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HRM Naiwu Osahon, the Agosu of Africa, renowned author, philosopher of science, mystique, leader of the world Pan-African Movement

There is too much religion in the developing world right now, too much pre-occupation with spiritually false and ineffective money spinning religious enterprises of con-artists, especially in the hapless African world of abject poverty and ignorance; resulting in the colossal loss or waste of precious and productive energy and time that all of mankind could have jointly harnessed to move civilization significantly forward.

We spend the better part of the day and several vigil nights weekly, on our knees or butts praying endlessly and tirelessly to no avail because that is not how spirituality works. We are the most wretched people on earth. Our society is riddled with unmitigating violence; entrenching culture of dare-devil robbery and filthy and shameless corruption; dearth of basic infrastructure and degrading, decaying, primitive unnurturing, unfulfilling environment, because we are applying spirituality wrongly and we are not using our heads. We are wasting too much time on our knees instead of on our feet to work.

Praying in the name of any God is not enough. If humans, who do not live in the same house or the same street or the same town or country, want to talk to each other, they do not begin to pray or shout or use loudspeakers in their rooms or churches or mosques and expect the other to hear them miles away; they use the telephone. Does it even make sense or show respect that you should be shouting in the name or presence of your God or Gods, unless they are deaf? That could be a reason they are not responding.

Witchcraft is the telephone link with the Gods and the spirit world. The only link, and it is the highest level of science for man. How to effectively use it to engage the Gods is one of the greatest secrets of the ages. The secret is kept from most of mankind because such power could be misused in the wrong hands. To engage a God or deity to respond to you, you must do a number of things pleasing to the God. You must first knock (and knocking entails giving up something dear to the seeker of favours); and receive the response to enter the realm of the deity in question, before making your requests in form of praying or crying.

To enter the computer Internet, for instance, we first switch on the electricity mains, then the computer, then the communication gadget to engage some special engines (or facilitators) such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Excel, Google and so on. These engines are the energizers of the Gods or deities such as Maat, Sango, Olokun, Yahweh etc. Surfing on the computer Internet to check out websites and send e-mails, is the equivalence of praying, meditating, asking, begging, wishing and crying. The practical activities of getting on, sending and receiving messages on the Internet, equate with witchcraft. Witchcraft is the Spiritual Internet link and information and action processing catalyst of human interaction with the Gods.

All organized religions deceive followers that witchcraft is all evil but the elite of these religions are soaked in the practice. It is impossible to engage the Gods without some formalities that involve abstinence, meditation, fasting and ritual sacrifices. Sacrifices are paramount and sometimes include blood of some sort and so on. Christ was supposed to have sacrificed his blood for mankind so his devotees make a meal of his flesh and blood with bread and wine in communion.

Another lie by modern religions is their claim to worship only one God. What the Christian and Islamic religions did was to pick Yahweh from the ten Jewish intermediary gods and substitute the remaining nine: Hokhmah, Binah, Hesed, Gevurah, Tifereth, Netsah, Hod, Yesod and Malkuth with Jesus, Muhammad, dozens of Saints, Anubis, Angels etc.

Yahweh is only one of the ten Jewish attributes of En-Sof. Yahweh is a tribal deity and claims to hate Africans and others (i.e. Amorites, Philistines, Canaanites, Jebusites, Hittites). He threatened to wipe all of us off the face of the earth for his children, the Israelites. So, when someone tells you 'God bless you,' be weary and ask which God, which deity? It is important for all religious people, particularly African Christians and Muslims, to understand this. Yahweh is a Jewish tribal god and not the ultimate source of spirituality, which is Tu-SoS or the Jewish En-Sof.

Tu-SoS (The ultimate Source of Spirituality), or En-Sof (in Judaism), is not a God or spirit but an energy source and is not worshipped anywhere in the world. Modern Africans, like their ancestors, do not worship Tu-SoS, which they variously call Olodumare, Osanobua, Chukwu. The Jews too do not worship En-Sof. The Jews, like the Africans, worship the intermediary Gods. African ancestors created all the initial intermediary Gods and Deities known to man. African ancient intermediary Gods include El, Thoth, Auser, Auset, Heru, Maat, Anubis etc., and in modern times, names such as Sango, the God of lightening, masculinity, fearlessness and hard work; Olokun, the Goddess of beauty, arts, culture, poetry, love, marriage, femininity and fertility; Orunmila, the God of wisdom, scholarship and learning; Obatala, the God of creativity and Ogun, the God of Iron and technology.

The secondary intermediary gods or deities include Yahweh and the other Jewish adaptations of the original African intermediary Gods, and the ethnic gods and goddesses with a variety of names around the world today: Apollo, Venus, Jupiter, Adonis, Minerva, Diana, Brahman etc.

The adapted gods and goddesses are not as spiritually potent as the original African spiritual Gods. If you go to any of the original, undiluted, African spiritual Gods, such as Sango, to make a request, the deity or Sango, would give you conditions to fulfil there and then. You would not have to go home and come back for Sango's response, and if you meet the conditions set, Sango would oblige you with your request. It is as simple as that and it could happen within minutes of your request. If, on the other hand, you go to the diluted or adapted spiritual Gods like the Christian and Islamic Yahweh, to table a request, you don't get an answer right away. In fact, you could be talking to a brick wall. You keep praying, begging, and fasting, hoping that someone is listening.

A good example of this is the Irish priest who assembled a dozen barren, middle-aged, married women and passed six of them on to Baba-maven to use his witchcraft to alter their faith while he prayed for the other six. The priest decided the choice of candidates and allocated them. After six weeks of the experiment, five of Baba's six candidates were pregnant for their husbands while the six the priest prayed and fasted intensely and fervently for, remained barren. If by any chance something favourable eventually happens, perhaps months or even years after you first made your request to Yahweh or the other secondary gods, you give the credit (or glory as it is often claimed), to Yahweh. But when a tsunami happens in your life, you blame your sinful self or the devil and not Yahweh for it. Your relationship with Yahweh is based purely on chance, and that is not how spirituality works. Spirituality can be asked and even commanded to make things happen although often at a price.

Apart from being undiluted, African spirituality is more powerful than the rest because it relies totally on natural elements relevant and pleasing to the Gods. Artificial substitutes such as the bible, bread, wine, crosses, as means of reaching out to the spirit world, do not work, only natural elements such as animal blood or flesh, leaves or barks of plants, oils, etc., which the Gods recognize, work. The Pope, who claims to represent Christ on earth, would like to be able to perform miracles (which many African priests take for granted), if he knew how.

The Mother-in-Israel, Pastor Folu Adeboye, wife of the founder and Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, in admitting the supremacy of Paganism, was quoted in the Guardian newspaper, Nigeria, of July 26, 2009, as follows: “As powerful as African Juju priests are, none of them possess the power to keep the night and stop the morning from coming.” But Paganism is not in competition with the 'Source' of spirituality; it is the only access to the 'Source,' or 'God.' Paganism can becloud the early morning sun to make the night drag longer but cannot stop 'time.' God' cannot stop time either.

The bad connotation given to the witch or witches, gives witchcraft its ugly meaning because witches are not necessarily all evil people. They could be white witches or geniuses in any given profession. It is the sorcerers or red and black witches and the demon diviner/doctors that are always evil, and they unfortunately predominate in evil witchcraft.

