public enemy number one.

Mike Udah and his co travellers are on a political suicide whose time has come and APGA UK wish to advise our National Chairman, Chief Sir Victor Umeh to ignore hecklers and be more focused in rescuing our Party and Anambra State from these gladiators that have no good political ideology. APGA UK became a nightmare to Gov Obi's Administration because the Chapter refused compromising with him, rather moved on in order to save democracy so that the masses will reap the dividends of true democracy that is free of sycophants. It is still on record that Obi's administration has refused to accept 500,000 educational books donated by a philanthropist attracted by APGA UK from the United Kingdom, ranging from University to nursery thereby denying the citizens of Anambra State this Stirling quality education. Obi administration left the substance of good governance and is chasing shadows by creating factions in APGA in which they have failed woefully.

Chief Umeh does not sponsor APGA UK, APGA YOUTHS or any APGA Organization to rubbish Obi's Administration but any genuine politician must criticize Gov Obi's divide and rule style of governance. It is highly unspeakable to hear that Obi gave APGA life but the Party lost all three senatorial zones to PDP in Anambra State and have not made any in-road or captured the entire Southeast. The Governor is constantly interfering with the political affairs of the party thereby going contrary to the Constitution. We are waiting to hear how Mike Udah will criticize his boss when Obi steps down from power in few months time. He will definitely be on the run as history has shown in all failed politicians and their clowns.

APGA UK commends Chief Sir Victor Umeh for his tenacity and leadership roles in piloting the affair of our great party. APGA UK pledges our unalloyed loyalty and allegiance to his leadership and the entire APGA National Working Committee.