We recently heard about the idea of a Pan-African Commonwealth. Our first reaction to this was to say why not, although we know that it is not a replacement for the Pan-African Movement. When I started the campaign to convene the 7th Pan-African Movement in 1981-82, I strongly felt that a Pan-African League or a Black League was the way forward.

It took several meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences, including regional ones around the world, before we realized that a League is formed among nations and that it is impossible to involve ordinary grassroots people unless as observers. A good example of the problems I am alluding to, present themselves at the level of the Pan-African Congresses. Usually, ordinary non-governmental people try to put Congresses together but because of daunting financial constraints coupled with lack of facilities to pull them off, they recruit one government or the other to help out. The government/s so recruited soon hijack/s the process and focus of the Congress at the expense of the original laudable intentions of the individual conveners of the Congress. The UN is another example of the difficulties of trying to weld NGOs and governments together in one organization as equal partners. Governments always claim superior authority over NGOs as the elected representatives of their people.

The League of our dream was, therefore, only possible between governments of nations and we wanted it between Black nations. Not all Black nations bought into the idea. Senegal, Uganda, Liberia and other national members of the CEN-SAD organization set up and bankrolled by Ghadafi were not enthusiastic and cooperating because the League excluded Arab-Africans. This is the same reason the AU is a toothless bulldog and why it is not possible to have a United States of African any time soon.

Some individual members of our International Committee of the 7th Pan-African Congress also opposed the idea of a League and in particular, a Black League. Butros Butros Ghali vehemently opposed the idea of a Pan-African League under any disguise. He was the deputy Foreign Affairs Minister of Egypt at the time and he continued to serve on our 7th Pan-African Congress International Committee even when he became the Secretary General of the United Nations. As it became more obvious that we were canvassing for a Black League, Arab members of our International Committee from Northern Africa, specifically from Algeria, Mauritania, Sudan and Libya withdrew from the committee. Many Black African members of our committee, including Nkrumah's son, also lost interest in the committee.

The idea of a Pan-African Commonwealth would suffer the same fate as that of the Pan-African League because it would have to decide whether to include Arab Africans and if it excludes them, may not be able to carry all Black African nations along, especially those under the influence of Ghadafi. The Pan-African Commonwealth would have to invent a system that can overcome the difficulties experienced by the Pan-African Congresses and the United Nations in trying to weld governments and NGOs together in one organization as equal partners. I use NGOs broadly to represent Black communities around the world that do not control their national governments, such as Black Africans in Arab controlled African nations; African-Americans; Blacks in Latin American countries like Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Honduras and dozens of small Island nations like the Bahamas that are not independent yet and have politically strong and influential non-African communities.

Such a Pan-African Commonwealth would defeat the essence and meaning of Pan-Africanism, which is supposed to be a movement of the entire African race to help the individuals see one another as one family one people sharing a common fate and destiny in the world. For such a movement to hold the interest of such a large group of people and weld the individuals together in one organization, the individuals must be allowed to feel that each one of them own the facilitating process, which as a result must be simple, easy to follow, and with strong native spiritual content they can call their own. Such that every individual member of the group can feel ownership of the process and this is possible only through a spiritual process. The Myk/Pan-African Movement is our idea of that mass movement of people using the instrumentality of religion or spirituality to exercise moral authority and influence over the governments of its people. The Jewish Congress is a good example of this, using Kabbalism as its moral authority over the State of Israel.

Many Africans think that it is too late to wean our people back to our native faiths or spirituality but this is not true. More than 70% of our people are strong and practicing adherents of the African faiths. Because they are in the main illiterate, they are not often heard from. The 20% or so with some education, largely pretend to be following alien religions (Christianity and Islam), and worship White Gods during day light because that is the modern fad, and African Gods at night. What this means in effect is that we already have over 70% of our people around the world who would not need too much persuading to join the Pan-African mass movement now also referred to as the African People' Union.

Another problem we had to contend with in the 80s and 90s was how to mobilize the entire race or a large number of people for the Pan-African Movement. The Internet has only become popular among our people in the last 7 to 10 years. To be able to send thousands of letters regularly by air or snail mail ten or more years ago required the deployment of huge resources in time and money and yet there was no guarantee that the mails would reach destination in good time if at all. Now we have the Internet, although it is only effective with our supposed educated elite. Since they are the ones that need serious persuading, it does not look like we have insurmountable task on our hands. They are a minority relatively, albeit a very influential one and about half of their population has doubts already about the foreign religions they follow.