Witchcraft incorporates all spiritual and religious activities including praying, telepathy, meditation, magic, clairvoyance, fasting, rituals and sacrifices. Priests, doctors, parapsychologists, traditional healers, diviners, magicians, astrologists, card readers, star gazers, palmists, heruspex practitioners, alchemists, Alfas, herbalists etc., are not necessarily all sorcerers or sorceresses, but could be experts or good witches and wizards in their various fields and practices.

Witches are graded by colour, with white representing good witches and would never do evil; the red and black witches in all races are the wicked ones. They are the sorcerers, possessed by demonic spirits which they use to perpetrate their evil acts. They have no regards for family, friends and have no respectable, responsible attachments. They are invariably sadists, permanently angry, vindictive and at war with every one, and with society. Their sole preoccupation in life is to kill, maim and destroy, and from these they derive immense joy, satisfaction, and self-fulfilment.

So, they deserve the public odium they have drawn to themselves. At the same time, the rest of us need to know that it is not witchcraft that is evil but the person (or witch) using it, or the use to which it is put. Witchcraft is like a knife and depends on the user. It is the highest level of science possible; human's only link with the spirit world; the sacred telephone link with all the Gods; the one single source of spiritual power and miracles, and it has not been fully explored positively by man. All religions practice it albeit artificially, with varying results.

We, therefore, have no reason to be so categorically dismissive or judgmental about witchcraft. We do not know enough about it yet anyway. Most of us do not know why or how it works, and it works for both good and evil, there is no doubt about that, and we are all involved in it through prayers, wishing, thanksgiving and self-sacrifices, at least. When we use it for good, we do not tell others about it but when it is used for evil against us, we scream to the high heavens.

The spirit world is enveloped in electromagnetism that connects with our spirit doubles and all other realities. Universal laws govern the realities and man is capable of transcending all of them. That is what spiritual evolution is about. It is the knowledge of these subtle realities and how to harness them for spiritual advancement that ancient Africans chiselled into the fine art used largely today by the Jews and secret societies to remain on top of the world. Egyptian-Nubians perfected the craft to an art and used it positively to launch the world into her merry ways of civilization.

Thoth's alchemy produced the long stream of African leaders, seers and priests who pioneered learning and civilization until the Mystery System of Egypt was finally outlawed by the Romans in 6 CE. The modern version of Thoth's alchemy is a poor imitation of the original and yet it continues to produce outstanding results particularly among secret society members, and the mystery religions of Asia and the rest of the world. The only system close to Thoth's alchemic programme is kabbalism. This is why the Jews are the most successful group of people today in the world followed by members of the secret societies.

After the banning of the Egyptian Mystery System, twenty-two tablets of the System along with other invaluable documents and secrets of ancient Africans fell into British hands. Today these unique secrets of the world are kept in private volts of the British monarch and the Royal Library at Windsor Castles. The earliest of the secret societies set up, were the Brotherhood of the Snake and the Brotherhood of the Dragon, both of which still exist around the world.

Other well known secret societies today include: the Order of the Quest, the JASON Society, the Roshaniya, the Qabbalah, the Knights Templar, the brotherhood of the Himalayas, the Egyptian Trismegistus, the Knights of Malta, the Knights of Columbus, the Jesuits, the Masons, the Ancient and Mystical order of Rosae Crusis (or the Rosicrucians), the Illuminati, the Nazi Party, the Communist Party, the Executive Members of the Council of Foreign Relations (USA), the Group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Britain), the Trilateral Commission, the Open Friendly Secret Society (the Vatican), the Scroll and Key, the Order, the P2 Lodge in Italy, the Priory de Sion, the Organization for a United Europe, etc.

Paganism in celebration of Nature, Mother Earth, Mother Nature and the feminine cult, were absorbed by the secret societies. Stories about chivalric quests for the lost Grail were actually legends of forbidden quests to find the lost sacred feminine. Knights who claimed to be searching for the Chalice where speaking in tongues to protect themselves from a Church that had marginalized women, banished goddesses, buried Christian non-believers and destroyed Pagans' reverence for the sacred feminine. The feminine cult, man's first and most revered deity was symbolized by the blossoming flower imaging the female genitalia.

The blossoming flower is epitomized by the Rose, which ties to the five-pointed pentacle of Auset (Isis), the Mother of femininity. Rose is the anagram of Eros, the Greek God of sexual love. The five petals represent the five stations of female life: birth, menstruation, motherhood, menopause and death. Other relics of femininity absorbed by the secret societies include: Delphi��s labrys axes, sistrum rattles used in ancient Egypt to dispel evil spirits, Tjet ankhs resembling small standing angels, gold caducei wands, statues depicting Horus being nursed by the goddess Isis.

The secret societies believe that the masses of the world are immature minds that need to be led like a bunch of animals or like sheep led by the shepherd. While the able intellect learns the Mysteries or the esoteric truths (advanced witchcraft), the masses are taught literal or exotic interpretations of reality. In other words, the masses worship the five senses, while the select few use their superior intellect (the sixth sense), to manipulate and dominate even their followers. The initiated elite of these societies communicates directly with deities (through witchcraft), who communicate back with them while the rest of mankind worship symbols that can neither speak nor hear. The elect are illuminated with the knowledge of the African Mysteries and are known as the Illuminati or the illuminated Ones, or the Guardians of the Secrets of the Ages.

Judaism and the Secret Societies' gains proved to be African loss because after the banning of the African religion by the Romans, Africans fought back by withdrawing almost totally into necromancy. As they got increasingly frustrated in their long painful unsuccessful efforts to liberate themselves, they began to turn the venom of their sorcery on each other. Slavery, colonialism, racism, neo-colonialism and the self-denigrating alien religions (particularly Christianity and Islam), further worsened their plight by reducing them largely to unquestioning, senseless, self-hating human species similar to those of the pre-Neanderthal era.

Africans are a deeply spiritual people and their foreign faiths are too spiritually shallow, unbinding and dishonest to hold them in deep awe. Africans have no qualms about taking oaths on the Bible or the Koran, which they dare not do on a cutlass (Ogun deity symbol), for instance, because they see the Bible and the Koran as spiritually powerless even if they do not publicly admit this. They try to spiritualize their foreign faiths by lacing them with native flair, ethos and deep devotion.

The individualism fostered by their deceitful, spiritually powerless, foreign religions (Islam and Christianity), has created a new, strange and peculiar breed of Africans, who thoroughly hate family, friends, and every body else. We have lost self-esteem and we are confused. We do not know our history, traditions, religions or where we want to go. We are in limbo because we are neither white nor black in orientation. In fact, we are no longer a family of thinking people, who love one another. Animals have better family cohesion than we now have. This largely is responsible for our lack of progress right now. Close relatives, friends and neighbours do not want each other's progress. It does not matter what religion we profess, we are gradually becoming the most wicked group of people on earth.

We destroy the most successful among us because our powerful religion intoxicates us. Many physical human problems and all spiritual ones are caused by people who hate, envy, or resent us. Such problems are traceable to someone close to us or someone who knows us casually or someone set up to hurt us. Even bad people we have no business with, can target us from hearing or knowing that others in their wicked world are targeting us.

We incur the wrath and envy of close relatives, friends and neighbours, simply by buying a new car, or buying one better than theirs, or getting married, or having a new born baby, or acquiring a new home, or getting a job or promotion at work, or doing well in business, or looking happy and successful. Rather than engage in positive endeavours, siblings, parents, neighbours and supposed friends, busy themselves trying to annihilate the hard working ones among them. Some call it the pull down syndrome, it is assuming a terrifying dimension in our race, and it is the main reason we are the most backward people in the world today.

