Re: Jang is due for War Crimes, I agree with you!


I read with keen interest the above article on the internet by one Pindar G. Mshelia supposedly from Maiduguri Borno state. I sympathy with him for the death of his relatives killed by the Hausa Muslims settlers in Jos. Fortunately for him he is claiming to be a Christian from Biu. He definitely must be living in another planet but not Maiduguri Borno state. As recent as last four months North- Eastern Nigeria and particularly Borno State was held hostage for six days by Boko Haram, was Pindar G. Mshelia in Maiduguri at all? It is on record that the worst discrimination against Christians is highest in Borno and Kano states. Virtually all the Bura/Babbur of note after training the Kanuris are pushed out of the Borno state civil service.Even the federal establishments in Borno state are not spared.

Professor Sunday Bwala the best Neuron-surgeon in the north-east and scholar of international repute is denied the CMD ship and Vice Chancellorship of the University of Teaching Hospital and University of Maiduguri respectively simply because he is Christian. Many other Southern Borno indigenes are frustrated out of the Borno state civil service.

No Southern Borno indigene can aspire to be the Governor of Borno state. It is either Pindar G. Mshelia must be a liar or he certainly does not exist. Ordinarily it is governor of Bauchi state Isa Yuguda who is suppose to be in jail or at the genocide tribunal by now, four religious genocide against Christians in Bauchi in one year and seven times in two years is unbelievable. Persecution of Christians in Northern Nigeria is not restricted to Bauchi alone. Look at the Vice Chancellorship of ABU Zaria for example, Professor Andrew Nok by all standards whether academically, internationally and otherwise the best candidate is and even by the result of the screening board. But some talibans want to deny him that right because he is a Christian. Mr Pindar G. Mshelia must be living in another world not Northern Nigeria. Let me refresh his memory. I am happy he said he is from Borno state and infact Biu.

The following local governments are Christian dominate:-Askira UbaBayoBiuHawulGwozaChibokDamboaShaniKwaya Kusar.

Even in Jere and Bama local governments we have substantial Christians. Is that not enough to justify giving the Christians deputy governor or deputy speaker of the Borno state House of Assembly?

But on the Plateau only Kanam LGA has majority of Muslim population, yet a Hausa Muslim settler is the deputy speaker of Plateau state House of Assembly. The Muslim settlers on the Plateau are ungrateful bunch. The best the Jos North/Bassa local government people can do in 2011 election is never to vote for any Hausa Muslim settler again especially to the House of Representative.

Finally I can see that Ibrahim Dasuki is gradually coming out of his frustration as a result of his being deposed as Sultan of Sokoto.I can see that he is trying to blame everybody but the Hausa Muslims who are actually the problems of Nigeria for now.

The only solution to all these Nigeria problems is the "Sovereign National Conference". Let us all sit down and talk rather resorting to self help killing innocent people. I believe the Federal Government has a hand in the Plateau state crises over the years.Suspects are tried where they committed crimes but not in the case of Plateau state because the sponsors are based in Abuja and are powers that be. Goodluck Jonathan said that this is the last of the Plateau crises while we hope so but please bring the culprits back to Jos first for trial. See the Stefanos Foundation report for the carnage perpetrated by Hausa Muslims in Jos

Then finally remove Sheik General Saleh Maina who has been found wanting not only from Jos but out of the Nigerian Army.People may then begin to believe you.Pindar G. Mshelia I am sorry for you and your children and your children's children as a Christian in Borno state if you are truly from there. There is no hope you until fight for your right now. A word is enough for wise person.

Ndiameeh Babrik is based in the UK and can be reached at [email protected]

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