One problem that has refused to abate over time is the tendency of every member of our race to be the expert on our affairs. There are as many plans and strategies to liberate us as a people as there are nearly a billion of us. The African race is the only one in the world where every individual wants to be a leader. No one wants to be led. Any one of us can wake up any morning and begin to throws all sorts of ideas around and if no body listens to us, we ensure that no other person\s ideas would prevail either. We were told recently too that a chap living in the USA is planning on launching what he called the United States of Africa on the 4th of July, 2010, perhaps in the USA. He has been harassing us with mails. There is also another plan, by a handful Black Africans living in the USA, to collect US$10 from 100, 000 Africans, obviously purporting to act in our collective name. They have opened an account for the purpose already. Of course, there is an apparent vacuum in our collective leadership affairs and to rephrase a popular idea; a vacuum serves as the devils workshop.

I was trying to collate all the resolutions we have come up with at our Congresses since 1900 CE. If we produced a book for every Congress we have called, we have seven voluminous books on our resolutions and many of us want to continue along this line. We are individually full of ideas none of which seem to include how to build viable institutions together for our race. We do not look at what others have done before us to see if we can build or improve on them. We individually do not want to be led; we all want to be leaders. There is nothing any of us can come up with to-day, in terms of plans and strategies that have not been discussed at one time or the other in our chequered history. I think it is time we all agree that the only way forward for all of us as a 'Movement' is to accept the Myk/Pan-African Movement (or the African Peoples' Union) process that we have taken twenty-seven years to work out, and see where each one of us fall in and what needs to be fine tuned for our collective take-off.

We are not asking Africans to return to the old and rather crude ways of our ancient spiritual practices and faiths. We have modified our ancient African spiritual ways, cleaned the faiths up, modernized them, to make them as attractive as any other modern religion in the world, without our spirituality loosing its well known superior spiritual potency. We now focus our faiths on science and scholarship because our African spirituality is the highest level of science known to mankind. We are using our spirituality to challenge White ideas of the world from Einstein's E=mc2 to Darwin's origin theory. Out theories have already begun to numb the critical thinking world. What all races of the world did was take aspects of the African faiths they could understand and modernized and simplified these into Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and so on, to help their respective races to ascend in the world. They changed Black images of the original African spirituality and mother of all the religions and racial spiritual movements of the world, to their native images.

Kabbalism is the most successful of all the adaptations of African spirituality. Kabbalism achieved about 30% of the African spiritual potency which the Jews used to conquer the Arabs and to ascend in the world. The Secret Societies of the West and all the other racial groups of the world, but particularly that of the West, acquired less than the 30% that Kabbala derived from the Mystery System of the Africans. And we all know that they along with the Jews rule the world today. African spiritual mavens can do anything. They are Gods in the affairs of man but they are derided by their own children who have been captured by the spiritless alien religions of Christianity and Islam. We have refined our mavens' methods to make the practices attractive to the modern, young African, and release the power for the good of all of mankind. That is what Myk is about.

Myk is the Mystery System all over again, but refined, modernized, rendered friendly, open, extremely adaptable and no less potent and reliable as our ancestors Mystery System of old. Myk relies totally on psyching the human self, withdrawing into the self to draw on the god within us, the sixth sense, our spirit essence and twin, to unleash the power of imagination to re-order and straighten out civilization and rule the world. It is share brain power I am talking about. Nothing fetish, nothing demeaning, just pure science at the highest level of scholarship and members can choose to be atheistic Pagans.

Any black African individual can start a Myk/Pan-African Movement branch in his or her neighbourhood, school, workplace, street the same way you start a Church. Apply to us and we would put you through how to set up your Myk/Pan-African Movement branch. A well run Myk/Pan-African Movement centre is expected to become a successful, efficient and highly respected hub of social, spiritual, cultural, political, intellectual and economic activities in its community within a short time. Three to five years at the most, buying up manufacturing companies, large farms, housing estates for members, office complexes to let, schools, investing in the stock exchange etc., and turning members into millionaires and business tycoons. Members are entitled to receive priority employment advantage in their Myk businesses as long as the applicants are qualified for the jobs.