Apart from these horrible people, we all have witches in our extended families whose only daily preoccupation is to maim, kill and destroy without just course. Some educated women and four in five of all illiterate women above the age of 40 tend to be witches or implacable sadists, potentially extremely diabolical. They live mostly in the villages or rural areas and mentor particularly, grand daughters (dealt bad faiths, as in early loss of parents, family hardship, being unable to go to school, or serving as their helping hands). Such children are often the house maids and wards, recruited by urban dwellers, so the den of evil thickens and spreads. Unfortunately also, our own secret societies, cults and shrines serve as burrows of sin and wickedness.

Most of our very 'best brains,' 'best achievers,' are dead before their prime, from our envy. Those still alive are alive just. They find that they have to spend 95% of their valuable time, resources and acumen, trying to survive the evil machinations of relatives, friends, neighbours and even strangers, who do not want to do anything to help themselves. Imagine what that 95% of our time and resources could have done for all of us, had it been allowed to continue to flower? What negative people need to know is that the more people there are who succeed around us, the more the opportunities that are available to pull all of us up together.

The increasingly unrelenting material stranglehold of spiritually powerless alien religions, coupled with acute poverty and deprivation, have in recent times heightened the culture of evil witchcraft in Africa and around the world. All manners of disagreeable projects seem to be raked up and you are told that if you scale through them unscarred paradise would crown your efforts. In a society where nothing works and most people have lost hope of ever making it, nothing is too scary, strange or difficult to try now and again.

Evil witchcraft does not entail deep spirituality nor does it adhere to the spiritual codes of not hurting those who have not hurt you, and loving humanity and nature. Evil witchcraft is dominated by charlatans with a little knowledge of magic, some expertise in human psychology and the conning of people; sorcerers (red and black witches), who exploit the innocent for personal gains and some priests, pastors, Alfas and low level rank and file traditional faith diviners, acting out of greed or hunger. They are all largely in communication with evil spiritual forces.

Because of public persecution, evil witchcraft practitioners are forced to withdraw into secret groves for their rituals and to create terrifying mystic around themselves for protection and to intimidate their victims. Alternatively, they use church and mosque fronts to present neat, modern façades during the day, and at night the pastors and Alfas join their other colleagues in the weirdest form of witchcraft activities imaginable. They meet between 12 mid night and 3.00 am in spirit, to take decisions on matters that have been tabled before them by the living. They are involved in unwholesome, sometimes repulsive practices that tend to put the modern person off. The rituals are usually very demeaning and could involve bathing with or drinking animal or human blood, or shrines' stagnant, dirty, worm infested water, exposed to the elements for years.

It is barbaric and unnecessary, for instance, for practitioners to shed human blood, paint their faces with red and white chalk, or resort to smelly, unhygienic surroundings to perform spiritual rituals. Menstruating wastes sometimes serve as substitutes for human blood, but clean fresh human blood and body parts (particularly eyes, breasts, tongues, hearts, livers, kidneys, and male and female private organs) are the most sort after for the ultimate evil witchcraft rites. Apart from evil witchcraft usage of body parts, there is a booming export business to Europe and America for refrigerated human organs such as livers and kidneys and, of course, the extraterrestrial beings controlling us with witchcraft need our organs to sustain their race

Almost everyday, these days, we read in the newspapers about ritual killings and innocent victims who have lost their eyes or private parts to people looking for pregnancies, long life or material fortunes. An average of two persons are declared missing in some urban cities in Nigeria daily. Many are probably not reported at all because the families of the missing persons lack access to the media. A kid going to school may never get there. A father who goes to work in the morning may fail to return home to his family in the evening.

People travelling long distances in public transport between cities could be hijacked en-mass along the route and delivered to some remote jungle shrines where their heads are decapitated for ritual purposes. Even boarding commuter buses in the cities have become sometimes risky. The other passengers in the vehicle could be a gang of ritual killers. Many people are known to have disappeared this way or to be mugged and thrown out of moving vehicles.

Not too long ago, an army officer who had boarded a public transport already carrying about a dozen passengers was overwhelmed and gagged on a lonely side of the route where his penis was cut off before being dumped on the roadside. He told his story at a clinic where some good Samaritans had rushed him bleeding profusely. He survived his ordeal for only a few days. So too was a young girl whose eyes had been plucked out by ritualists and left as dead at a deserted school premises some months earlier.

The environment and circumstances in which evil witchcraft rituals take place often defy logic. There is this well documented 1998 case of a Mr. Clifford Orji who in every respect looked like he was off his rockers and was living in a marshy, not too accessible groove under a bridge, at the Toyota Bus Stop, on the Oshodi/Apapa Expressway in Lagos. He had been enticing victims particularly women and children to his hideout by promising them one thing or the other, including talisman. He ran out of luck when a woman by the name of Awawu, who he had administered his concoction to and taken for dead, (the woman died not too long after), suddenly started crying for help. Passers-by heard her cry and went to her rescue only to be assailed by a gory scene. Human bones and decomposing body parts littered the place in heaps among charms and intimidating witchcraft paraphernalia. Some of the parts had been roasted and there was a shallow pit reeking with human blood.

The man had two mobile telephone lines at a time when such phones were luxuries in Nigeria. Police investigation revealed that he was not only a body parts merchant, he had clients in high places (which is why he needed the telephone lines), who relied on him for one charm or the other. The rumour was that his clients who were among the politically and financially powerful in society, tried to free him from police custody. He ended up at the Kirikiri maximum security prison, where he has been since, awaiting trial. Recently, we read in the newspapers that he had turned a born-again Christian evangelist in prison.

Witchcraft, evil or not, is not peculiar to Africa. It is more secretive outside it that is all. It is practiced all over the world even by heads of states who regularly consult diviners before taking any action. President Ronald Reagan of America was known to regularly consult a soothsayer every morning before confronting decisions of the day. The husband of Britain's one time Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, was known to be a leading member of the secret cult called the Smiths that to all intents and purposes rules Britain today. Many workers on the London Bridge died during its construction until the spirit of the body of water around the bridge was pacified. Every August since then, an elaborate ritual incorporating human sacrifice is secretly performed by a British cult group from a dead ship anchored at the mouth of the bridge.

Covens of witches are still very active all over the world. In 1944, during the allied armies' invasion of Europe, a Mrs. Helen Duncan, described as a spiritual medium, was sent to prison in Britain for activities connected with witchcraft. The prosecution drew caustic remarks from Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister at the time. The British Witchcraft Act was finally repealed in the 1950s.

Children's dolls today are the images of fallen ancient gods and nursery rhymes are laced with the sorcerers' spell to induce calm and sleep. Cicero wrote a book on divination, which highlighted the significance of dreams, premonitions and the flight of birds as illustrating the purpose of the gods.

A married German couple, Daniel Ruda and wife, showed no remorse when convicted in a German court in early January 2002, for the murder of their neighbour and friend, to perform a weird witchcraft ritual of a cult they belonged to.

The six and seven books of Moses are about simplified aspects of witchcraft in Kabbalism. The Israeli Seven-day war was won with severe witchcraft. The Rabbis kept busy, they called it divine luck. The Arabs suddenly stopped advancing, on the verge of overrunning Israel ten men to one, and with far superior weapons and conquered grounds. The breather provided the scared Jews the opportunity to infiltrate behind enemy lines in peach darkness to plant bombs.

In fact, current societal progress and civilization would have been impossible without esoteric witchcraft because spirits often sensitize scholars to what to do and science and technology are the rudimentary stages of divine witchcraft. Modern communications utilize electromagnetism, as does witchcraft. Tapping into radio waves is witchcraft. Sending crafts to the Moon in defiance of gravity is witchcraft.

All Chemists perform witchcraft by mixing chemicals (the same way witches mix their brews), to induce certain results including healing. Essentially, magic is an aspect of witchcraft but modern man tries to distinguish between entertainment witchcraft, which is called magic, and commercial (evil) witchcraft, which they ignorantly think is the same as divine witchcraft. When witchcraft generally is carried out by rainmakers, shamans, diviners and witch doctors today we frown but when priests, Alfas and scientists do the same thing we hail them as divine.

The elite of modern religions do not see or call what they do witchcraft. It is God's miracles, they say. Great crimes are being committed in the name of God in mosques and conventional churches. Imams and Pastors take advantage of the spiritual naiveté of their followers to intimidate and suppress them to collect tithes. There is the handkerchief racket you buy to wipe away your sins or the give me 40% of what you have and the Lord would multiply your fortune a hundred fold, preacher-swindlers. Tools of criminal activities are being blessed by some pastors at a price and Churches and Mosques often serve as sanctuaries for society's miscreants.

Witchcraft in Islam

African Muslim clerics are more potent than their Arab counterparts because of the superior African spiritual power. A group of Islamic scholars I told that religion without witchcraft was no religion told me how their Alfa died when his home was bombed by a rival religious sect. Their deputy Alfa had to fortify himself with base witchcraft. It is normal or do I want him to be killed like a chicken, they asked? When the well-loved Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Bola Ige, was assassinated on December 23, 2001, the question on the lips of many Christian and Muslim Nigerians was why he did not reinforce police security with witchcraft from his village, Esa Oke?

There are blood cuddling stories of dictators who took their bath with human blood regularly to ensure their permanent hold on power. Nigeria had, at least, two of such leaders of military extraction, who were of the Islamic faith. Since such leaders still lose power after a while or are killed in the process, the spiritual gifts garnered through the blood sacrifices would tend to be transient at best. In any case, there is always a price to pay for evil gifts, ranging from early death of the seeker, to the loss of life of a dear one or impotency etc.

Witchcraft was planted on the land of a chap I knew. The idea being to scare him off his land or kill him. His staff, who did not believe in such things, dug up the contraption and threw it into a near-by bush. That evening, his right hand began to swell painfully and before long he was feeling like he was going to have a partial stroke on the left hand side of his body. The Imam invited to his rescue copied some verses from the Koran, and washed the writing into a cup for the patient to drink. Slowly, over a couple of days of continuing to drink the concoction, the swelling began to subside. But to permanently disconnect the witchcraft, which included cowries mounted on a piece of wood, a cock and a hen were sacrificed by the Imam who used the blood along with other objects and heavy incantations from the Koran. Obviously, some electromagnetic force had to be battled in the fierce encounter to release the patient from the grip of the witchcraft contraption.

I stumbled on an elaborate witchcraft ritual one early morning in the compound of a Lebanese Muslim neighbour in Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria. Alfas, Imams and family members of the Lebanese were involved in the apparently solemn event that included the skinning of a sheep alive. I retreated quickly because the faces of the participants in the event did not suggest that visitors were welcomed.

A few days later, the Lebanese neighbour had the opportunity to explain to me that the skinned sheep was buried alive in the compound and that it was a part of an Islamic ceremony to invite good fortunes. He said other versions of the rituals could include writing the messages (requests), on the body of the skinned sheep in what is called Hantu (i.e. special ink), with Kalam (special biro), before burying it alive.

Tabati Ada is a potent witchcraft ritual not fully spelt out in the Koran for obvious reasons. It involves the summoning of the relevant 'Spirit' at mid night with the blood of a black goat and peering into the sun the following noon day with naked eyes to demand specific favours. Of course, the entire ceremony is more elaborate than this, laced with an almost endless monologue of spoken Koran verses relevant to the purpose.

Every Muslim knows about Ya'si involving a number of brothers moving into the home of the fortune seeker to pray 1600 times each day and night, usually for seven days and nights at a time, using appropriate Koran verses. Politicians rely on it for winning elections. Women swear by it to capture spouses. Business people use it to trap untrammelled wealth and many swear it works especially when wrapped in raw witchcraft. Ya'si is in the water or wrap, under the wings of the cock by the water, and the smouldering fire in a shallow bowl-size well in the public room. The cock crows every morning to wake up the fortune seeker until the seventh day when it enters the fire of hell guaranteeing success. The fortune seeker might be required to ride a female donkey to a market place at past midnight to be intimate with the donkey, pull out on the verge of release, and collect his sperm for the final rituals.

Christian Witchcraft.

For example, the Holy Communion with wine and bread representing the blood and flesh of Jesus respectively, is criminal witchcraft cannibalism, but the Church faithful prefer to deceive themselves. All these are the surface programmes, much else go on behind the curtains with incantations, incenses, candles etc. Abraham sacrificed a ram to spare his son's life but human sacrifices are not sacrosanct to the Gods. Yahweh supports human sacrifice. (Ex.22: 29 – 30).

Yahweh revels in blood sacrifices including human, and in elaborate, archaic rituals. Yahweh killed (Num.16: 35, 21:6; Deut. 32:39; 1Sam. 2: 26; Psalm 135: 10. Yahweh ordered killing (Lev.26: 7 –8: Num. 25; 4-5). The daylight human sacrifice of Luciano (Catholics prefer to call it the 'miracle' of fresh human flesh and blood), proves the true nature of the Communion host – the Eucharist.

All modern Churches: the Protestants, the Apostolic Faith, the Church Missionary Society, the Celestial Church of Christ, the Roman Catholic Church, the Cherubim and Seraphim, the Qua-Iboh sects and the Pentecostal variances, to name a few, are involved in serious witchcraft called miracles. The priests heal with magic words and herbal mixes passed on as holy water or the blood of Jesus. Bread replaces human flesh, and wine blood, obviously to get high and speak in tongues.

In most Christian sects, licentiousness has been developed to an art. Women looking for pregnancies are taken by priests of some of the sects to lonely beaches at night or in the early morning hours and fingered mercilessly in the guise of allowing the holy spirit to enter into them, before being raped singing Alleluia to every bang, heightened with the mention of the name Jesus.

Another version is called 'Abe Abo' for protection, which literally means to sleep under the priest for 3 to 7 days at a stretch. This goes on all the time in Celestial churches for instance. A married woman desperate for a child is given some liquid concoction to rob on any penis (but her husband's), before sex, to get pregnant. The pastor would pretend he is not interested in the act so as to be begged by the woman to oblige there and then. It is decreed by Jesus, the one and only Son of God.

Pentecostalism is the latest vogue in town. The prophets, pastors or priests rely on witchcraft for their magic and pass these off as miracles even on television. Their greatest con is reserved for healing, stage managed with paid people posing to have been cured of some ailments in the spirit of Jesus. I saw a man who appeared on two healing programmes of two entirely different Churches on the same Sunday. He was on an early morning television show claiming to have been cured of spinal cord problems. Six hours later he was on another television show with a different Church, removing his braces to prove his miraculous cure, after being pushed to the ground by the priest stretching his right hand in the fake patient's direction.