With the coming on stream of the African Union (AU), the political sting of the irregular Pan African Congresses of the Pan African Movement has now become largely cosmetic. ASSAP replaces the Pan African Congresses from the 8th Congress, to provide the spiritual anchor and propelling force for Black unity and ascendance. All future Pan-African Congresses would be known as ASSAP, or the Pagans' pilgrimage. The African Union (AU), despite its constitutional and operational weaknesses, has considerably diluted the political importance of the Pan-African Congresses and almost rendered them irrelevant. ASSAP would concentrate on the areas of comparative advantage, which is spiritual, and through moral persuasion, discipline and scholarship, maintain a vibrant lobby on the AU, to ensure comprehensive, fused, and focused, self-fulfilment, advancement, and ascendance, of the entire African race. The African Union (AU) is to be lobbied, to be strengthened, to take care of the political aspirations of the entire Black race, while the Pan-African Movement, known now too as the African Peoples' Union (APU), concentrates on the spiritual through the Myk.

Every race has her spiritual base. The Caucasians, Rome and Jerusalem; Arabs, Mecca, and are making millions of dollars from thousands of Africans spiritual tourists and pilgrims yearly.

African Spiritual Summit and Pilgrimage, ASSAP, is an annual event, and takes off on Auser's birthday of 25th December of every year. The first ASSAP is planned for 2010 in Nigeria. ASSAP brings together all the spiritual tendencies and movements of the African race in celebration of the mother spirituality of the world, our oneness and triumph as a people, and to pay homage to our illustrious ancestors. ASSAP celebrates the family unity of all the children of Africa, from Cuba, Jamaica, Antigua, Barbados, Brazil, Guyana, Zimbabwe, Europe, USA, Australia, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria etc. ASSAP is to the African race, what the annual pilgrimage to Mecca is to the Arabs, or to Jerusalem is to the Christians.

Every Black person in the world, every Myk member must perform ASSAP the Pagans' pilgrimage, at least, once in a lifetime. The seven-day long pilgrimage, involves meetings of leaders on 25 and 26 December. The Pagan's revelry is from December 27-31 incorporating ceremonies, cultural events, exhibitions, seminars, spiritual home coming rituals, offers of reverences, and a mammoth carnival procession of African Gods as never before witnessed in the world. Each pilgrim ritually slaughters a goat to the spirits of our ancestors during the pilgrimage week. Every male who has performed the pilgrimage is entitled to use the title 'Azah' (or Azahaaze in full) before name. Female counterparts use the title: 'Azinii' (or Aziniida in full) before name. Both titles mean spiritually cleansed. ASSAP is expected to grow into one of the biggest, liveliest, spiritually fulfilling, most attractive cultural, intellectual, commercial and tourists events and destinations in the world.

If you are Black, regardless of where you may be living in the world right now, you are an African and a Pagan because Paganism means the cradle, the origin, the first, and the first is the best in any language. Reformed Paganism is the leading spirituality of the world. It makes things happen. It commands and controls the elements. It is pre-occupied with the collective triumph of the human race. Join us and let us spoil you with love, caring and brotherhood as only the African knows how. We invite you, we invite all Black people of the world, all Africans of goodwill, all artistes, scholars, entrepreneurs and custodians of African spiritual faiths, cultures and traditions, to come and celebrate excellence in spirituality with us.

If you are African and Black join the potentially one billion members' strong Pagans' revolt. We are taking back our leadership of the world from where our ancestors were pushed off inelegantly some 2000 years ago. Let's colonize the world with our Pagan walk, Pagan songs, Pagan dance, Pagan fashion, Pagan science, Pagan technology, Pagan creativity, Pagan business acumen, Pagan scholarship, Pagan spirituality, Pagan everything. Join us to start the most thorough, most ennobling, most comprehensive, most profound revolution in human history, the Pagans' revolt.

NAIWU OSAHON Hon. Khu Mkuu (Leader) World Pan-African Movement); Ameer Spiritual (Spiritual Prince) of the African race; MSc. (Salford); Dip.M.S; G.I.P.M; Dip.I.A (Liv.); D. Inst. M; G. Inst. M; G.I.W.M; A.M.N.I.M. Poet, Author of the magnum opus: 'The end of knowledge'. One of the world's leading authors of children's books; Awarded; key to the city of Memphis, Tennessee, USA; Honourary Councilmanship, Memphis City Council; Honourary Citizenship, County of Shelby; Honourary Commissionership, County of Shelby, Tennessee; and a silver shield trophy by Morehouse College, USA, for activities to unite and uplift the African race.

Naiwu Osahon, renowned author, philosopher of science, mystique, leader of the world Pan-African Movement.

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