Ailments caused by emotional problems can be cured psychologically, especially through counselling. None spiritual ailments respond to orthodox medicine and spiritually caused ailments are cured only spiritually. In reality, there are no miracle cures. All ailments are caused (a) through physical means such as by germs, wounds, defective organs etc., which can sometimes be treated with orthodox medicine or herbs, or caused by (b) spiritual means, with the attacking spirit or spirits attaching to our bodies to perpetuate the ailment, or the ailment sent by remote control through the wind, powered by electromagnetism.

Spiritually caused ailments copy physically caused ailments in intensity and details and range through all forms of ailments from headaches to cancer to AIDS. All spiritual treatments use other spirits (deities) to detach the spirit/s attacking or to cut off the remotely controlled electromagnetic link. Spiritual healing happens immediately following the detachment of the attacking spirit, that is why it seems to be like a miracle. Miracle cures in Churches, therefore, affect only spiritual ailments and intense prayers are not enough, severe witchcraft quietly summoning a spiritual deity or deities for intervention, is involved.

The miracle priests and pastors are dishonest about their sources of power. They pretend in public to be tapping their energy from the Bible or Jesus while in the privacy of their homes they are involved in diabolical witchcraft to sustain the power. No miracle is possible without witchcraft. As we are misled in believing, when 'Spirit' kills, devil takes the blame. When 'Spirit' gives good health, wealth, children and long life, God takes the glory. God is society's convenient and acceptable alibi.

The first activity of a Pentecostal church pastor is to learn magic and witchcraft. All the big names, Adeboye, Joshua etc are not ignorant about this. A leading Lagos pastor working miracles currently, received his spiritual energy from a well-known powerful witch doctor. Six pigs are sacrificed yearly at a Pentecostal leader's Ifa shrine in Ijebu Ode, Nigeria. Because they are not honest about their sources of power, their spiritual gifts tend to be transient and a great price is paid in private to sustain the deceit for any length of time.

The second activity of the Pentecostal priest is to employ a standby witch doctor far more potent in the craft than he is, to continue to guide him. Then he dreams up grand names like: the Mission of God Incorporated or the Fire on the Mountain Mission or the Angels of God Caravan etc. Before building his church premises, his witch doctor must ritually bury any number of live cows from a dozen to a hundred, depending on means, in the foundation of the building. The intention being that the thousands of maggots that would invade the carcasses of the dead animals would translate into the crowd of worshippers the new church would attract and they do translate into such a crowd.

A pastor told me recently that when he prays after 12 mid night, especially when he begins to call on the Holy Ghost to exorcise the demons around him, he experiences serious body vibrations and his room begins to spin around him until he gives up and goes to sleep. A German preacher, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, who visits Africa several times yearly, admitted the other day that he comes to Africa regularly to spiritually re-charge and that Africans do not know the high level of spiritual power they are blessed with. Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua is the leading Christian priest in the world right now because he is African.

There are traces of invisible use of power and methods of spiritual development as symbolized by rituals, gestures and thoughts, which are still practiced in the Church today, which the Church fathers hope followers would not try to understand.

During the Xmas holidays of 1999, Pope John Paul II had cause to go through a once in fifty years' witchcraft ritual. There is a room at the Golden Gate of St. Paul's Basilica at the Vatican, which is opened only briefly once every Jubilee year by the reigning Pope. The room contains relics, including skeletons and bones of special ancestors, such as of the African original God Ausar (Osiris), wife Auset (Isis) and Virgin Son Horus. Also in the room are fetish symbols like ancient crosses, urns and regalias etc.

Pope John Paul II was seen by television viewers worldwide knocking on the door to the room three times (like Ifa priests do before entering their shrines), before entering the room alone and closing the door behind him, obviously to try to collect mysterious powers from the skeletons, bones and artefacts in the room. He emerged from the room a few minutes later, with the door locked firmly for another fifty years. What is witchcraft but the worship of fetish objects and idols?

Africans serve many Gods by offering sacrifices and prayers through such intermediaries, but what are Christians doing when they say Mass through a plethora of subordinate deities such as: St. Michael, St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Jude, the Archangel, the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ etc? Christians say they do not believe in ancestors, but what are their dead Saints and Jesus to them? Christians say they do not believe in reincarnation, but they are waiting endlessly for the return of their ancestor, Jesus.

In the Catholic Church for instance, the process of recognizing a saint has not changed since the 16th century. The first step, beatification, requires at least one confirmed miracle. Canonization, the final declaration of sainthood requires at least one more. The Canadian medical historian, Dr. Jacalyn Duffin, put the study of miracles in the Catholic Church under her microscope for years and found that out of the 1,400 individual saint-making miracles; more than 500 were validated in the 20th century. The most recent miracle healing on her list took place in 1995. Duffin, a physician, claimed that supplicants walked away from seemingly incurable diseases, ranging from the suppurating wounds and raging tuberculosis of the pre-antibiotic era to today's diagnoses of metastatic cancer. What the church and Duffin are calling miracles is the spirit of the saint or others acting on being summoned spiritually to detach the spirit causing the dire illness.

Christians wear medals, crosses, crucifixes, rosaries and other objects of their religion as pendants; eat the flesh and drink the blood of Jesus in Holy Communion; wrap psalms in pouches or scapular charms, made from pieces of cloth, to carry about on their bodies or in their vehicles as talisman; sprinkle blood of Jesus all over the place or bathe with it to ward off evil forces; put bibles under their pillows and crosses on their walls for protection; kneel before priests and fetishly stuffed alters in supplication; retreat regularly for vigils to pray and chant endlessly clutching rosaries, pendants, and other religious symbols to their ancestors (saints, Jesus, Yahweh etc); go on pilgrimages to their holy lands to touch and kiss stones, walls, or worship rivers and mountains.

When African traditional faith followers, such as Sango and Amadioha adherents, do these same things for their deities, the Africans are described as being fetish. Both are into base witchcraft rituals, the only difference is that while one relies on artificial or man made objects (such as bread, wine and rosaries), the other remains faithful to natural elements, and we all know who is more potent.

African Mavens and Divine Witchcraft

Witchcraft at the divine or arcane level is the ultimate for spiritual communication and requires minimal ceremonies. The potency of genuine African witchcraft at the cryptic level is not in doubt. Not everyone that claims to be able to divine whether with urim and tumim or what ever else can deliver. Because African Gods are very potent, charlatans cash in to exploit the innocent.

There are seven grades of diviners in African faiths. Most rank and file lowest grade diviners, along with all impostors, operate at the mundane level, causing untold pain and suffering by their bungling, to put their clients' lives on a roller-coaster chance of hit and miss. The highest grades of diviners, from top down in Yoruba pantheon are Aroles, Oluwos, Apenas and Akapos. A few of them, along with African white witches, are mavens who know their onions. They usually operate at the esoteric level, which is the highest level of spirituality reserved for the gods. They tend to be aged and not educated in the modern sense, but they are wiser than acknowledged university professors.

There is nothing the mavens cannot do. Absolutely nothing. They experiment with animal and mineral magnetism, the Lodestone and the forces of psychological impressions. They can read the in-most secrets of the soul and send their own spiritual forces out from the body. They are masters of mesmerism, clairvoyance and electro biology. They use herbs and drugs, employ music and resonance, and can imitate precious stones by chemical process.

They can cause rain to fall in a desert even out of season with the snap of the fingers; stop bullets in flight with bare hands; instigate still birth or temper difficult pregnancy; vanish into the thin air at the scene of a fracas or involvement in a motor accident. Mavens can travel through space to distant destinations in seconds by just saying a few words or closing their eyes. They can help politicians win elections; turn never-do-wells into overnight millionaires or help them gain promotions at work, but usually at a personal cost, of course. They can tell who did what, when and why.

They hardly ever use their powers to do evil. They are restrained from doing evil by the spiritual code of not doing harm to anyone who has not wronged you because if you do, you destroy your own spiritual defence. As a rule they hardly charge fees for their services. They wait to be rewarded by satisfied customers who tend to forget them after their fortunes have changed for the better.

The mavens tend to live a relatively wretched life. Perhaps that is their covenant for their spiritual gifts. They do not make noise about their prowess and tend to allow people to seek them out rather than advertise themselves. Their spiritual feats spread through words of mouth.

All diviners, particularly mavens, have and rely on spirit mentors or messengers. There is an item, could be a piece of stone totem, scapular charm or similar, held in the hand or kept within proximity of the diviner, which links him or her with the spirit facilitator. Spirits can pick on anyone to bestow such gifts upon. The gift can also be cultivated.

There is this maven (or wizard) in a village in Western Nigeria who sees the life drama of the person he is divining for played out on an imaginary screen on the wall in front of him. The screen relays before him (and he alone sees it), the past, present and future life of his client. Some claim that his observations and predictions are generally smack on the mark, so the lowly and the mighty in society are forever thronging the bush path to his out of the way hut, for guidance.

Many other wizards use other forms of screens such as silver or sand trays, piece of white cloth, plates, floors etc. I know a wizard who is carried away by a whirl-wind in the presence of his clients, to return with the same whirl-wind some two hours later, drained of energy, to start predicting, revealing and laying bare, lives of patrons, as if he was their second skin.

A friend's granddad was a maven diviner. If you had a headache or stomach upset, he will chew some native-pepper seeds; say seven, with incantation into a paste. Put the paste on the tip of a finger and point the finger at the position of the pain. The pain would seem to be dodging as he follows it with the finger until the pain completely disappears.

Those days, it was illegal to deal in locally brewed gin which colonialists dubbed illicit to discourage competition for their imported gin. Baba, as my friend's grandpa was fondly called, would transport loads of the local gins past authorities' check points without being stopped because the people carrying the gin are wearing Baba's magic necklace that makes them transparent or invisible. If Baba wants to travel a long journey, he didn't use conventional means of transportation. He would stand behind a door, say some magic words and manifest at his destination immediately.

Baba was treated like a God in the village because there was no problem he could not solve with witchcraft. He was the one the Irish priest of a Roman Catholic Church challenged with the pregnant women spiritual battle. Baba refused to pass his spiritual gifts on for fear of their being misused. He died at the age of 155. He was on his dying bed for three weeks refusing to die. His eyes were closed but his heart would not stop beating until one of his small toes with a ring was cut off to allow the ring to be withdrawn.

I know a great master who puts a leaf on the ground for you to stand on and another one on your head, which makes you immediately begin to see things spiritually for yourself. You immediately begin to divine for yourself. When it starts getting too exciting or intoxicating for you and you appear to be getting carried away by revealing things you shouldn't, he takes you out of the medium by withdrawing the leaves. They are ordinary leaves that we all can recognize and yet they only work when the master uses them. They don't work for other people. May be the master says things to the leaves that transforms them into spirit forces.

Many Africans use witchcraft to choose names, determine careers, pick spouses or business partners. There is nothing wrong with this kind of witchcraft. It helps you to avoid making life or career threatening or damaging mistakes. We must not use the services of witch doctors that harm and kill people. We must avoid such witches instinctively and report when we discover them, to the police, Obas, Emirs, community leaders and the media, for exposure and sanctions, because they are evil, often counterfeit practitioners, and are extremely dangerous to society. Such bogus or wicked diviners are known too by their high fees.

We must not ask diviners to kill, maim or cause pain spiritually or otherwise to others, so as to take their jobs, pinch their lovers, make money or get on in business etc. We can only ask 'good first class' diviners, to help narrow down our options, reduce or eliminate mistakes over who to marry, what jobs to take, what careers to embark upon, and what choices are best for us generally. That way we avoid making costly, frustrating blunders that tend to slow down progress or could be life threatening.

We could use our spirituality to determine our best way forward, learn to improve our chances, and if we work hard and adequately, we could ask to make progress in our endeavours without causing harm to others. There is enough room in the sky to contain the ambitions of all of us. The more people there are that are successful around us, the better for our world. If I help you, you would help my son who would help another person's son because he was helped. We must never ever indulge in the spiritual use or sale of human blood or body parts. Nature can be served in a modern and sophisticated format and setting. If, for instance, Sango wants rituals served at the base of a tree, i.e., Idi Araba or Idi Iroko, we can still have appropriate songs, incantations, clothing and rituals, all wrapped in a barbecue. Sanitize your tools, equipment, and work not in a dirty, smelly, shrine but a neat, modern, environment similar to a classy hospital or clinic.

I know three friends (A. B and C), who after deciding to go into business partnership together, chose 'A' as their chairman. Everything was set for their business take-off in two weeks. Office space had been rented and furnished and staff recruited.�� Partner 'B' got married in the meantime, and his new wife was unhappy about her husband conceding the chairmanship position to partner 'A' who, in fact, was yours truly. Partner 'B' decided to consult a diviner who assured partner 'B' that the partnership would be a success if all the three partners collectively, cleared some spiritual obstacles with an innocuous ritual sacrifice he spelt out. Partner 'B' was also told that he could go it alone if any of his partners declined to participate in the ritual sacrifice. As was anticipated, partner 'A' vowed that he would rather die poor than be involved in witchcraft so the business partnership broke up.

Today, partner 'B' is one of the most successful printing outfits in Nigeria. The other two partners, and in particular partner 'A', are not as successful in material terms, in their separate individual endeavours, as partner 'B'. Partner 'B' lost his wife a few years after he began to climb the ladder of his phenomenal and rapid success as a businessman. Within months he remarried and he is still a raving success in business and socially some twenty-five years later.

There is a spirit world and it is the real world. Our physical world is a mere illusion. The spirit world is not in some remote or obscure place called heaven or hell but right here in parallel orbit with our world. In fact, there are two spirit worlds, one in water, and can be reached through any big body of water. The other is in parallel orbit with our world and is accessed through any cemetery. To reach them, of course, require very special spiritual preparations.

The living consists of the physical and the spiritual and it is possible to transmute from human to spirit life and back to human through the process called alchemy. When the physical body dies, the spirit, which does not die, reincarnate through the same family it departed from or move on to another. Some spirits reincarnate through the bodies of birds, domestic or wild animals. Some spirits remain spirits on earth, colonizing segments of rivers, forests, roads, lonely places, mountains, trees, whole villages and communities, or haunting homes, market places, cemeteries and so on, in perpetuity. Some spirits transit immediately to the spirit world where the most spiritually powerful among them, is elevated to the status of deities and humans elevate them to Gods, to continue to perform the miracles and spiritual feats they were revered for when alive in human bodies.

All spirits, whether stranded or not, enter our dreams at will and usually in the image and age we remember them. Spirits can see us but we cannot see them unless with specially trained eyes. Everything that happens to us happens first in the real world so our physical world is only a shadow or reflection of the spirit world. Spirits and ghosts can influence the direction of our thoughts if our body spirits allow.

Loved ones always come, looking younger and prettier than when they left us. This is to demonstrate their abiding love for us and also so as not to frighten us. Because of the need not to frighten us, they sometimes send messages through dreams of close associates to us. If we are strong enough spiritually, they do not hesitate to come to our dreams, particularly when the message is urgent and critical. They come more often to us when we recognize and appreciate them and invite their assistance and attention.

Evil spirits, come looking evil, repulsive, ugly like the devil, maimed one way or the other, and they trick us to drink or eat something from them, or have sex with them, all in attempt to kill, hurt or maim us, or weaken our spirits and defenses for their attack. The sex is to weaken us or have devil child for us to keep attacking us.

Ghosts (or stranded spirits), invade our dreams and affect our thought processes more often and directly than those that have successfully transited to the spirit world, because they are around us, and have issues to settle with us. We do not need to be scared because we can talk back or cooperate, depending on the mission of the visiting ghosts. We can use spiritual means or natural elements to remove them from continuing to disturb us. Natural elements brewed in correct proportions, sometimes could do it, if we seek help. For spirit flies that buzz in our ears to disturb our sleep, cockroaches, insects that fly at us in unlikely places or drop in our food or drinking water, particularly between mid-night and 3 am, we could attack them with insect repellents. For spirit birds, catapults sometimes come handy. Once killed in this way, they die at source if still alive or become helpless to continue attacking us

All spirits, stranded or not, can read our thoughts; see our lives played out like a video film backward and forward. They see what would happen to us years ahead, when we are still rooted in the present. All spirits, all ghosts, can watch our doings even at our most secret and intimate moments. This is the advantage they have over the living and which frightens us of them. All diviners and religionists who claim to see or predict happenings, regardless of medium, consult and divine through their adopted spirits or spirits that adopt them. It is the spirits of the dead that deliver messages to diviners, regardless of the medium: church, mosque, cults, secret societies, or shrines.

All humans pray to their ancestors, not 'God.' All spirits can hurt or help the living, some more so than others. The more spiritually gifted ones are turned to Gods by the living seeking their intervention. When we pray, it is to our guardian spirits, the spirits that know us individually and care about us, such as of our dead parents, husbands, wives, siblings, children and close relatives that we pour out our hearts, without knowing that this is what we are doing. They are the only ones, whose listening devices or antennae are permanently tuned to us individually, and whose acute undivided attention, is forever fixed on us. They are the only ones who take our prayers to heart because they know us intimately and care. They are the ones who try to help as best as possible, despite difficult physical barriers and constraints.

They are the only ones who come, and can come quickly to our aid, because they have a stake in our welfare and well-being. In some cases, they act out of guilt feeling of having left us abruptly, or so soon before fulfilling certain obligations and commitments owed us. Spirits cannot put money in our hands physically while we are awake, but can do it symbolically in dreams, or bring us luck in business, or introduce us to someone to help us in our endeavours.

Modern religions, as against spirituality, discourage us from giving credit to whom credit is due because religion is a gigantic money spinning industry requiring crowds of dedicated, selfless, helpless, followers, paying tithes and providing finances to the exclusive benefit of a select elite. The leaders brainwash us into giving with unquestioning loyalty and submission, and to credit their Gods solely with all our good fortunes, and blame ours or the devil exclusively for all our misfortunes. But all Gods are man-made, and since all the Gods and spirits in the universe cannot solve all of mankind's problems that keep increasing daily, all at once, spirits start by first taking care of their own, naturally.

On 13 May, 2009, I sent one of my spiritual mothers, (Iya) Olokun, to the water spirit world. She and a team of six people, four men and two women, assembled at the Ologe Lagoon, under the bridge between Agbara Estate and Oto Ijanikin on the Badagry Expressway, Lagos, and at 11.15 am, Iya Olokun, still in her normal clothes, with a white one tied like a large voluminous belt around her waist, a white band tied to each of her wrists and forehead, and carrying a big bag she brought from home and another containing some electric fish, walked majestically on the body of water as if she was walking on dry land. A large crowd soon gathered to watch, including a cele pastor who was bathing two naked women by the Lagoon when Iya Olokun and her team arrived.

When Iya Olokun got to about the middle of the Lagoon, she stopped and began to sink gracefully and gently until she disappeared completely from sight. After a while, the Alhaji diviner member of her escort team began expressing fear to another male member of the team that she could die and not return. After an hour in the water, Iya Olokun stretched her right hand out of the water to wave to the crowd as if to say they should not fear. Alhaji was still uncomfortable and did not want to be at the scene to face the police if the woman failed to re-surface. He pretended to want to check on something at Agbara estate and used that excuse to leave.

At approximately three and a half hours after she entered the water, she was standing by her team and when she said, “let's go,” every one turned, surprised to see her. No one had seen her arrive and there was no water on her clothes, bag, body or hair. She told Mama A in her team, what transpired in the water at the palace of the king. The king, she said, is the image we see in pictures, with several snakes around his neck and fire coming out of his head. There were many people at the palace, including the evil person we were reporting. After Iya Olokun's report, the king was very angry with the offender. He said that that was the life the culprit had chosen for her self.

When the culprit was asked to defend her self, she confirmed our charge and concluded that she had no regrets about what she had done. The king said no one had brought her case to his notice that was why it had gone on for so long. That they do not condone evil and that not too long ago, he rescued a ship that was about to sink, carrying several passengers. There has been jubilation over this in their spirit world since. He then pronounced the culprit's loss of her water spirit gift (as a mermaid) and decreed her return to earth harmless to other humans etc.

I also sent one of my mavens, Maven T, at 2.00 am on September 18, 2008, to the main spirit world to collect my totem promised by my genie, the king. Avoshe, a deity in the spirit world, and a diviner friend before he died, offered a totem in the presence of the king and my spiritual Mama Sango the goddess. The totem required weekly propitiatory rites' commitment which Maven T required to confirm with me. He returned the following night to inform the ancestors that their son would not be able to fulfil such an obligation by nature and temperament. Maven T was asked to return the following night, 20th September, 2008.

Deity Mama Sango offered a totem requiring propitiatory rites every three days. This was rejected on the spot as being unsuitable for their son's likely busy schedule around the world. Avoshe confirmed that by nature, their son was averse to such rituals and Mama Sango said that that was the minimum demand of the fire based totem. Maven T went back to inform the king on September 22, 2008, that his son would not be able to fulfil Goddess Mama Sango's conditions.

Perhaps it is necessary to provide some ideas about what heaven or the spirit world looks like. The third visit at 2.00 am on September 22, 2008, would help us do that. The king's palace, a massive, impressive, intimidating edifice, difficult to describe in words, was heavily guided. Three security officials came forward as Maven T approached the palace, to ask what his mission there was. He said he was there to see the king, and that he was sent by the king's son. Two of the security officials stayed by him while the third took the message into the palace. After a few minutes, the king and the guide that went to inform him about the visit and others, showed up briefly to invite him to come in.

The king and his entourage disappeared and Maven T walked into a huge expansive, lavishly decorated, delightfully embracing, elegant meeting place that looked like it could swallow a large sports' stadium. The space was filled to capacity with thousands of people, Black and White, sitting and seeming to be waiting to receive him. The space was so brightly lit up he could spot faces he desired individually, and even a pin on the floor at the far flung end of the hall. The feeling was that ancestors of many families of the world that had close or remote links with me or matters on hand were represented in the hall. They sat in family groups and he could identify my family, comprising of grannies, my mother, father, my wife Ngozi etc. He also spotted his own family, including his dead mother and father, and the family of one of my staff working directly with him at the time. This staff's mother wanted to send message to his son through Maven T but did not get the chance because she was too far removed from the dais where the action was taking place. Every one in the place, including the king, wore spotlessly clean white outfit. The king sat on his throne looking resplendent and flanked by his appurtenance of office. Sitting immediately on his left hand side was an appropriately bedecked noble woman, not his queen, apparently a deity or high ranking spiritual icon. Also on the dais with the king were several other high ranking deities, men and women, Black and white, all looking regal, wise, very healthy, prosperous and fulfilled.

God Avoshe was not sitting on the dais but was within ears' short. Goddess Mama Sango was by herself in a dignified but separate enclosure. Every person that went to her bowed seven times before receiving her attention. Maven T, who was tongue tight and in awe, tottered to inform the king that his son would not be able to perform the regular rituals demanded by the fire totem. He then told the king that his son wanted to be able to identify the king by his correct title. The king said that that was not why he was there and that he should stick with why he was there. When the king spoke, which was rarely, the hall fell silent. No one dared interrupt or contradict him. His words were law. As he reprimanded Maven T, he felt he was catching a cold.

All the virtuous deities of the spirit world (or heaven), call me son and I send mavens to deliver messages to the kings at will. Our mavens walk on water. My Iya Olokun did it in the presence of a large crowd on May 13, 2009, to deliver my message to the king. Miracles are not mysteries but sciences that can be learnt. African spirituality is the ultimate spirituality and marries science with religion if only mankind would stop and listen. African spiritual mavens were flying in groundnut shell jets before the invention of the airplane. They were sailing in sea shell submarines, before modern submarines came into existence and anything the shells hit detonated as if hit by the bomb.

Science still cannot unravel the source or constituent of lava that could turn rock into liquid. Science can only crack stones with much difficulties but African spirituality, like lava, melts stones. Science cannot explain the source of lightening and thunder bolts but African spirituality controls thunder and lightening. Science cannot reach the source of infra-red, which it spies with thick dark goggles or shaded glasses from a scandalous distance, but African spirituality can reach, explore, and control these acclaimed impregnables, or talk to spirits, and call for changes in our environments and lives.

The secret societies of the world and the Jews are using minor aspects of African spirituality to stay on top of world's leadership right now. They, like the Egyptians, use it for good and when used for good civilization gallops in leaps and bounds.

All modern or baby religions of the world use lies, verbose, archaic and in most cases appalling languages, passed off erroneously as wisdom or divine inspiration, to intimidate and cajole their followers into believing that there was nothing before their advent. Religious truth cannot be unraveled without recourse to its mother source, which is African spirituality. Abraham, Krishna, Zoroaster, Moses, Buddha, Jesus in myth, Muhammad and all the other names peddled as founders of modern religions, adapted their religions from the African Mystery System of Thoth, Ausar, Auset and Heru. Western, Arab, and Asian scholars, jurists and commentators on the history of religions ignore this basic fact and the entire gamut of spiritual flowering dating from pre-historic man and the dawn of alchemy in the five thousand years before the new era.

It is this ignorance by the world's supposed “great religions” and their apologists, the shallowness in their interpretation of spirituality, their disconnection from source, their lack of spiritual depth paraded as scholarship or divine faith, that are responsible for the confusion in the world of religions today. Modern regions are false and inadequate, that is why adherents are using aggressive means to stay alive. Enduring legacy cannot be built on quicksand. Mankind has been ignoring the elementary wisdom of using hard facts and truth, however bitter and uncomfortable, to find 'God' in the last two thousand years.

Africans are the ones created in the image and likeness of 'God' because they were the first humans on earth. They are the original human race and have been around for 13 million years. Other races are African bleached copies and are generally less than 15 thousand years old. So, is it unreasonable to expect that Africans would know their 'Father' better than the follow-up races they themselves sired? In fact, is it possible for any one to find and know 'God' without seeking the help of 'God's' first and only child, the African ancestor of the human race, who as Homo-sapiens, is a hundred thousand years old? Africans know something no one else knows, and deriding African spirituality as primitive and irrelevant, without understanding it, only helps to further compound mankind's confusion and loss. Africans know that 'God' is not a mystery but an energy field answerable to meticulous science, laced with profound spirituality. The longer mankind takes to harness this truism for his positive development, the longer we would continue to wallow in spiritual blindness and ignorance, fatally destroying our world and collective natural bequest in the process.

Because of man's greed, ignorance and arrogance, cities around the world are drowning from severe flooding. Within a week in early August 2007, vast areas of rural land, over 500 homes, and more than 63 people, were helplessly consumed in a raging inferno in Greece, the supposed bastion of Western civilization. In the first three days, October 23, 24 and 25, 2007, of nearly a week long hell in the world's technologically most advanced country, wild fire whipped by ferocious winds generating walls of flames, bore down on housing developments in a wide swath covering 350,000 acres, 538 square miles, destroying some 2000 homes and chasing more than a million people away in Southern California. The blazes bedevilled the efforts of over 10,000 fire-fighters and sophisticated technology.

During the same period, New Orleans, recovering from the 2005 Hurricane Katrina devastations, was soaked by more than eight inches of rain, leaving businesses sitting in waist-high water, schools closed, and streets flooded. The city's drainage pumps were working perfectly but were unable to keep up with the intense rain, forcing Wanda Tomkinson, 79, fleeing the flood with husband, to declare: “the Lord'll take care of us.” Man is helpless against these usually unobtrusive natural elements, water and fire, that ordinarily should counter balance each other. The elements are boiling and combusting in anger.

The climate is changing. The earth is dying, and we are all watching helplessly. Non-Africans do not have all the answers, spiritual or scientific, to all of mankind's debilitating and overwhelming predicaments. Ultimate natural science, which African spirituality is, can explain and temper these seemingly out of control natural phenomena, or warn us like Nostradamus did, to prepare before they occur, but the non-Africans dismiss African contributions as hocus pocus.

The sub-races say that their African parents or ancestors are inferior. That Africans do not count, are not humans, and Africans themselves have largely surrendered their fate to their unending, relentless bashing by the racist world. We have almost all mentally stopped being Black and African.

If the Jews and the secret societies can lead the world with less than half our spiritual strength, we can restore civilization to its wholesome, profound path of growth terminated 2000 years ago, by unleashing our full spiritual power for the good of all mankind. We must return to our ancestors first, however. We are the ones who can walk on water; send thunder on errand anywhere and visit heaven at will, and if we stop our evil ways and our bitterness against one another, no one and nothing can stop us reaching beyond the stars.

NAIWU OSAHON Hon. Khu Mkuu (Leader) World Pan-African Movement); Ameer Spiritual (Spiritual Prince) of the African race; MSc. (Salford); Dip.M.S; G.I.P.M; Dip.I.A (Liv.); D. Inst. M; G. Inst. M; G.I.W.M; A.M.N.I.M. Poet, Author of the magnum opus: 'The end of knowledge'. One of the world's leading authors of children's books; Awarded; key to the city of Memphis, Tennessee, USA; Honourary Councilmanship, Memphis City Council; Honourary Citizenship, County of Shelby; Honourary Commissionership, County of Shelby, Tennessee; and a silver shield trophy by Morehouse College, USA, for activities to unite and uplift the African race.

Naiwu Osahon renowned author, philosopher of science, mystique, leader of the world Pan-African Movement.

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